Month: April 2010

Bulgari Heritage Classics Create Elegance

Mr. Soderio Bulgari

 Sodillo? Bulgari was a multicultural traveler, entrepreneur and master of aesthetics at the time, and the founder of the world’s most noble jewelry and watch brand. His pioneering spirit subverted many systems at the time, far ahead of what is now considered a classic standard. One way was to bring his work directly to Europe’s most famous tourist destination at the time. In all seasons, from St. Moritz to Lucerne, from Sanremo to Sorrento, his works have become more and more admirable, and his kingdom is growing. This kingdom is built on the cornerstones of taste and beauty. Soderio’s descendant network inherits the vision, innovation, talent, and avant-garde and luxury concepts of his parents.

 The young Solitio Bulgari felt the innovative spirit of the time, merged the amazing art and skills, left Greece, went to Corfu, and then came to the same Italy-the purpose of a noble youth European tour Ground. His pioneering spirit is enough to overcome any obstacle, challenge any web tradition, lead him to the core of European high society, and experience the ultimate aesthetics and elegance. There, in the aristocratic salon, he turned his values ​​into reality, broke through the mainstream web tradition at the time, and built a reputation for excellence, which is still so modern today.


 The Sotirio Bulgari watch is a classic and elegant prototype, reinterpreted with modern temperament. It is not only a tribute to the founder of the brand, but it also highlights the BVLGARI brand’s tradition of design excellence. Watchmaking craftsmanship and design aesthetics are unrivalled in the ingenious case.

 Of all the works in the Sotirio Bulgari series, the lugs are the only distinctive sign. The lugs are incorporated into the case back at an acute angle. Although the contact surface with the case is very small, the unique structure brings excellent tensile strength and achieves dual processing effects. This innovation is largely due to the BVLGARI group’s preparation for the acquisition of Finger, which has been producing the highest quality case products since 1898.

 In the manufacturing process and design, even the most subtle details have received full attention. From the unique 45-degree angle of the lugs to the word ‘SB’ on the crown of every watch, every detail is fascinating, making the ultimate effect beautiful.

 All models have a sapphire crystal case back. Turning the case back reveals the structure and operation of the movement, as well as BVLGARI’s long-lasting pursuit of perfection.

 The Sotirio Bulgari watch is a perfect interpretation of complexity and exquisite craftsmanship. The careful attention to every detail brings precious beauty to the dial. All dials of the Sotirio Bulgari watch are the result of unique precision design, blending classic elegance and modern aesthetics. The hand-embedded scales and huge Roman numerals reveal this style, which can not help but reminiscent of the Roman origin of BVLGARI. At the same time, the bold and rich dial treatment makes Sotirio Bulgari more unique.

 The multi-layered design of the Sotirio Bulgari watch dial creates subtle optical effects that attract the viewer’s attention. The embossed effect and the clever use of arc geometry perfectly complement the BVLGARI brand’s iconic pure aesthetics.

 Each dial is independently designed and manufactured by Cadrans Design. This subsidiary of the BVLGARI group is known for producing high-quality watch dials.

 The sapphire crystal and precise scale are completely hand-embedded by the master watchmaker of BVLGARI, perfectly interpreting complex and exquisite craftsmanship, and the careful attention to every detail brings precious beauty.

 The strap buckle is no exception. The buckle of the Sotirio Bulgari series watches is a slight change from the classic pin buckle, with a unique 45-degree angle design. The buckle is produced by Prestige d’Or, another subsidiary of the BVLGARI group. It becomes the perfect finishing touch for each watch, giving it an unparalleled harmonious beauty. Full control of the process.

Kazakh Volleyball Goddess Sabina Gave The First Sweet Screen

Sabina, a volleyball goddess from Kazakhstan, quickly became a global focus after her first exposure in Taiwan. Her Instagram followers skyrocketed to more than 300,000 people in a short period of time, further establishing a new generation of goddesses. status! A few days ago, Sabina hurricane hit Hong Kong to attend the event and attracted the attention of major media in Hong Kong. With a history of 159 years of watchmaking craftsmanship in Switzerland, Epoque Watch has invited this sweet sister to present the screen for the first time, taking the lead in taking promotional photos for the brand, and working with male models to interpret the Swiss Epoque watch ‘Romantic moments, lifelong companions’ Brand concept to create the most touching sweet love story.
Sabina said that she likes the story of the Ebolu couple’s trademark, and feels that using the Yally collection (Yally collection) as a Valentine’s Day gift is more thoughtful.

   Known as the ‘Swiss Couple Watches Model’, Ebolo watch has been advocating romantic, fashion and elegant characteristics for more than 100 years. Its watchmaker’s love for watches and a spirit of unforgivingness, and the female volleyball player Sabina for volleyball. The infinite enthusiasm and commitment can be described as the same; on the day of shooting, Sabina put on a magnificent see-through evening dress and the male model interpreted the sweet and warm moments, and presented the first time on the screen. Even more frankly, there was a feeling of heartbeat when communicating with the male model intimately! Sabina also said that in the future, when she was destined to wear a pair of watches from Switzerland, she would let her 159-year history of gold make her a permanent witness to her touching love.
Words of love, drenched in love
   The pure and simple design of the Yally Collection is like the beginning of love, and the memory is full of fragrance. Equipped with Swiss-made mechanical movement. The snow-white and smooth faceplate has no vain and verbose decoration, and the soft and delicate wave curve faceplate is the heart wave of the time. Twelve tadpole-shaped nail scales create a sense of space depth. The pen-shaped hour and minute hands record every bit of love. The unique design of the three-dimensional hour markers at 12 o’clock resembles the slightly opened two heart doors, leading to the hall of happiness. The green pointer glows at night, indicating that the day and night are synchronized, and even if the two ends of the world are separated, they will eventually meet and overlap.
Yally Collection Yally Collection GS-LS5680-25121 new

Model: GS5680-25121 (for men) / LS5680-25121 (for women)
Movement: Swiss-made automatic movement
Case: round, 316L stainless steel
Table diameter: Ф41.00mm for men, Ф34.50mm for women
Strap: Five-Bead Solid Band, 316L Stainless Steel
Clasp: Two-button butterfly clasp
Mirror: Sapphire crystal
Table bottom: Perspective table bottom
Waterproof: 50 meters waterproof
Price: NT $ 30,200 (for men) / NT $ 30,200 (for women)