Corum Launches Golden Bridge Automatic Titanium Watch

The classic Golden Bridge Automatic watch will look at people with a new look. The new model will combine two materials, gold and titanium, to bring the watch a strong sense of contrast and perspective, as well as extraordinary mechanical construction. Inlaid in the watch is a CO313 long automatic uniaxial winding movement equipped with a linear automatic dial and Corum Kunlun watch, and a sapphire crystal glass dial with metal stripe pattern, which adds to this legendary high-end watch A sense of time.

 In 1980, Kunlun watch’s original Golden Bridge long mechanical movement came out, which immediately caused a strong response, which caused ripples in the dull watch industry at that time. This innovative mechanical movement, which is not afraid of the dynamics of horology, sets a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. This classic movement has been interpreted in a brand-new way from time to time. It has written legends in the history of watchmaking, including the golden bridge long tourbillon mechanical movement with a tourbillon function, and the automatic single-axis winding in 2011. Golden bridge long automatic mechanical movement of the system.

 This year, Kunlun Watch is going to the next city. This is a new interpretation of the classic golden bridge long mechanical movement launched about 35 years ago. The superb and stylish black DLC 5 titanium case is used for the extraordinary gold movement. Kunlun watches have superb watchmaking skills.

 In the new Golden Bridge Automatic in titanium, the black case contrasts with the gold movement, adding layers to the perspective effect of the watch. The watch has a new transparent design that allows the structure of the movement to be seen through 360 degrees. However, when worn on the wrist, the transparency of the transparent case back will change to cover the picture outside the case, and the mechanical structure inside the case becomes tangible to highlight its unique linear mechanical structure. The secret of this enchanting magic lies in a two-part sapphire crystal glass decorated with a metal stripe pattern. This special sapphire crystal glass is placed in the center of the barrel-shaped titanium case with sapphire crystal glass on all sides and behind the movement. This design can produce this special visual effect to reveal or hide the external elements outside the case, bringing unprecedented charming visual effects. The gold hour-marker display on the sapphire crystal dial enhances the level and three-dimensionality of the watch, and the hollow hands make the watch even lighter.

 The intoxicating soul of the watch is the CO 313 long automatic uniaxial winding movement developed exclusively by Corum. The movement is equipped with a platinum linear automatic disc and a sliding spring system. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and it can provide a power reserve of 40 hours. A variable inertia balance and a micro-shaped barrel are included in the 194 components of the movement to ensure the long-term accuracy of the watch and the smooth movement of the long movement. The 18K red gold motherboard and bridge are decorated with vertical carved patterns, which complement the swing of the linear automatic disk.

 The new Golden Bridge automatic titanium watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, with a black alligator leather strap, and with a titanium pin buckle with the Kunlun key lock logo.

Eternally Unchanged Time Promise Ingenious And Unique Wrist Guard

tanabata is a dream that is never forgotten, the joy of meeting in Qiaoqiao, and a blessing to live together for a long time together.
 As the ‘father of modern watchmaking’ who pioneered and led the aesthetics of timepieces, Breguet erected a bridge of Qixi love with elegant lines, precise timekeeping, and complicated mechanical watchmaking, making time a companion Our eternal promise keeps love together through the Breguet hands and the guilloché dial. Breguet is the witness of eternal love.
 Since its inception, Breguet has created a number of stunning masterpieces of timepieces, leaving a strong mark in the history of watchmaking. Driven by this unique tradition, Breguet insists on pursuing excellence with the same determination. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2018, it launched the new Reine de Naples Queen Naples series 8908 watch. The inspiration for ‘her’ design comes from Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet created the first wristwatch in history for Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples. A rose gold case set with 128 brilliant-cut diamonds and a dial made of Tahiti mother-of-pearl are both elegant and poetic.

