Month: December 2011

Breitling Decided To Make A $ 100,000 Donation To Afne

According to Watch House, Breitling, a well-known Swiss watch brand, officially announced on May 27, 2014 that it will support the Angel Flight Northeast (‘AFNE’) organization through its own actions. . AFNE is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to providing free air transport to patients for life-saving medical services.

     In addition to other forms of cooperation, Breitling will also donate $ 100,000 in cash to support AFNE’s daily operations.

    For this collaboration, Breitling Brand Leader Thierry Prissert said that it is a great honor for us to participate in and support such a meaningful organization as AFNE. Because compared to land-based first aid resources, aviation resources are more precious and more efficient.

     Volunteer recruitment can also be carried out through the Internet. By using their own thermal fields and talents, professional pilots can use their professional flying skills to help families and patients in need of treatment and medical treatment. To help others and save lives, Breitling is proud to be involved in such a great organization.

 Breitling has been committed to the development of the aviation industry for many years, and this cooperation with AFNE is also the most perfect partner. Breitling has been developing precision timing instruments for pilots since 1884. The brand’s outstanding achievements during the Second World War made them famous and at the same time ushered in an unprecedented period of development.

    In addition to products, Breitling’s relationship with the aviation world is also inexhaustible. It supports the well-known flight championship activities and forms its own Breitling jet flight team. These are all explaining the brand’s commitment to the sky from another angle.

 As a pilot, I highly admire the outstanding achievements of the Breitling brand in the aviation world. They make the world’s most sophisticated aviation timepieces. This is not only a technical challenge, but also a demanding requirement on themselves. According to Larry Camerlin, founder and president of AFNE. This time Breitling can support and participate in our actions, which has also played a vital role for us. Enables us to help more people.