Month: July 2011

Montblanc Christmas Boutique Watches 2013

The Christmas season that celebrates all around the world is approaching, and it is a good time to send my sincere blessings to relatives, friends and lovers. Montblanc has carefully selected a series of ingenious watches, dedicated their hearts to their loved ones, and spent a warm and unforgettable Christmas season together.

A gift for “ her ”
Montblanc Star Classique Automatic Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch

经典 A classic watch can withstand the change of time and the baptism of time, and is also the best partner to accompany you through every important moment of life. Men may wish to consider sending her Montblanc Star Classique Lady Automatic watch to show your love that can stand the test of time, to retain a beautiful moment.

Montblanc Star Classique Automatic Rose Gold Diamond Women’s Watch

Montblanc Star Classique Lady Automatic is a series of watches with classic elegance, combining the unique design beauty of centuries-old boutiques with traditional Swiss watchmaking skills. Since this series of watches are all original by Montblanc, there are no watches with similar shapes before, and they will not be forgotten by time. They have a timeless and elegant design, which can deter people from all walks of life with unique charm, no matter in the past or in the future. Classic elements, top-quality materials, technical expertise and decorative details are all at your disposal. This collection is full of classic beauty models with many options, including diamond-set ladies watches, K gold and stainless steel two-tone bracelet models. The latter stainless steel two-tone chain watch model can also be paired with a lover’s watch, as an eternal vow.

Is there any treasure that will be more attractive than setting 72 brilliant-cut top diamonds (about 0.526 carats) on the bezel of the watch? The fire of diamonds can make a woman’s eyes emit a hot glow. The glittering diamond brilliance and the white pearl mother-of-pearl dial shine with the hands and the warm rose gold of the scale, together with the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo on the small seconds dial, creating a colorful feast of light and shadow. With each swing of the wrist, a dance of light has never been seen before. The stage for the interpretation was made with 18K rose gold at all costs: a round case full of classic elegance, the slim and finely-cast round case measures only 34 mm, and the ultra-thin shape is even more impressive, only 8.98 mm, carefully created Strong three-dimensional, layered and smooth lugs, 18K rose gold crown with mother-of-pearl inlaid with Montblanc’s hexagonal white star logo. The warmth of rose gold triggers the ancient feelings of thoughts, and blooms the ancient and elegant beauty.

Behind it, it hides a beautiful secret that only the watch owner can know. The bottom cover made of rose gold is embedded with a piece of sapphire crystal that will not wear out. Through it, you can appreciate the treasures that are more and more popular with ladies-use The mechanical movement made by well-known top Swiss craftsmanship is precise, reliable and durable, just like the lover in dream. This movement does not require battery replacement. The source of power for its movement is the swing of the wrist; even if it is not worn for a period of time, as long as the crown is gently rotated for a few turns, it can continue to move forward elegantly.

Ms. or men, can enjoy themselves, can also be paired
Montblanc Star Classicique Double-Color Chain Automatic Watch Rose Gold

腕表 A watch with the beauty of craftsmanship, the precision of a traditional Swiss watch, and the timeless beauty that transcends time and space is the most fascinating and can effectively release the seductive breath. Montblanc has prepared many of these watches for women and men. The only difference between them is the size, which looks like twins.

Star Classique series double color bracelet automatic watch (34mm diameter)

Star Classique series two-tone chain automatic watch (diameter 39mm)

Montblanc Star Classique series two-color bracelet automatic watch is one of them, it is divided into two sizes, the female watch is 34 mm, the male watch is the larger 39 mm, both equipped with mechanical automatic movement. This watch is the eye-catching focus of the classic model, with all the conditions to become a century-old classic. Its round and flat shell shape with a narrow bezel has a minimalist beauty and pure elegance, far better than superficial and fleeting fashion. The warm 18K rose gold and cold-colored stainless steel are quenched to create a two-tone case and bracelet, forming a strong contrast. The female watch with the crystal luster of the white mother-of-pearl dial, and the silver-gray matte dial used by the male watch, are intertwined with the stainless steel color to create a touching sonata.

Gift to him
Montblanc Nicholas Case series day and night time stopwatch

圣诞 Choose a time-honored watch for men carefully at Christmas, so that he will show mature taste on different occasions in the future, and it is definitely a sincere gift choice. Montblanc, the world’s top watch brand, specially selected Montblanc Nicolas Riesus Riesus Rising Hours for ladies’ consideration.

Montblanc Nicholas Case series day and night time stopwatch

关键 The key breakthrough of Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours is that the hollowed-out Arabic hour number with a two-color chassis will change color with day or night. When night falls, it will display dark blue numbers, while daytime is black numbers, users can easily distinguish between night and daytime. In addition, in view of the date adjustment of many models, users cannot distinguish whether the number on the dial is day or night, which causes the date window after adjustment to jump at 12 noon, which can never happen on this watch.