Reine de Naples Queen Naples 8908
 The Breguet Classique is famous for its never-behind aesthetics, symbolizing the purest Breguet style. This Classique 7337 watch is the best interpretation of this style. The design inspiration comes from Aber The first masterpiece of timepieces created by Mr. Lahan-Louis Breguet was a reflection of the pioneering spirit and a reflection of the constant innovation of the mainstream timepiece aesthetics at the time. This elegant watch is equipped with a day, date, moon phase profit and loss display function. Comes in a 39 mm rose gold case. The eccentric graduated ring at 6 o’clock and the small seconds dial at 5 o’clock, asymmetrical classics, give him his unique charm.

Classique 7337
 When ‘she’ and ‘he’ meet on the wrist, the same month, the same hand, the same time circle at 6 o’clock, regardless of time, regardless of the passing year, the changes of the galaxy, on the same day, let time record each other The most affectionate companionship.
 The Tradition series is inspired by the subscription pocket watch created by Abraham-Louis Breguet. It cleverly combines classic and avant-garde style, and it can be regarded as an innovative masterpiece that breaks through traditional design. Through the mirror, you can see the beauty of the micro-mechanical structure. French centripetally symmetrical plywood, the gears of the movement, the parachute suspension (Pare-chut) invented by Breguet in 1790, etc. Obviously, just like the Tradition 7038 ladies watch, the bezel is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, the crown is embellished with gemstones, and the white natural mother-of-pearl “encircles” the engraved dial. Through the sapphire glass, in addition to the complicated mechanical structure, this movement specially designed for ‘her’ has added a little elegance, refinement and calmness.

Tradition 7038 Ladies Watch
 Tradition Series 7047 Sesame Chain Tourbillon Watch is equipped with Breguet hairspring made of silicon and equipped with tourbillon and sesame chain transmission. When ‘He’ spins the crown to wind the chain, the sesame chain on the upper part of the pointed pagoda wheel will be rolled up, and the mainspring of the barrel will be tightened. The power of the mainspring is transmitted to the movement through the pagoda wheel, which brings constant torque. This is the sesame chain transmission system. By stabilizing the power output, the travel time accuracy is improved. The tourbillon speed regulator at 1 o’clock and the titanium balance are patented.

Tradition Sesame Chain Tourbillon 7047
 Both watches combine Breguet’s continuous innovation in movement design. When these exquisite details are combined with fashionable avant-garde design, it is as if the ‘core’ between couples has a rhinoceros, which is full of tenderness and sweetness in leisure time.
 The ingenious craftsmanship refers to the Héritage Heritage 8860 Moon Phase watch. ‘She’ is a playful and lovely month. Through the window in the upper right corner, slowly approach right to ‘he’ over time, but walked in, but jumped to the other side instantly, so back and forth . The retrograde moon phase indication is a little more interesting, a bit more vitality and agility. Behind the ingenuity, to achieve this function without increasing the thickness of the movement, is the proof of Breguet’s extraordinary skills.

Héritage Heritage 8860 Moon Phase Watch
 Héritage’s heritage 5410 calendar display watch, with a barrel-shaped case, elegant double arc shape fits the wrist curve. The date at 12 o’clock is clear and easy to read. The dial is hand-engraved according to traditional craftsmanship, and the engraved flower carving crafts the dial into a real work of art. The watch is paired with blue steel Breguet hands. This slim and slender hand was designed in 1783 and became very popular once it was launched. Since then, the Breguet hands have become a proper term commonly used in watchmaking. The coin decoration on the side of the case is also a mark that Breguet knows at a glance, symbolizing money, rights and status. In the details, the ingenuity can be seen, and the detail of ‘his’ is meticulous.

Héritage 5410 calendar watch
 Time passes, but sincere love lasts forever. Wear it with your loved one and walk hand in hand through the day and night of love.
 ‘To watch Bixiao tonight on Qixi Festival, the morning glory weaver crosses the river bridge.’ Time and companionship are the longest confession, allowing ‘she’ and ‘she’ to accompany you for a longer time. The eternal promise of time will keep love on your wrists through ingenious watches, and witness with Breguet only your eternal love.

