Month: June 2012

At First Sight, Really Making Patek Philippe Ref.5172g-001 Manual Winding Chronograph Watch

The Patek Philippe Ref.5170 men’s chronograph watch was born in 2010. This watch is equipped with the brand’s own movement, which has achieved a classic generation. At Baselworld 2019, Patek Philippe introduced the new Ref.5172G-001 manual winding chronograph watch. The watch has a white gold case with a blue dial, which gives the classic a new vitality.

Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:

   The case is made of white gold, with a diameter of 41 mm and a thickness of 11.45 mm. It is fully polished and retouched, with embossed buttons and three layers of lugs. The bottom is waterproof and the entire watch is water-resistant to 30 meters.

   The curved ‘box-shaped’ sapphire crystal is significantly higher than the bezel, and the retro design is more elegant. The buttons on both sides of the crown are used to start / stop the chronograph function and reset the chronograph hands.

   The blue dial is deep and charming, with white gold three-dimensional Arabic numerals, Barton hour and minute hands (arrow design at the end), and central chronograph hands (sandblasted). The 30-minute counter and small seconds are set at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, respectively. The layout is balanced and elegant.

   In addition, the dial is also marked with a tachymeter scale and a dual-track scale, and the hour and minute hands and digital time scales are coated with fluorescent materials, which ensure perfect reading effects no matter day or night.

   Equipped with CaliberCH29-535PS manual winding movement, the movement is assembled from 270 parts, equipped with column wheel, horizontal clutch and Breguet hairspring, applying six patented innovations, can provide up to 65 hours of power reserve.

   Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the movement’s precise operation and fine retouching, including chamfering, polishing and Geneva stripes. Comes with a hand-stitched navy calfskin strap with white gold folding clasp.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

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Omega Is Beautiful Both Inside And Outside New Work Preview Tour

Continuing the glorious history of the top Swiss watch brands, OMEGA will launch a number of brand-new works that will impress the world. The most proud of these are two pioneering “inside and outside beauty” innovations that have brought contemporary watchmaking technology to a new level, and OMEGA’s fascinating commemorative watch for the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.

 OMEGA successfully subverted the centuries-old limitations of watches that could not be antimagnetic, launched the new ‘Antimagnetic Coaxial Escapement 8508 Movement’, the Aqua Terra series of hippocampus, allowing this most representative high performance sports watch to overcome In view of the problem that watches are easily affected by magnetism, the accuracy and durability of watches are raised to a new level, and a brand new page is written for the history of contemporary watches.

 Secondly, OMEGA is not only in the ultra-miniature world of watches, but also constantly innovates. In the case material of the watch, it is completely free from the constraints of traditional materials. It is the scale of aerospace technology and brings together the world’s top metallurgical scientists. , Together to create an unprecedented new material-Sedna Gold! This metal, which was re-smelted from scratch by OMEGA, was also first used in the new Constellation Sedna Limited Watch in 2013, allowing the world to see the extraordinary elegance of this beautiful precious metal.

 This year, we have always been keen on public welfare and long-term sponsored OMEGA of the International Orbis Flying Eye Hospital. We have also designed a constellation series Orbis commemorative watch with a unique night sky blue surface and inlaid with beautiful stars. This combination of perfect craftsmanship, extraordinary kindness, and elegant jewellery watch aesthetics is believed to be a very attractive highlight of Baselworld 2013.

Rewrite the history of irreversible clocks
The first antimagnetic movement in history, ‘8508 coaxial escapement antimagnetic movement’, is launched

 Magnetic force has always been the most difficult to overcome in the watch manufacturing process, and everyone hopes to successfully overcome it. And in January 2013, OMEGA grandly released a truly antimagnetic timepiece in the Cité du Temps in Geneva, ‘OMEGA Aquamar 8508 coaxial escapement antimagnetic watch’, which can withstand more than The magnetic field of 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss) surpasses the antimagnetic level of any watch in the past, and perfectly solves the problems that have troubled watchmakers for centuries!

 OMEGA combines product R & D department, ETA R & D department, and ETA Tribology and Materials Science with many engineers. After many years of repeated experiments and research, the entire team has finally created a non-traditional magnetic shield, the first use of iron-free materials The manufactured movement allows the OMEGA Aqua Terra 8508 coaxial escapement antimagnetic watch to continue to operate in a higher magnetic environment (15,000 Gauss). Experiments have shown that even if exposed to this high magnetic environment, it still has As precise as ever.

 And this epoch-making new magnetic core, currently has several global patents pending. When it comes to the new 8508 coaxial escapement anti-magnetic movement that goes beyond the previous anti-magnetic method, we must not mention the traditional method, but only focus on the interior design of the case that reduces the magnetic effect. The shortcomings of traditional methods are not only unable to deal with the problem of increasing magnetic force in specific environments (such as below sea level), but also from the aesthetic point of view, it will obscure the screen of the movement and expose traditional mechanical watches exposed to high magnetic environments. Loss of accuracy, magnetic problems occur, and the accuracy of the watch is compromised.

