Month: June 2013

American Style Hamilton 2015 Baselworld New Product Summary

Hamilton, as one of the participating brands in the Basel Watch Fair, has attracted the attention of a large number of media with its American-style simplicity and rough style. The new watch introduced by the company has simple lines and clear design, which conforms to the American style.
Let’s review the new models released by Hamilton at the Baselworld:

For more watch details, please click: Hamilton released its Ventura adventure series new Ventura Elvis 80 watch at the watch exhibition. This watch is Elvis Presley on February 8 this year. (Presley) to commemorate the 80th anniversary of its birth. Using a breakthrough technology and design, the mirror is a large arc-cut convex sapphire. The dial is also designed in a retro-style arch. The case is full of modernity and can be matched with a variety of personalized straps. The new case uses smooth brushed and polished sanding processes, which is smoother than the old model. Automatic model, equipped with Hamilton H-10 self-moving core with a power reserve of 80 hours.

For more watch details, please click: The new Kahki Chrono Worldtimer watch. This new Kahki Chrono Worldtimer watch was designed by Hamilton in collaboration with the famous aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, and features a 24 time zone display and automatic daylight saving time adjustment. The 45 mm case is crafted in stainless steel and comes in three different strap versions to choose from.

For more watch details, please click: Hamilton Boat Clock series is a more retro series, the case is quite distinctive, the side is decorated with Paris studded bezel, the inner bezel recessed, linear lugs, round The three-dimensional case is based on the appearance of a marine clock. This time, there are three models, including two automatic watches with a diameter of 43 mm, and chronograph models with the first addition of functions.

The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2015 Basel Watches and Hamiltons brought to you by the special editor of the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention.
For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

Calibre Launches Calibre.135 Limited Watch

ZENITH’s turning focus, one of the most amazing movements is almost obsessed with the fear of precision, symbolizing the 100th birthday of Mr. Ephrem Jobin, the master of ZENITH watchmaking in the past. Anniversary; derived from the company’s determination to the market, in order to create a more accurate and reliable movement, in late November 2009, ZENITH’s own stock movement Cal, 135 was launched. This is a tradition derived from ZENITH in 1865 When the brand was established, it was realized in the watch with the very precise pocket watch movement design concept in the past.

   In order to compete for precise watchmaking technology between brands, ZENITH launched Cal, 135 in 1948; this movement, with its innovative and advanced technical features, allowed it to win many well-known Neuchâtel Observatory chronometry awards. prizes), which lasted for five consecutive years from 1950 to 1954-setting a prize record at the time. Cal, 135 at that time also received about 200 honorary awards and two thirds of the observatory’s first prize of the year and 5 series of honors.
   In order to celebrate the 100th birthday of EPHEM Jobin, the designer of ZENITH’s royal movement, ZENITH specially created a classic watch limited to 100 for this honorable old employee, and presented the 100 watch to Ephrem Jobin—

Movement: Elite 689 self-winding movement, certified by the Swiss Observatory COSC
Case: Rose gold case
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
Hands: Rose gold-plated hands and hour markers
Strap: Brown alligator strap

   Mr. Ephrem Jobin was born in 1909. This is undoubtedly the oldest watchmaker in the world, in the strategic time of the highest state of brand development. During this period, he was responsible for the development of three complete Calibre from 1939 to 1954, including the legendary Calibre 135.

   At that time, he quickly mastered the important production procedures and the basis of assembly, supervised the entire development project in one hand, and produced the movement from the international perspective. In 1946, the invention of ‘Calibre.30mm’ was able to meet the specifications required by the Neuchatel Observatory; he began to conceive and develop a design required by the Observatory in accordance with established standards so that it could achieve the best measurement operation.

   The secret to the success of Mr. Ephrem Jobin is that Cal, 135 uses a large barrel to increase its energy reserve, and an oversized balance wheel, the most important of which is the adjustment mechanism. Precision plays a key role. This technique is called a complete rethinking of the movement design, which includes offsetting the minutes from the center axis of the wheel to provide a space-balanced balance.

   Observatory competition version This legendary movement (Calibre 135) is equipped with a Breguet overcoil balance spring, as well as single or double arrow-shaped index or regulation to ensure balanced friction, allowing optimal adjustment. In addition, in addition to its participation in the Observatory’s competition, Calibre, 135 has also developed a commercial version of the watch. All Calibre, 135 watches sold are chronometer-certified and given a grade certificate.

1940’s ~ 1950’s At that time

   This precision movement Calibre, 135 has limited production and is reserved exclusively for top watch collections. The full inventory is only 11,000 pcs, which means that the watch equipped with this movement is still a collector item that connoisseurs and collectors are extremely coveted.

   At the time, professional media described the movement as ‘one of the best wristwatch movement in watchmaking history’. It was undoubtedly still worthy of its extraordinary performance and amazing modernization. Construction. This exquisite aesthetic exacerbates the classic design and precision caliber, vividly evoking the highest realm of pure classicism watches.

   On the example of the history and praise of Calibre135, the history and knowledge of timepieces are vividly reflected in the eyes of the world. This is the watch manufacturer ZENITH and the outstanding centenarian Efrem Chopin (Mr. Ephrem Jobin).

   ZENITH decided to commemorate this fiftieth anniversary by publishing a special limited edition of 100 watches, with the personal honor of Mr. Ephrem Jobin, and proposed and issued a limited edition of 100 models. Birthday is a new milestone. This model will strongly convey the history and development of the brand that thanked Mr. Qiao Bin of Zenith for his personal contributions.