Jubilee Audemars Chronometer

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars
Model 26100OR.OO.D002CR.01, movement model Cal. 3124/3841, 18K white gold case, off-white lacquered dial, bezel tachometer, central chronograph second hand, small 3 o’clock dial, 9 o’clock 30 minutes Chronograph, power reserve 60 hours, case diameter 41 mm, water resistance 20 m
     The combination of the pear-shaped hands and off-white dial conveys the slightly yellowed elegance in memory, while the hands in the two small dials create the interest of details with the contrast of colors. The same pear-shaped hands also appear in Audemars Piguet’s Jules Audemars chronograph. Its off-white lacquered dial has the warm colors admired in the British style of the 18th century in the Queen Anne era, and the track scale is another important detail inherited from the era of pocket watches. Although the dial design also uses the combination of Breguet flower-shaped hour markers and pear-shaped hands, but the off-white dial shows a retro style under the brewing of another culture. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of the big watch era, the diameter of the case of Audemars Piguet Audemars chronograph has been expanded to 41 mm, but I thought that such a delicate and elegant piece, if it can be carried in a 36 mm case, its Nostalgia may be more vivid.
     Although pear-shaped hands can be an important element in the design orientation of vintage watches, this style is not easily controlled by any watch. Watches with pear-shaped hands, first of all, the brand itself should have a certain historical heritage, otherwise it is not enough to show the characteristics of the times; secondly, pear-shaped hands are more suitable for models with less complicated functions and a slightly slim shell At the same time, the shape should have a delicate decoration and contrast, so that the beautiful temperament in the pointer can be revealed.

Legend Coach ‘silver Fox’ Marcello Lippi Officially Joins Hublot Hublot Watches Family

He is the legendary coach in the history of football. He is recognized by the world football team as the best national team coach and best club head coach. He has won the respect of fans all over the world with his resourceful, extraordinary and decisive employment strategy-he is a well-known Italian football coach and currently coaching Marcello Lippi of Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club in China!

   May 24, 2014 was an extraordinary day for Hublot, Switzerland’s top luxury watch. At the Hublot Love Football, Football Love Hublot China conference, Hublot officially announced that a generation of legendary football coach Marcello Lippi officially became a close friend of the Hublot brand, and became the world’s first king of football, Bailey Join us after Usain Bolt, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, and renowned football coaches Jose Mourinho, Roy Hodgson, and Luis Felipe Scolari. The star-heavy heavyweight of the family!
   On the day of the conference, Lippi also said through a live video connection: ‘I am honored to join the Hublot global family. Mr. Beaver and Hublot are very admirable for their enthusiasm and contribution to football. Congratulations to Guangzhou Evergrande Representing the top teams in Chinese football today to join the Hublot All-Star lineup. We are all working for a common goal, and I look forward to our future cooperation inspiring new inspiration and legend. ‘

   As the recipient of Italy’s highest national honor, the ‘Knight Medal’, Marcello Lippi has won numerous coaching careers, including 5 Serie A titles, 1 Italian Cup title, 4 Italian Super Cup titles, 1 Champions League champion, 1 UEFA Super Cup champion and 1 Intercontinental Club Cup champion. While coaching the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club in China, Marcello Lippi led Guangzhou Evergrande to win two Super League titles, one Chinese Football Association Cup title, and successfully won the Asian Champions League title.
   Lippi is also the only head coach in the world football team who has led both the national team and different clubs to win championships in top competitions in their respective fields. These include 1996 leading Juventus to the UEFA Champions League and Intercontinental Club Cup titles; 2006 leading the Italian national team to the FIFA World Cup in Germany; and 2013 Guangzhou Evergrande to win the Asian Champions League championship. In 2007, Time magazine named him one of the 50 greatest coaches in the history of world football.
   At the Hublot Love Football, Football Love Hublot China conference, Hublot also announced that it would soon reach a strategic partnership with Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club and become the official partner and official watch of Guangzhou Evergrande. The addition of Marcello Lippi will also further strengthen the close cooperation between Hublot and Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club. Fang Yan was slammed on the green field, and ‘Silver Fox’ Lippi used his wisdom to conquer hundreds of millions of fanatics in the world! Heroes compete, football has never set boundaries, bold fusion, passion collision, so does Hublot!