 The 8508 coaxial escapement antimagnetic movement used in the OMEGA Aquamar 8508 coaxial escapement antimagnetic watch is undoubtedly an important milestone in the history of contemporary watchmaking, and it has made OMEGA rewrite the antimagnetic history of advanced watches in one fell swoop. OMEGA expects to launch this technology and the brand-new ‘OMEGA Sea Terra Aqua Terra 8508 Co-Axial Antimagnetic Watch’ at the Basel Watch Fair 2013. The model is also planned to be launched in 2013.

 OMEGA Aqua Terra 8508 coaxial escapement magnetic watch

Named Sedna, the tenth planet in the solar system
OMEGA enters cutting-edge metallurgy, smelting new Sedna Gold

 OMEGA has been continuously exploring the possibility of new materials for the past few years, to create a new weather for contemporary watch collectors that even surpasses the past! In 2013, OMEGA will announce at the Basel Watch & Clock Fair: the unique fusion of three elements of gold, copper and palladium, with Sedna Gold containing more than 75% of pure gold, will bring unprecedented low-key luxury gloss and long-lasting shine. Degrees, giving OMEGA watches an amazingly beautiful look!

 OMEGA puts the strength of the entire group, betting on an amazing budget, convening a team of the world’s top metallurgists and scientists to create this kind of Sedna Gold that is completely different from any precious metal in the past in an exclusive smelting method. It is named Sedna because Neptune has a Sedna outside of Neptune that is considered by the modern astronomers to be the tenth planet in the solar system (from the Arctic goddess Sedna Sedna believed by the Inuit); OMEGA refined The process of planting new metals is just like astronomers finally discovered the tenth planet after many years, creating a new realm … and this precious metal with beautiful red luster will also be announced at this year’s Basel Watch Fair In the new limited edition Sedna watch, meet the world in a charming posture.

 In addition to the distinctive case material, the Constellation Sedna limited watch is inspired by the first Constellation watch released in 1952. It is a luxurious silver “stereo double circle” dial that is continuously connected in time. The matte bezel is decorated with elegant tonal Rome. Numbers, a strap made of high-grade brown leather, equipped with a Si 14 silicon spring and a coaxial escapement 8501 movement. From the appearance to the function, it is impeccable! In addition, the back of the Constellation Sedna Limited Watch is decorated with sapphire crystal, which can see the beauty of the movement through the case back, and is waterproof to a depth of 10 bar (100 meters / 330 feet).

 The OMEGA Constellation Sedna Limited Watch is limited to 1,952 pieces worldwide, in commemoration of the year when OMEGA first introduced the classic constellation series (1952). This model is specially equipped with a special rose-lined box, which also has an international warranty of up to four years.

                  Omega Constellation Sedna Limited Watch

A Dawn of Light for Patients with Eye Disorders in Remote Areas
OMEGA Constellation Star Orbis Memorial Watch

 Since its establishment in 1982, International Orbis and its Orbis Eye Aircraft Hospital have continuously brought high-level professional ophthalmic medical services to people in remote areas of the world, and provided medical care and education and training. So far, Orbis has spread its footsteps in 89 countries, trained 250,000 ophthalmologists, and received more than 15 million medical assistance from Orbis. Therefore, OMEGA has always spared no effort in supporting Orbis, and has continued to donate specific profits from various annual commemorative watches to this international charity medical organization. Dr. Robert Walters, Chairman of Orbis, said: ‘We are very excited to continue working with OMEGA. And I am very glad to see that they have created another special timepiece-the constellation series Orbis commemorative watch! With the support of OMEGA, Orbis will reach and treat more people, reducing the global burden of blindness, And to ensure a healthy and bright horizon for many people. ‘

 The constellation series Orbis commemorative watch launched by OMEGA this year has two sizes of 24mm and 27mm. I hope that this beautiful watch will give watch lovers the opportunity to contribute to the international Orbis together. Starlight of hope for more blind people.

 27mm OMEGA constellation Star Orbis commemorative watch, equipped with elegant night sky blue anti-reflective clear blue dial, decorated with 18K white gold three-dimensional star cluster and white Super LumiNova ultra-fluorescent paint hands; stainless steel case and diamond-set watch The rings complement each other and the stainless steel bracelet makes this timepiece more timeless and beautiful. Through the anti-wear sapphire crystal case back, you can see the beauty of the operation of OMEGA’s self-made 8520 coaxial escapement automatic movement deep inside the core, equipped with anti-magnetic Si 14 silicon spring. This perfect jewellery mechanical watch also has an international warranty of up to four years.

 The OMEGA constellation star Orbis commemorative watch 24 mm has a brilliant appearance like a 27 mm watch, and its driving core is the OMEGA 1376 quartz movement with excellent precision performance, which is more suitable for the love of beautiful and delicate watches. Ladies.

 OMEGA Constellation Star Orbis Memorial Watch