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The First Stop Of Blancpain 2018’s ‘big Master Craftsman’ Big Complex Watch Exhibition In Nanjing

(April 16, 2018, Nanjing) On the same day, Blancpain, the Swiss fine watchmaking brand, held its first stop in Nanjing at the “Paper Mastery” 2018. In this exhibition, several Blancpain heavy-duty large complex watches are displayed. Blancpain’s three major complex functions-Carrousel, Chinese calendar and mechanical depth sounder are also among them.
   The exhibition was held from April 12th to 16th, 2018 in the B1 atrium of Nanjing Deji Plaza Phase II.

Blancpain’s ‘Mastering the Masters’ Big Complex Watch Exhibition Nanjing Station

Blancpain’s ‘Mastering the Masters’ Big Complex Watch Exhibition Nanjing Station

   ‘The founder of classic timepieces’ Blancpain was born in 1735 and originated in the Swiss Jurassic Mountains. Blancpain’s movement factory and large complex watchmaking workshops are located in the Jura Valley of watches and clocks in the ‘Silicon Valley’. It is one of the rare Swiss fine watchmaking brands in the industry that can completely design, develop, produce, assemble and sell from A to Z.

Left: Blancpain watchmaking workshop right: Blancpain movement factory
   Blancpain’s movement research and development capabilities are world-famous. Not only can it produce various existing complex functions, such as tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar, but it can also continue to discover innovations and create new complex functions, such as one-minute coaxial Carrousel. Chinese calendar, and underwater precision mechanical sounding.
   Blancpain knows that in the field of large and complex watchmaking, mastering various complex functions is just an introduction. Only by using the art of overlay and layout and controlling each function to achieve a deeper theme can we evolve from blind stacking to complexity. With deep meaning, achieve the true master of mastery.

Blancpain Le Brassus Minute Repeater Carrousel

Left: Blancpain One-Minute Coaxial Carrousel Right: Blancpain Eccentric Floating Tourbillon
   Carrousel, translated as ‘Merry-go-round’, is a rare and fascinating complex function. From a functional perspective, it was originally born to offset the gravity and keep the watch moving accurately.
   At the end of the 19th century, Bahne Bonniksen, a Danish watchmaker living in the UK, invented Caruso, but he did not expect that its manufacturing process was more complicated and the parts were more diverse than the tourbillon, which led to the price not falling. Rise. A hundred years later, when the tourbillon in the industry has soared, but few breakthroughs have been made, Blancpain has taken a new approach, giving Caruso a new life, creating a one-minute coaxial caruso, and applying it to his watch for the first time, again Show the world the extraordinary innovation strength of the brand.

Blancpain Villeret Classic Chinese Calendar Zodiac Limited Edition
   Blancpain has always paid homage to the long-standing Chinese traditional culture. Unlike drawing only Chinese elements on the dial, the Chinese calendar has never before been functionally subverted. After five and a half years of research on the Chinese calendar and re-invention of the movement device, Blancpain combined the dual-track calendar with the Gregorian calendar and the single-track Gregorian calendar to overcome the irregular countermeasures of the yin and yang combined calendar cycle of the Chinese calendar The many challenges of watch technology have pioneeredly presented the traditional Chinese timekeeping methods (year of the zodiac, days of the zodiac, five elements, hours, and moon phases) clearly and accurately on the dial. Once this landmark model came out, it became a watch collection of fans from all over the world.

The pinnacle of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms X professional diving watch
   Born in 1952, the Fifty Fathoms is the only professional diving watch on the market that can truly meet the challenges of the deep sea environment. With outstanding performance, Fifty Fathom defines the standards and specifications of the modern diving watch industry, which are still followed by the industry today.
   As the founder of the standard, Blancpain was not satisfied with following the existing standards, so in 2011, X 噚 came out-it includes a mechanical depth sounder up to 90 meters deep, and can record the dive depth, and another The 0-15 meter mechanical depth sounder, which operates alone, has a measurement error of only 30 cm at a depth of 15 meters. In addition, the X 噚 is also the first to be equipped with a 5-minute countdown function, which is used when diving for decompression stops.

Blancpain L-evolution Introduces Carrousel Tourbillon
   Can the tourbillon and Caruso’s complication, which is famous in the horological world, be placed in a watch at the same time and worn on the wrist?
   Although the structure of the tourbillon and Carloso are different, they have the same purpose and the same song. Both of them rotate continuously, and they dazzle in the watch. In two different systems, Carrousel’s structure is more complicated and there are more parts. To ensure the two co-exist and run smoothly, it is undoubtedly a great challenge. The perfect integration of the two speed control systems of the flywheel and Carloso has created an extraordinary masterpiece of the Carrousel Tourbillon watch created by L-evolution.