Seductive Pure Black Swiss Radar Thin Series Hollow Movement Watch

Swiss Radar was born in 1917. It is famous for high-tech ceramics. The work of the Radar is exquisite and delicate, the joints are tight and flexible, the corners are smooth and non-angled, the plating is even and bright, and the text on the surface and back Clarity is now one of the most important watch manufacturers in Switzerland. The watch that I want to introduce to you today is Radar’s new really thin series of hollow-out watches launched at the Baselworld 2016. The official model of the watch is 656.0971.3.015.


   The Swiss Radar True Thin Series is the thinnest watch ever produced by Radar. It is known for its thinness. This series is a new series launched by Radar in 2011. Another True Thinline watch is only made by The incredible 1 mm thickness of the drive of the movement has been hailed as an engineering marvel.


   This Swiss Radar really thin skeleton watch introduced today is not only thin, but also has been hollowed out. The pure black design adds a lot of color to the watch. The thickness of this True Thinline hollow skeleton watch is only 7 Millimeters, as a watch equipped with an automatic mechanical movement, are among the best in the ultra-thin watch category.

Hollow out


   Another major feature of the watch is the watch cutout design. Remember that last year Radar launched a belt cutout watch. At that time, it had a plan to start, but for various reasons, it did not work. At that time, I remember that when I tried it on, I felt the belt. It is stiff and a little uncomfortable, which may be the reason for the new watch. This year, the hollow-out watch made of all-ceramic material is obviously more attractive. The watch mirror and the case bottom are all made of sapphire, and the movement works inside. At a glance, it has great temptation for friends who like to feel the charm of machinery.

The watch’s hollow-out dial design allows you to see the precise movement of the movement gears from the front of the watch. The black exquisite movement is dotted with red gem bearings and looks exquisite and bright on the pure black dial. From the dial, we can clearly understand the relevant information of the watch, such as the Ingar Bell shock absorber, silicon escapement and other configurations, and the watch’s barrel is assembled at the 6 o’clock position of the watch .

   The watch is equipped with an ETA2892-S2 self-winding movement. Through the sapphire case back, the precise movement inside the movement can be seen at a glance. The full chain can provide 42 hours of power reserve. The movement is decorated with PVD layers, and The RADO logo is engraved on the movement rotor.


Summary: The watch introduced today is made of all-ceramic material, which is consistent with the radar’s consistent design style. The watch has two characteristics of ultra-thin and hollow. It should be noted that this watch is limited to 99 pieces, each Watches have independent numbers, interested friends contact the store as soon as possible for more details.

A Journey Of Time Appreciation Of Jacques Dro’s Large Seconds Hand And Two Places Watches

Grande Seconde Dual Time follows the rhythm of history and the journey of Pierre Jaquet-Droz in the 18th century, with new mechanisms and elegance The second time zone shows the magical charm of time in both places.

   In 2016, Jacques Dro first applied the two-place concept to one of his signature watches: the Grande Seconde series. This classic model is equipped with two eccentric dials that are slightly intersected with the shape of the number 8 to represent the infinite possibilities of time. ‘8’ is a lucky number for Jacques Dro, symbolizing balance and perfection.

    For this purpose, the brand has developed a new movement that displays the local time on the upper dial. At the same time, based on the eccentric second dial at 6 o’clock, a second hour and minute display is added to display the reference time. The elegant and slim second hand is not eclipsed, and it rotates once every minute … The master craftsmen adhere to the brand’s aesthetic philosophy and present a classic and exquisite layout design. The upper dial uses Roman numerals and the lower dial uses Arabic numerals.

   In addition, the watch also adds a complicated function, that is, the date display: the date is displayed by red pin-point hands, using Jacques Dro’s unique and exquisite shape, looks clear and pleasing in the streamlined dial space. This design is also for the sake of improving clarity during reading. The Grande Seconde Dual Time is equipped with a silicon balance spring, which has excellent precision timing performance and is immune to magnetic interference.

