Month: May 2010

Avant-garde Watch With Endless Elegance

It not only has an avant-garde shape, but also exudes endless elegance. It crosses the century and leads the modern modern lifestyle .. From the legend of the TANK watch in 1917, to the new Tank Anglaise in 2012 Born to the world, with its foresight and extraordinary creativity, the Tank watch has created a stunning century-old legend for the glittering stars with its never-ending creativity.
Design that transcends the era and continues the century-old legend. Once the Cartier Tank watch came out, the avant-garde style broke the rules of the round dial and opened a new era of square watches. As a watch model of the 20th century, the Tank watch respects absolute aesthetic principles and is synonymous with extreme elegance, and in the 21st century, it will become more active and vibrant with a consistent extraordinary style. The Tank Angl a i se watch is like a newborn, which means that the glorious history of the Tank watch family will continue to be written and never stop! TANK watch
Pioneer of Inspiration-Salute to the Temple
Cartier’s inspiration has always been at the forefront of the spirit of the times, and has constantly given Tank watches a new look. Following the great success of the Tank Amér ic a ine watch and the Tank Fran. A se watch, Cartier hopes to lead the third peak in its history with a new Tank watch-the Tank Anglaise watch. This watch is also a tribute to Cartier’s three temples (Cartier boutiques in Paris, New York and London). Together with the Tank Amér ica ine watch and the Tank Fran. Ai se watch, it forms a perfect watch. Trilogy. The uniqueness of this new work is that in addition to the perfect harmony between the bracelet, the vertical lugs and the link itself, the crown is hidden in the hollow vertical lugs, exposing only the gems inlaid, which makes TankAnglaise the Tank family. Stand out. The new Tank Angla i se watch is available in three sizes for men and women. It is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. The case and bracelet convey a wonderful soft atmosphere, just as it is. The ground testifies to Louis Cartier’s demanding aesthetic requirements and integrated design philosophy. In addition, Tank Anglaise’s large model is especially equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement 1904 MC, which can see its mechanical movement through the transparent sapphire crystal case back.

Tank Anglaise watch
Soul Interpretation——Legend Continued for 100 Years
As the first watch with integrated case and lugs, Tank cleverly blends seemingly contradictory geometries, and stylized breakthroughs have achieved its legendary status. When the Tank watch came out, at the time of the First World War, the soul character of the Cartier family, Louis Car tier, was inspired by the simple and rigid lines of the military tank that was first put on the battlefield, and designed it with a stroke. This legendary work. The vertical lugs of the tank track, the smooth case, the strap perfectly embedded between the lugs, and the Roman numerals, minute track and blue steel hands are all the iconic elements of the Tank watch. With Cartier’s bold innovation, the regular squares are continuously deconstructed and re-interpreted, and the Tank family is becoming larger and larger, and the design concept and concept of each Tank watch has always contained a pioneering spirit that transcends the times, and therefore has become overwhelming. A classic timepiece.
The Tank Chinoise watch, born in 1922, is perhaps the only model inspired by architectural form in the history of horology, inspired by the door lintels of Chinese temples. The Tank Loui s Ca r tier watch, also created in 1922, embodies a new style later known as ‘Art Deco’ with soft lines and rounded corners. The Tank Amér icaine watch launched in 1989 elegantly responded to the new wave of pursuit of large-scale watches, while the Tank Fran. Ai se watch launched in 1996 represented the revolutionary bracelet watch concept in the technical, A new stage in the development of aesthetics and functionality, and became the most iconic watch of the 1990s. As a top watchmaking brand, while adhering to the ultimate aesthetic design and excellent manufacturing technology, Cartier has continuously incorporated innovative elements into watch works, giving them extraordinary vitality.

Tank Anglaise watch