Blancpain Le Brassus series of three-question event puppets Carrousel watch, and all kinds of advanced custom gold sculpture event puppets
   Combining purely hand-carved metal figurines with complex minute repeater functions has reached its peak, Blancpain’s watchmakers are not only satisfied with this, continue to take the pace of innovation, to win the crown of large and complex watchmaking. The movement of the action puppet uses a large amount of kinetic energy in the movement, which will also affect the kinetic energy used in the minute repeat time. How can the action of the dynamic puppet be vividly displayed without affecting the percussion of the minute repeat time? How to add Blancpain’s unique one-minute coaxial Carussell function to superimpose the cutting-edge functions in harmony? The Blancpain Le Brassus series of three-question activity puppet Caruso watch gives the answer.
   Mechanical watches are the crown of human handicrafts, and mechanical watches equipped with complex functions are the pearl of this crown. Their most valuable feature is not only the countless hours of hand-made work by watchmakers, but also the endless imagination and expansion of the limits of mechanical skills and aesthetics.
   The Blancpain Large Complex Watches depicts all your imaginations about complex mechanical watches.

Iwc Schaffhausen Adds A Dazzling New Work To The Portofino Collection

Schaffhausen, September 25, 2013-Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC has upgraded its Portofino series since 2011. The success of this series is Unstoppable. Now a new addition to this watch collection: the Portofino hand-wound large date watch. Available in white and red gold, this watch perfectly embodies the essence of understated luxury.
   For 29 years since its birth in 1984, the Portofino series has been a low-key modest gentleman in the IWC watch family. It is the perfect embodiment of subtle temperament and excellent taste, and also exudes a relaxed Mediterranean life. Just as the picturesque Italian coastal city of Portofino is a symbol of the good life of the 1960s, the Portofino series watches are also the perfect embodiment of luxury and simplicity. Today, Portofino’s hand-wound large date watch (models IW516101 / IW516102) brings Portofino, a collection with fascinating tradition and internal content, to a new complex watch.

Portofino Hand-Wound Large Date Watch
   This new watch still maintains the distinctive characteristics of the series. Although the Portofino hand-wound large date watch has a simple and low-key appearance, when you look at the dial carefully, you will find its exquisite and unique watchmaking technology. The large two-digit date display at ’12 o’clock’ is clear and easy to read, which is extremely practical and convenient. This date display is implemented by two coordinated display disks: one display dial represents the ten digits of the date with a number between 0 and 3, and the other display dial represents a number between 0 and 9. Digits. The perfect synchronization of the two display disks This elaborate design is driven by IWC’s self-made 59230 movement, which is further developed on the basis of the 59000 movement series and supplemented technically. The movement design uses a large-sized back plate and bridge plate, which are extremely modern, and at the same time extremely durable, accurate and reliable, and will definitely meet the requirements of 21st century watch lovers. This new Portofino watch not only has a large date display, but also has a strong power reserve: the full chain can ensure a full 192 hours, that is, the precise travel time of eight days; the wearer only needs to pass after eight days The rotating crown winds up new energy. And, do n’t worry about when you wind it up—when it’s time to wind it next time you can easily read it from the power reserve display on the dial. The Portofino manual-winding large date display watch in white gold (model IW516101) or red gold (model IW516102) is only available at IWC stores.

Precious metal blends with top leather
   The Portofino hand-wound large date watch in white gold features a rock grey dial, rhodium-plated hands and indexes, and a black leather strap. The red gold model uses a silver-plated dial, gold-plated hands and indexes, and a dark brown leather strap. Santoni, a well-known Italian footwear brand now managed by the second-generation family heir Giuseppe Santoni, has exclusively customized high-quality leather straps exclusively for Schaffhausen IWC. Santoni uses a complicated processing process for leather, so that it has a unique retro look when it leaves the factory, as well as the subtle layering of the brand’s products. Leather made using this process looks like it has been carefully used for years, but is actually brand new. Another feature of Santoni is the orange leather lining on the inside of the strap. The charm and beauty of Mediterranean life is vividly demonstrated through the perfect combination of watch and strap.

The Watch That Is Not Like Architecture Is Not So Good To Play

In 2005, I participated in the Swiss Mido watch for the first time. I was deeply attracted by a slogan: ‘Who wears the building in his hands?’ Sublime Mido Perfection watch. I think: This brand is interesting and insightful, because architecture is known as solidified music, and immortal buildings are made into watches. Is n’t this watch followed by immortality? Mido is such a watch brand that loves architecture and gets design inspiration from architecture. For more than a decade, the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, the Big Ben in London, etc. have all climbed on the wrists of people and performed a series of classic watches.