Summary: The Grande Seconde Dual Time is accurate and reliable. It is an ideal timepiece for a dream journey. There are three 43 mm diameter models to choose from: large ivory enamel with red gold case, silver Ivory dial and onyx dial with stainless steel case. The two-hour large seconds hand has a power reserve of about 65 hours. It is not only a modern classic, it is dedicated to people who know how to taste time and seize the opportunities no matter where they are.
    For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

Elegant And Stylish Three Rolex Cellini Watches Recommended

Rolex Cellini watches, I think it is the most elegant series of Rolex watches, elegant and intellectual, we all know that, in the 2014 Basel International Watch Fair, Rolex launched its latest The Rolex Cellini watch is also one of the hottest models of the year. Today, the Watch House recommends three Rolex Cellini watches.

Rolex Cellini Time Series 50505 Black Dial Watch

Watch Series: Cellini Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Belt
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: 125700
Watch details: black dial watch

Watch Series: Cellini Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap Material: Belt
Domestic public price: 80300
Watch details: Cellini and the sculptor and goldsmith of the Renaissance Pope and King pay tribute to create a watch series engraved with the name of the master, which is the Cellini series. This watch is made of 18K white gold case, with black dial design, cool and stylish.

Rolex Cellini 5112-8

Watch Series: Cellini Series
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18K yellow gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 32 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 48500
Watch details: rolex / 33191 /
Watch review: This watch uses a 32 mm diameter design and an 18K yellow gold case. The case has soft lines, full color, and the dial layout is just right. The beauty of simplicity is self-evident. The small lugs and the small dial Together, the pursuit of sophisticated design concepts, the Cellini series has always paid attention to art, and its models also show different styles in an artistic style.

Summary: The Rolex Cellini series, as a classic Rolex series, launched a new model at the 2014 Baselworld Watch Fair. It is more elegant for the old model, and the watch diameter is significantly increased. If you like to buy one For Rolex dress watches, the Cellini series is definitely the best choice.

Pilot Series: Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 40 Mm Watch Fashion New Retroism

Powerful aura, showing bold style: Zenith’s famous Pilot watch always adheres to retro style. The new 40 mm case is made of old steel, and the rest of the characteristics are inherited from the earliest days of the aviation industry-the wide grooved crown, the large luminous numerals, the grained dial and the autonomous ‘engine’-all these features are compared with the use The oily frosted strap with stitching design works in harmony.
   Mustard yellow, khaki, blue or burgundy red. 40 mm diameter. Elegant tones and ideal proportions, without losing the spirit of adventure on which legends are built. Distressed steel, grained (blue-gray, khaki, blue or Burgundy red) dial, large light brown numerals, frosted strap: Zenith’s new Pilot watch is the most fashionable retro watch one.

Neutral size
   The new Pilot Type 20 Extra Special 40 mm watch not only includes oversize, but its shape fits any wrist size, completing Zenith’s iconic collection. The size is more ‘popular’, but it has not discarded the original features: the main movement, the wide grooved crown, and the refined hands have steadily swept the large luminous Arabic numerals. The new Pilot watch is famous and invincible!

Pure nature
   The case made of old steel is water-resistant to 100 meters, and the curved sapphire crystal glass has a wide cyan-gray, khaki, blue or burgundy red grain dial. Light brown Super-LumiNova® luminous font with light brown luminous faceted hands, inspired by the aviation industry, guarantees optimal readability.
   At the heart of the watch is the Zenith Elite 679 automatic winding movement. This reliable and precise self-moving core drives the central hour, minute and second hands while providing a 50-hour power reserve. To pay tribute to the brand’s history, the watch’s purely old steel case back bears the historic brand logo-the shield, with a star pattern on it, and the original year of the Zenith Manufacture: 1865.
   This unique and sophisticated watch uses a mustard yellow, khaki, blue or burgundy red oily matte strap, rubber protective lining and titanium pin buckle, setting the tone for a stylish new vintage look.