A closer look at the development of Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours, it is not difficult to find that members of this family have the same characteristics: time is presented by a turntable. Montblanc was the first watch brand to use a turntable to display 60-second and 30-minute timekeeping, and later used the turntable to display the second time zone. The newly released Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours, the hour display is presented using two turntables overlapping, making it Can display the current hour, can also show whether the hour is day or night.

Looking at the ‘hour’ presentation of the dial, in addition to the traditional hands, the design of the Arabic numeral dial with a window has not been uncommon in the field of mechanical watches in recent years. The Arabic numeral dial used to display the hour will follow the minute hand. In a lap of the movement, slowly advance one grid per hour. The same is true of the Nicholas Kays day and night chronograph stopwatch. The traditional hour hand no longer appears on the dial of this watch. There is a fan-shaped window at twelve o’clock, which can clearly see the three hollow Arabic numerals on the dial. With a triangle sign above, it can accurately indicate the current hour position. In details, this watch has forward-looking technological innovation.

This new self-made movement is called MB R220. The patent mechanism consists of two overlapping turntables. The upper layer has hollow Arabic numerals 1 to 12, which run for 12 hours. The lower layer is a black and dark blue day and night display dial. , 24 hours of operation. The hollow hour dial continues to run, the day and night display dial will instantly jump according to the predetermined time, and the hollow hour number will accurately display the representative color of day or night (day is black and night is dark blue).

Technically, this mechanism is driven by the operation mechanism of two special gears, one cam is connected to the upper hour turntable gear train, and the other is a special-looking gear with slightly concave ends, installed on the lower day and night turntable axis. The cam drives the double-concave gear, that is, the 12-hour turntable drives the day and night turntable to operate irregularly for 24 hours. The operation method is as follows: At three o’clock in the morning, the outer sides of the two gears come into contact, driving the day and night display turntable to accelerate; From half to seven in the morning, the teeth of the two gears engage, and the day and night turntable keeps running synchronously with the hour turntable; from 7.30 to nine in the morning, the teeth of the two gears are separated, and the rotation speed of the turntable is slightly slowed down day and night. Until 9 o’clock, the concave and convex parts of the gears fit together, so that the day and night turntable completely stopped rotating; at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the two cams began to contact again for another twelve hour cycle as described above.

The patented ‘day and night time’ mechanism will be particularly noticeable at two times a day. At six o’clock in the morning, the left half of the hour mark ‘6’ will appear dark blue, and the right half will be black, symbolizing the end of the night. ; At six o’clock in the evening, the left half of the hour mark ‘6’ appears black, and the dark blue representing the night appears in the right half.

This high-quality and precise homemade movement is installed in the elegant Nicholas Kaiser round case, with a diameter of 43 mm. The material is precious rose gold. The exquisite lugs integrated with the case are matched with large brown checkered patterns. The crocodile leather strap and the three-layer folding buckle in rose gold are exceptionally textured. The finely pitted, easy-to-adjust crown is also made of 18K rose gold and embedded with a mother-of-pearl hexagonal white star logo. Curved sapphire crystal, with anti-glare treatment on the inside and outside. A sapphire crystal is also embedded on the case back, which is convenient for enjoying the operation of the automatic disk. The automatic disk is also made of a single piece of rose gold. Chain efficiency.

BMontblanc Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours is also available in platinum and stainless steel. The platinum edition is limited to 28 pieces worldwide, with a gray alligator strap and 18K white gold folding buckle. Stainless steel model with black alligator strap and folding buckle.

Audemars Piguet Audies Two Watches

Audemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS Dual Time Watch
UdeAudemars Piguet JULES AUDEMARS Dual Time Watch
White gold case, 41 mm in diameter, cal. 2329/2846 self-winding movement, silver dial with rose gold hour markers, second time zone indication with day and night indication
Keywords: complex creativity, ultra-thin comfort, Chinese market models, GMT, entry-level version 2.0, soft landing of high-tech materials, appearance first, three questions, elliptical movement
Music effect: March
Product style: stylish appearance, excellent quality, continuous innovation based on tradition
Featured series: Royal Oak and Jules Audemars
Number of new products: about 20 models (10 major models plus various new materials and precious metals)
Recommended models: Jules Audemars series small three-hand watch, Royal Oak offshore Arnold heritage watch
Comment: Only the best products, this is the most impressive impression of Audemars Piguet. Audemars Piguet’s global momentum last year was good. ‘Europe is stable, the United States is optimistic, Asia has ushered in iconic growth, and the Middle East has great potential.’ In this context, Audemars Piguet introduced 10 products in 3 series this year.
At the top of the pyramid is the Millennium series of oval-shaped movements, with tourbillons, three questions, and new escapement coming out. In the middle is the Royal Oak series, with a variety of high-tech materials coming in. Various craftsmanship takes care of, but it is never blind. It is the old love of Jules Audemars, ultra-thin, moon phase week calendar, dual time, manual, automatic winding, 5 basic styles constitute a solid base.

