Month: March 2011

Certina Ds Dream When The Dream Shines Into Reality

DS Dream is an intriguing light luxury watch in the Certina series. It is dreamy and beautiful. This model incorporates a gorgeous seven-row stainless steel bracelet, a shiny silver dial, and the famous high-quality PrecidriveTM quartz movement, which fully demonstrates that both high precision and stylish style can be achieved.

   DS Dream adopts a bright and fully polished 38mm stainless steel case, and the slim bezel perfectly sets off the elegant sunburst silver dial. The new seven-row stainless steel bracelet complements the overall case design. Through sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides, the dial combines stylish and slim triangular hour markers, luminous hour and minute hands, and delicate and delicate second hands. The date window is set at 6 o’clock for easy reading. Stylish and simple, timeless and tasteful-this is the unique design of DS Dream.
   The latest DS Dream watch uses the same Swiss-made ETA PrecidriveTM quartz movement as the previous leather strap model, which will bring amazing timekeeping accuracy. DS Dream is undoubtedly an extremely elegant watch, but its design also combines the essence of modern grooming art and watchmaking craftsmanship. Adhering to the famous DS double insurance concept of Certina, the watch is solid, durable, reliable, and waterproof to 10 bar (100 meters). The case back and crown are printed with the Certina Turtle logo DS, respectively, symbolizing its outstanding reliability.
   In the new stainless steel DS Dream series, in addition to the main silver dial, a black dial with nickel-plated hands and hour markers is also available. Both models come with a similarly refined seven-row stainless steel bracelet and two-button folding clasp, ensuring your DS Dream is always secure.
Technical data
Movement: Swiss-made ETA F07.411 Precidrive quartz movement, hours, minutes, central seconds, date indication
Case: Full-polished 316L stainless steel case, 38 mm in diameter, with CERTINA turtle logo printed on the case back
Dial: Silver sunburst dial, hour, minute and central seconds hands are plated with PVD rose gold, luminous hour and minute hands
Water resistance: 10 bar (100 meters)
Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating on both sides
Crown: DS logo printed on top of crown
Strap: Seven-row stainless steel bracelet with two-button folding clasp
Features: DS (Double Insurance)
Reference number: C021.810.11.037.00 (silver dial)
Retail Price: RMB 3400

Setting Off Women’s Elegance

Women are inherently resistant to everything beautiful, from dressing to accessories. And the choice of watches is not as advocating masculine and handsome as men. They say that women are happy without diamonds. I think this may be a way to show women’s beauty. More and more watch brands are launching ladies’ watches. Whether you are gentle and restrained, mature and independent, or sexy and charming, you can choose your style from thousands of models. Athens to be introduced to everyone today Qixiang series watch is an extraordinary and refined female wrist accessory, the official model: 133-91C / 69172.

  As a top watchmaking brand, Athens Watch was founded in 1846 and started out as a nautical clock. Athens is famous for its enamels, three questions for puppets, the Whimsical Tourbillon and the unparalleled astronomy trilogy. It is still the top brand in the world. The Athens watch is a very creative brand, covering everything from masculine diving sports watches to tender and water-like jade exquisiteness. The editors below will introduce to you a ladies’ watch from Athens.

  The watch has a square case design and is made of stainless steel. The 35 mm diameter is suitable for most women to wear. Compared with round watches, the square design is a chic and can also modify the wrist of women. A beautiful landscape is formed on the wrist.

  In terms of watch selection, most women value slimness and lightness, and this watch is very suitable for such women. From the picture, we can clearly see the outline of this watch. The thickness of the case is moderate. The sapphire crystal glass is carefully processed and embedded in the case. It is transparent and wear-resistant. It also has a certain degree of anti-glare. performance.

  The silk strap used in the watch strap not only reflects the ingenious intention of the Athens brand in the selection of materials, but also a sublimation of temperament. This design coincides with the gentle temperament of women. It can not only interpret the shyness of girls, but also set off the sexy charm. It is suitable for daily wear and dinner.

  The watch dial does not use too much decoration, and the vertical stripes run through the entire surface, giving it a stylish and gentle feel. The time scale is displayed with artistic Arabic numerals and triangular engravings. After each engraving, a transparent diamond is inlaid to highlight the dignity and elegance; the 12 o’clock position is the classic brand logo of Athens; the 6 o’clock position is The date display window, the designer cleverly embedded it at 6 o’clock, a playful sense of art emerges; two uniquely shaped hands are fixed at the center of the dial through the same axis, and beat evenly with the passage of time.

  The crown is unique in shape, with a delicate gear design close to the case, and the other end is evenly inlaid with blue gems, echoing the LOGO on the top, as if the blue sky brings endless reverie.

  To meet the design of the square case, the lugs are also shaped into a rigid upright, cast into one with the case, and embellished with perfectly cut diamonds, showing feminine elegance.

  The subtle design of women’s watches better reflects the brand’s skills. In order to highlight the femininity of this watch, the Athens watch is also inlaid with exquisite diamonds. In order to unify with the overall shape of the watch, the designer It is arranged in four rows and four columns, and the edges are decorated with a stainless steel frame.

  The watch uses a bottom-through design. The watch movement can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the watch. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, which provides a powerful power reserve for the watch.

Summary: The square diamond design of this Athenian watch has attracted many women, and it is indescribable for the wearer to show his identity and enhance his temperament. The watch is currently priced at 94,500 yuan in the Beijing Financial Street Athens store.