Pilot Series: Pilot Type 20 Extra Special-40 mm
Distressed steel case
Inspired by the legendary Zenith Aviation Watch
Arabic numerals fully coated with Super-LumiNova®
Technical details
11.1940.679 / 91.C807 Turquoise Dial – Mustard Yellow Strap)
11.1940.679 / 63.C800 (Khaki Dial-Khaki Strap)
11.1940.679 / 53.C808 (blue dial – blue strap)
11.1940.679 / 94.C814 (Burgundy Red Dial-Burgundy Red Strap)
Elite 679 automatic movement
Size 11 ½“` (diameter: 25.6 mm)
Movement thickness: 3.85 mm
Number of components: 126
Number of jewels: 27
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Process: Pendant decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’
Center hour and minute display
Centered second hand
Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 40 mm
Hollow diameter: 33.10 mm
Thickness: 12.95 mm
Crystal glass: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal
Case back: old steel case back, engraved with the ancient Zenith logo
Material: old steel
Water resistance: 10 ATM (100 meters)
Dial: turquoise, khaki, blue or burgundy red, grain
Timescale: Arabic numerals with light brown Super-LumiNova® SLN
Hands: black ruthenium-plated and faceted hands coated with light brown Super-LumiNova®
Strap & Buckle
Strap reference number:
27.00.2018.800 Khaki oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.807 Mustard yellow oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.808 Blue oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
27.00.2018.814 Burgundy oily frosted leather strap with protective rubber lining
Buckle number
27.95.0031.001 Titanium pin buckle

On The Connection Between The Length Of The Skirt And The Watch Five Recommended Ladies Watches

Men can never understand the difference between narrow skirts and round skirts, but women can divide skirts into long skirts, short skirts, mini skirts, mid skirts, pleated skirts, low waist skirts, high waist skirts, Waistless skirts and more. Men can never understand why women need so many clothes, bags and shoes. After buying a skirt, women buy a pair of shoes with this skirt and then a bag with skirts and shoes. Therefore, men and women are always different, and the same is true for watches. Women will not be satisfied with only one watch. Different clothing, occasions and even moods need to be matched with different watches. The following is a brief description of the length of the skirt and the matching of the watch.
Chanel J12 H0968 watch

Watch series: J12
Movement type: Quartz
Strap Material: Ceramic-Steel
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 42,100
Watch details: chanel / 16197 /
Watch brief comment: For women, the miniskirt is not the shortest but the shorter. According to research on economic growth, women will wear short skirts, and economic downturns will cause women to wear long skirts. So judging from the length of women’s skirts on the streets now, our economy is very optimistic. When a woman wears a mini skirt, she will stretch the lines of her legs and make her body look more slender. Of course, how to match with a stylish skirt requires a fashion brand watch. Chanel, as a leading fashion brand, has always been ahead of its time. Although J12 is not its earliest entry into the watch industry, it is its most famous series. The bracelet was first made of ceramic,

Make this watch stylish and meaningful. Elegant and moist texture coupled with precise production technology will make you a fashionable woman with texture.

OMEGA Constellation 1562.30.00

Watch Series: Constellation
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 22.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 15,100
Watch details: omega / 11778 /
Brief review of the watch: Miniskirts require not only courage but also capital. Skirts will suit more people. In summer, the short skirt on the woman is definitely a scenery of the city. Of course, a cool outfit requires a matching watch. This watch needs icing on the cake but it can’t be loud, or else such a short skirt is not a hundred wear. Omega’s constellation is just right. Although it has a high reputation, it is conservative in design and diverse in style. It is suitable for people of many ages in both design and price. This small watch has a delicate constellation dial, the silver metal color is simple and clean, and the steel material can bring you a touch of summer
Cool. This series of watches has recently been honored to be worn by the ‘national mother’ Peng Liyuan, making it already well-known.

Hermès HH1.210.260 / VBN1 watch

Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Belt
Domestic public price: ¥ 17,350
Watch details: hermes / 22784 /
Brief comment on the watch: The mid skirt is a more theoretical name, which is what we usually call a knee-length skirt or a knee-length skirt. The more such tepid skirts, the harder it is to control. Those who can really dress the middle skirt well and wear their own style and charm always have some accumulated women. Such women love more stable brands, practical and not exaggerated. This Hermès watch has an H-shaped case that is an extension of the classic logo, with a calm black strap, simple and sophisticated. The design that exceeds the length of the average watch bracelet doubles the sense of fashion, but it is simple but not simple. It looks like a mid-skirt.

