Month: August 2011

Liu Yifei In China, Hua Mulan In The World

A few days ago, Disney Movie released the first trailer of ‘Mulan’ starring Liu Yifei. According to statistics from foreign media, this pilot trailer has played 175.1 million times in 24 hours, ranking second only to ‘The Lion King’ in Disney animated live-action movies. ‘Mulan’ triggered a lively discussion of Chinese history and Chinese actors on the Internet. Liu Yifei also attracted more attention by virtue of the role of Mulan. Hua Mulan, today we will talk about the real acting talent-Liu Yifei.

Mulan will be released worldwide next spring

Live-action posters paid tribute by Chen Man Animated posters

Last year when Disney officially announced that Liu Yifei starred in ‘Mulan’, Liu Yifei’s Mulan poster for netizen P

 Since Disney officially announced that Chinese actor Liu Yifei will appear in the ‘Mulan’ live-action movie, this movie has attracted the attention of Chinese audiences. Can the weak and innocent little dragon girl in our impression play the military general Mulan who fights on the battlefield? As soon as the trailer came out, everyone was fascinated by her neat play scenes.

At first glance, Liu Yifei was not recognized (menswear was very successful)

Women’s clothing is also beautiful
     Regarding the face value of Chinese actresses, my selfishness Liu Yifei’s appearance conditions are very good. From Bai Xiuzhu in ‘The Family of Gold Powder’, to Linger in ‘The Legend of Fairy Sword’, to the dragon girl in ‘The Condor Heroes’ … the national ‘sister of fairy’ Liu Yifei is in our hearts Has always been a symbol of the fairy.

The daughter’s makeup in the play also appeared in hot search

    In this pilot trailer, in order to get closer to the true history of the North and South Dynasties, Liu Yifei also painted the makeup of the girl at the time, and was directly called by the audience, ‘Is this our fairy sister?’ In fact, judging from the portraits of women in historical materials, this makeup is a complete restoration of the women’s makeup at that time-when the window is clear, the mirror is yellow. This phrase is the ‘Magnolia Poem’ describing Hua Mulan.

On the left is my ideal look, and on the right is my real makeup look-netizens jokingly said

Hurry up with a photo of a fairy

Liu Yifei as a child

 In 2003, Bai Xiuzhu from Liu Yifei’s first TV series ‘The Family of Gold Powder’

In ‘The Condor Heroes’, the image of the little dragon girl played by Liu Yifei was so popular that the actor who interpreted the role after her was once used for comparison

Liu Yifei’s costume appearance

    Born in Wuhan, Liu Yifei went to the United States with his mother to study and live as a child. After returning to China, I entered the entertainment industry because of excellent appearance conditions (sometimes I have to say that many things really look at the face). But there are many things, not just looking at the face. The reason why Liu Yifei is loved by so many audiences is that besides acting and appearance, her love and way of living are also the reasons why many friends like her.

Liu Yifei in life

Liu Yifei and his dogs

    As we all know, Liu Yifei likes small animals very much, and adopts many stray puppies and kittens. He treats and adopts them until their body is healed, and then gives them to a kind person who wants to adopt them.

Liu Yifei wears a Tissot watch

In March of this year, Liu Yifei attended the Tissot event and wore a Tissot Carson Zhen watch

Liu Yifei wears Tissot’s new Carson Zheni watch

    Liu Yifei wears Tissot fashion series T0502071711705 watch
    As the global image ambassador of Tissot, Liu Yifei wears Tissot watches on various occasions, but in private, her dress style is also more personal and casual, mainly comfortable. But as long as she attends the event, every time she looks, she will rush to the top of the hot search list, including the fairy veil of foreign countries some time ago.

Liu Yifei was wearing a flesh pink veil when attending a brand event abroad. Isn’t this really a fairy!

    Forever casual and elegant, always calm and free, is Liu Yifei’s deepest impression on us. In the complex and complicated environment of the entertainment industry, how to maintain the authenticity, Liu Yifei’s method is to immerse herself in a role and enjoy every moment.

The fairy’s look at the factory also went on hot search at the time

   The New York Times used ‘Liu Yifei in China, Mulan in the World’ to evaluate Disney’s live-action version of ‘Mulan’ and its actor Liu Yifei. Indeed, this film is very popular both for global fans and for China. Great significance. Many countries, including South Korea, have initiated discussions. Regarding whether there is a more suitable player in the role of Mulan, I think the answer should be no. Like Liu Yifei, an actor who takes into account the oriental beauty of China in appearance and is so suitable for this role in acting and martial arts. I can’t wait to see Mulan on the screen for the national killing.