   Mido’s ‘Inspiration from Architecture’ attracted more than 100,000 people in its inspirational tour in 12 cities around the world. In the end, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, located in New York, stood out through the votes of global netizens, winning the ‘Most Popular Global Netizen’ inspired building, and also became the source of inspiration for the latest watch of Swiss Mido. The Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of the world-famous museums of Western modern art. It was designed by the famous American architect of the 20th century, Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Mido, said: ‘The Guggenheim Museum in New York is a landmark building that transcends time. It perfectly matches the innovative, timeless and long-standing brand values ​​of Swiss Mido. New. Inspired by architecture, the limited edition watch inherits the extraordinary design of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and is loyal to the DNA of the Swiss Mido. It is precisely because of this unique style, that the Swiss Mido can be owned today. Reputation for word of mouth. ‘

   After a long wait, the limited edition Guggenheim watch of Mido ‘inspired by architecture’ finally unveiled its mystery. It has a 316L stainless steel case, and the horizontal stripes on the side of the case are exactly the same as the exterior wall of the Guggenheim Museum. The dial design is simple and atmospheric, and the brand’s soul is engraved on the inside of the bezel-‘INSPIRED BY ARCHITECTURE’. The core value of a watch is the movement. The limited edition Guggenheim movement of Mido “inspired by architecture” is even more remarkable: it is equipped with a Mido Caliber 80 Si certified automatic mechanical movement (based on Based on ETA C07.811), the use of silicon hairspring greatly reduces the risk of magnetism of the watch; the power reserve reaches 80 hours (it will not stop if you do not wear it during a small holiday). Observatory certification is the official guarantee of movement accuracy. The limited edition of the Mido ‘Inspired by Architecture’ watch is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide, with an independent number engraved on the back cover.

   Just like other Mido limited editions inspired by architecture, looking at your watch often can bring time and space closer, whether you have been to the Guggenheim Museum or not. If you have been there, you will recall the beautiful journey because of the watch; if you have not yet, it seems as if the Guggenheim Museum has quietly opened the door on your wrist …
# 文 末 兔子 #

   Swiss Mido Watch will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018! The relationship between architecture and Mido will continue, and there seems to be even more surprises. To this commemoration, Mido will present an exclusive large calendar long kinetic movement watch-the Commander Series Big date ‘Memorial Day’ large calendar long kinetic mechanical watch. This is the first large calendar of the 80 movement. This is Meitu’s commemoration, inspired by the architectural inspiration of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Everything is waiting to be opened ……

Phelps Visited Shanghai Omega Flagship Store

Michael Phelps, a legendary swimmer and OMEGA celebrity ambassador, has arrived in Shanghai to participate in the 14th FINA World Championships. Before preparing for the competition, he went to the Swatch Peace Art Hotel in Shanghai and visited the Omega flagship store here. Omega is also the designated timekeeper in this World Tournament. Phelps at Omega
As one of the most outstanding swimmers in history, Phelps, who won eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, shared his childhood time with a group of children who loved swimming in the Omega flagship store. Speaking of his success cheats, Phelps said: ‘No one can become an Olympic champion overnight, and all success is the result of a little bit of accumulation.’
Speaking of the significance of time, Phelps said, ‘For a swimmer, a 0.01 second gap may determine the outcome of the game. This is why accurate timing is especially important for swimming competitions. On many occasions I participate It makes me feel so kind to see Omega. It’s like having a family with me when I travel. ‘
He added: ‘Omega has given me unwavering support for a long time. I really feel very special as a member of Omega. I have been a celebrity ambassador for so many years, it is incredible. This summer I will be with them I’ve spent the World Tour in Shanghai, and of course I look forward to the 2012 London Olympics. ”
On the same day, Phelps left an autograph on the Omega Lucky Watch Box. The new Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Universe Watch carried in the box is also a favorite model of Phelps.
Phelps with kids Phelps with kids
In the Omega flagship store, Phelps also played a unique role. The 14 Olympic gold medalist put on a white Omega watchmaker coat and a special magnifying glass. Together with the children who also dressed as watchmakers, they disassembled the Omega movement with the precision tools in their hands and rebuilt it. Assembly. When this difficult task was successfully completed, Phelps and the children warmly applauded each other to celebrate.
The Swatch Peace Art Center, where the Omega flagship store is located, is located on the banks of the Huangpu River, the iconic Bund in Shanghai, and is one of Shanghai’s landmark historical buildings. The carefully re-equipped Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center made a gorgeous appearance, shining before the world with unprecedented light, recreating the magnificence and brilliance of the Peace Hotel when it opened in 1908.
14The 14th FINA World Championships is being held at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. Omega wishes Phelps a new record in the competition.