Gucci YA039517 watch

Watch series: gucci
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 12 × 24 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 15,200
Watch details: gucci / 22361 /
A brief review of watches: every woman’s wardrobe will have a long dress, multi-layer lace pink princess dress, or a chiffon dress full of floral flowers, it is an indispensable item for every woman . With the acceleration of the pace of life now, there are not many opportunities to wear long skirts, so whenever you turn out the beloved long skirt in the closet, there must be a reason, you can’t help but dress up carefully and try to stunning four seats. At this time, the choice of the watch must be cautious. The mopping long dress is already eye-catching, and you must not wear a eye-catching watch. The design of the Gucci watch is far less eye-catching than the design of its shoes, but the fashion and popularity are undiminished. This watch is more like a bracelet, the clever combination of jewelry and watch, let you wear unobtrusive and practical. The tough lines of the watch body can highlight the soft lines of women’s wrists.

CARTIER TankSolo W5200002 watch

Watch Series: Tank
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k yellow gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 31 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 34,300
Watch details: cartier / 4093 /
Watch brief comment: Onepiece dress should be the most common and error-proof dress, if you are not sure what to wear, then decisively put on your favorite dress. A Cartier’s tank watch has the same effect. No matter what style of clothes you wear or what color you wear, you can’t go wrong with an iconic watch. The tank watch has a clear line, a restrained design, a calm atmosphere without losing its fineness, which is suitable for a variety of occasions, and can be used to complement each other with any kind of clothing. Roman numerals, track scales, blue steel sword-shaped hands are all signs of the tank watch. These signs will definitely attract more attention than the pattern on your bag.

Summary: Choosing a skirt requires a lot of thought, so is choosing a watch. Choosing a watch with a skirt that matches yours will give you a lot of points. Most of the watches introduced above are fashion brand watches. Although they do not have a long history of watchmaking and exclusive patented technology, they have added a sense of fashion and design. If you are a man and are thinking about buying a watch for your other half, you might as well choose a watch for her based on the skirt she usually wears. Maybe you will have a better chance of seeing her.

Hamilton Khaki Gmt Air Race & Navy Gmt

Khaki GMT Air Race combines design and function. Pilot Nicolass Lvanoff, the chief aerobatic pilot and representative of HAMILTON; this new aviation watch displays the standard brand color of HAMILTON-orange, not just in the face The scale on the dial also has obvious orange lines on the edge of the rubber strap. The color is quite bright and easier to identify. The date window at three o’clock and the third window at nine o’clock are the eight major international airports in the world Name, the second time zone is in the direction of 12 o’clock to two o’clock.
Khaki Navy GMT
Case: stainless steel
Movement: Cal. 2893 automatic movement
Function: hour, minute, second, date display
Table diameter: 42mm
Water resistance: 200 meters
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
     Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) extends from the travel word on the map into a watch function. HAMILTON’s latest GMT multi-time zone watch, in addition to directing time for travelers who travel frequently around the world, the third window on the faceplate displays eight famous international airports around the world, showing HAMILTON’s international vision and providing stopovers for travelers. The name of the airport, call the family to report safety. Polished stainless steel case with a white bezel and a white rubber band or a white strap The scale color also echoes the bezel, showing the meticulousness of the overall case.
Khaki GMT Air Race
Case: stainless steel
Movement: Cal. 2893-1 automatic movement
Function: hour, minute, second, date display
Table diameter: 42mm
Water resistance: 200 meters
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
Hamilton Khaki GMT provides the names of the eight major international airports in the world:
Atlanta, USA Hartzfeld Jackson (ATL)
London, United Kingdom Heathrow Airport (LHR)
Tokyo, Japan Haneda Airport (HND)
Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Madrid, Spain Magadan International Airport (MAD)
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Germany
Amsterdam Airport (AMS) in the Netherlands