Hublot Reopens At Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Boutique

In November 2011, Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, joined hands with Ferrari, a world-renowned racing and sports car manufacturer, for the first time. Today, the relationship between the two parties has entered its sixth year. On the eve of the opening of the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix, they met again. Hublot Greater China General Manager Loic Biver, F1 World Champion and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, and Ferrari team leader Alibaba jointly celebrate the launch of the Big Bang Ferrari series in China, and the Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza brand Boutique reopening. The pioneering racing spirit encounters extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship, which clearly highlights Hublot’s unique concept of “becoming the first, unique and different”.

   The design of the boutique showcases Hublot’s DNA based on luxury and innovation, as well as the brand concept of ‘integrated art’. The interior decoration reflects Hublot’s application of special materials, which plays an important role in brand watch design. Covering an area of ​​85 square meters, the boutique is decorated with black lava stone, wooden flooring and graphite leather furniture, glass and polished stainless steel lamps, highlighting the contemporary style. The pop art paintings and pop art elements on the wall decoration make the colors perfectly blend into the palace of time in the explosion and collision, and the jumping colors add a modern and avant-garde feel to the original cold-tone design shop. This store showcases a fusion of premium materials and luxurious modern aesthetics.

   Loic Biver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, said: ‘Ferrari is one of Hublot’s most important partners. This is a ‘proactive’ and ‘synergistic’ partnership. The design inspiration inspired the two The brands are linked, and after five years of hard work, the world has witnessed the achievements we made together. The works created by Ferrari and Hublot have been highly recognized, and the new Big Bang Ferrari series is the perfect fusion of the DNA of the two brands. The icing on the cake is to celebrate the milestone of Hublot in the Chinese market with Sebastian Vettel. Wearing red jerseys brings good luck to brand boutiques. ‘

Restoring The True Colors Tasting Breguet Tradition Series Watch

When talking about Breguet, perhaps the first reaction of most people is the high level of watchmaking and the unattainable price. As a top watch, Breguet’s unique charm has attracted many watch fans. In today’s flood of materials, we should not use the brand as the sole criterion for purchasing goods, but choose it based on quality and the cultural charm of the brand itself. Official model: 7057BB / 11 / 9W6

  In the world of watches, there may be many lights and shadows that we should look forward to. Breguet is a very unique brand. I think it must have its unique connotation to be able to stand on the Swatch Group.

  When it comes to 18K white gold, some friends may not be surprised. This material is often used in watches. But this material represents the dream of many watch fans. Luxury shines and is more proud than gold. This watch has a mysterious feel at first glance.

 The crown caters to the appearance of the entire watch. It is also made of 18K white gold. When it is twisted, you can experience its excellent texture and extraordinary technological support.

 The strap is made of full crocodile leather. Such a watch is more appropriate only by using crocodile leather. In order to make this watch more luxurious, and also to make this watch look more ornamental.

 On the non-crown side, Breguet’s traditional coin design is used. The advantage of this design is that it is not easy to imitate and has a retro feel. Breguet is of French origin, so the French charm on its watch is also very protruding.

 The design of the buckle adopts the traditional pin buckle design. This design does not have many worthy features, but its extraordinary manufacturing process can identify its advanced quality features.

  The curvature of the lugs is almost perfect. In the world of watches, in addition to the beautiful style, the comfort of wearing should be more important. The lug of this lug can snugly fit your wrist, giving you a sense of security.

 The seemingly messy dial is in disorder, in the eyes of many watch experts, it can be very difficult to install so many decorations for the watch. Breguet’s eternal feature is the fisheye needle, that touch of blue As if Qin into the heart and spleen.

 This Breguet watch features a manually wound movement. The movement itself is hand-carved and polished. The process is very complicated and difficult. The reason why its price is high, I think it is precisely because of Breguet’s unremitting pursuit of quality.

Summary: A good watch is a work of art in itself. To stand out from many watch works is definitely not just the need for advertising. Breguet is silent, but also the most noble. It never conquers the world with words, but runs through the entire watch world with quality. This in itself is a silent glory. Official model: 7057BB / 11 / 9W6; Reference price: 218,500 yuan
More watch details: breguet / 5481 /