Month: November 2012

Omega Golf Girl Passes Infinite Positive Energy

A girl with scoliosis has become the No. 1 professional golfer in the world for emerging women. Such an inspirational story seems to be seen only in Hollywood movies, but in fact, this girl really exists .

 She is Stacey Louis, the newest professional golfer in the world.

 A girl born 28 years ago in Toledo, Ohio, and raised in Texas when she was only 11 years old, was diagnosed with scoliosis; at the age of 18 she received spinal fusion correction During the operation, a titanium rod was inserted into the back. In order to pursue her longing dream of golf, she twisted the titanium rod into the back five times due to excessive force during training. However, strong, she returned to the game after a long recovery. No one could have predicted that this young player who had undergone spinal surgery won a number of major championships in one fell swoop.

 This girl’s name is Stacey Louis. She is a star player of the LPGA Women’s Professional Golf Association. In 2011, Stacey won her first major championship in her career. The next year, she made another record and won four championships. In addition, she is in the top ten 15 times, including three runner-ups, and she leads in birdie, eagle and top 60 rounds. With such a good performance, she was named LPGA Player of the Year in 2012, becoming the first American to win this award in 18 years.

 Stacey won the 2013 HSBC Women’s Championship in February this year, and then won the championship again in the 2013 LPGA Founder’s Cup, which just ended.

 On March 18, 2013, the victory in Arizona, USA, made Stacey’s world ranking jump from third to first, establishing another milestone in her career, becoming the premier female golf player. The next day, she officially joined the Omega celebrity ambassador family. She intends to use this platform to encourage more young people who have dreams and let more people know about golf.