Month: November 2013

Louis Vuitton Tourbillon Full Brightness

Tambour Monogram Sun ladies tourbillon watch, unparalleled masterpiece, equipped with the LV80 movement crafted by the LOUIS VUITTON La Fabrique du Temps watchmaking workshop, and with familiar complex functions : Tourbillon. In the center of the surface, two layers of splints placed parallel to each other are designed in the shape of three petals. With the rotation of the tourbillon, the four petals of LV Monogram appear and disappear. In addition, the automatic winding function makes it even more precious. The transparent sapphire cover on the case back makes every inch of exquisite design and craftsmanship.

Women’s Tambour Monogram Sun Tourbillon case in 18K rose gold, bezel set with 58 diamonds

Ms. Tambour Monogram Sun Tourbillon watch with LV80 self-winding movement developed and manufactured by La Fabrique du Temps in Louis Vuitton

Women’s Tambour Monogram Sun Tourbillon

Without these beautiful and artistically unique watchmaking techniques, the Ms. Tambour Monogram Sun tourbillon watch would not be considered the best. A glimpse of the craftsmanship can be seen from the surface decorated with classic Louis Vuitton flowers. The carved mother-of-pearl is surrounded by snowflake-inlaid diamonds, like the stars of the sun. The snowflake-type diamond setting process randomly lays diamonds of different sizes, covering the surface of precious metals. From white and pink mother-of-pearl and white diamonds to blue and pink sapphires, the soft colors give the watch a refined and gentle temperament.

Super Sportsman Of Watch Industry

‘I use motion to calm myself down.’ A simple slogan gave the man another reason to sweat. In that time and space calmed by sports, there will be a momentary and wonderful encounter, which will become a confidant by tacit understanding. Maybe it is a watch with the trident eagle seal, or it may be a chronograph with the Monaco car emblem.
Here, time flows in a peculiar way, playing with the changing light kissing the sea level day after day.

Anonymous hampton Hampton magnum XXL PVD
Super logo: 200 meters waterproof
XXL size extra large case, has shown the momentum of movement. This should be a notable visual breakthrough for the famous watch with a low-key style. But for sports people, in addition to the large dial that can provide convenient reading, the more important is the improvement in water resistance. The black rubber and red gold bezel are embedded on the left side and reinforced by 2 stainless steel screws. The middle screw-in greatly strengthens the sturdiness. Because it is a luminous pointer, time can still accompany you even on the dark sea bottom, which is as deep as 200 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs
Super Logo: Trident Eagle
This is a professional diving watch with a sturdy grade 5 titanium case and a unidirectional rotating bezel. However, 1000 meters water resistance is not the super-printed logo of this watch. For diving enthusiasts, the opportunity to test the performance of this watch with freediving record holder Patrick Musimu is what a super sportsman wants.

Divescope Diverscope
Super logo: 300 meters waterproof
Shang Weisha used the 1960s diving watch as the design blueprint for this watch, harmoniously connecting the round case shape, rotating bezel and bright colors. The triangle mark in the bezel is used as a reference to calculate the underwater snorkeling time. This classic continues today after 40 years. And the screw-down crown is PVD-coated, making this 300-meter professional diving watch more durable. It is not to be missed for those who love sports and nostalgia, especially the classic sixty years. Memories and glory.

Girard Perregaux Monte-Carlo 1973 Flyback Chronograph
Super Logo: Monaco Car Emblem
This is a commemorative watch. If you are not a super racing mystery, you will not remember the Monte-Carlo 1973 flyback chronograph with speed measurement function. The legendary battle of the year: Just press the flyback button once and the timekeeping in operation The second hand immediately returns to zero and starts the second timekeeping program, eliminating the need for the traditional chronograph to stop / reset / start three programs. The watch we saw today was born to commemorate that extraordinary legend. The dial is printed with the word MONTE-CARLO 1973, and the case back is also engraved with the name of the winning driver, the name of the chariot and the license plate number. There is nothing less to remember.

Balber Heart Department Ocean Global Concept

In 2014, Blancpain’s contribution to the deep sea world made a new breakthrough. The founder of this classic timepiece not only promoted comprehensive cooperation with major partners in the field of marine exploration and protection around the world, but also launched the first batch of ‘Mind Ocean’ limited Edition watch. Today, three years later, Blancpain has launched ten marine scientific expeditions, covering an area of ​​four million square kilometers in marine reserves. The recently released full-body all-blue ‘Mind the Ocean’ limited edition watch once again confirms the firm determination of this well-known Swiss watch brand to protect the blue ocean.

Marine scientist and Blancpain partner Lauren Ballesta speaks on the coelacanth expedition research expedition, sponsored by the Blancpain brand.

   Since its founding in 1735, Blancpain has always been determined to forge ahead. So far, Blancpain has been relentlessly exploring for more than 60 years in the field of diving. More precisely, Blancpain’s diving journey began in 1953 with the release of the first modern diving watch, the Fifty Fathoms. This classic reflects the common vision of two parties: one is Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, then CEO of Blancpain, who was the helm of the brand from 1950-1980. He is also an avid diving master; the other is the founder of the French Frogman Dive Commando, Captain Robert ‘Bob’ Maloubier, and Lieutenant Claude Rifford Claude Riffaud, who was struggling to find a reliable watch capable of military diving. The collision and combination of the two sets of concepts has created the glorious birth of the first diving watch ‘Fifty Fathoms’, defining a new benchmark for diving watches for the entire watchmaking industry. To commemorate this precious history, Blancpain embarked on a public welfare road to explore and protect the deep blue sea. Blancpain firmly believes that its contribution to global environmental protection depends on public awareness. Therefore, it has been committed to improving the public’s performance by supporting major scientific research projects, ocean exploration projects, underwater photography, environmental forums, public welfare exhibitions, major publications and specialized websites. Marine awareness.

Blancpain’s ‘Hearts of the Sea’ theme exhibition and event was held at the Marina Bay Sands Museum of Art and Science in Singapore.

   Since 2014, Blancpain has launched the concept of ‘Heart is the Ocean’ to further deepen the brand’s unremitting efforts in the field of ocean public welfare. At the same time, Blancpain has released 250 limited edition watches, which are the first limited edition watches born in the series. Following the successful release of the first limited edition watches, Blancpain launched the second batch of limited edition watches-the deep submersible Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph ‘Heart in the Sea’ 2016 new limited edition. This new watch expresses Blancpain’s firm determination to support the marine cause, as well as the brand’s enthusiasm and ambition to continue to explore ambitious goals.

The best friend of the Blancpain brand, the master of underwater photography, Ernest H. Brooks II.

   Since 2014, Blancpain has co-funded and supported the development of ten scientific research projects, witnessed the doubling of marine protection area, and presented several award-winning documentaries, public welfare exhibitions and publications to the world.

Leslie Leaney, chairman of the Hans Haas Fifty Fame Awards Committee, and the winners, Hall and wife.

   The submersible Bathyscaphe flew back to the new limited edition of the chronograph ‘Hearts and Oceans’ 2016, and also witnessed the debut of the full version of the 1960s manuscript by Professor Hans Haas (the manuscript has a handwritten number). Hans Haas is known as the “Pioneer of Pioneers” in diving and marine research, and has rewritten the history of science and technology in the world with his revolutionary portable underwater breathing technology, underwater photography technology and outstanding scientific research capabilities. The book focuses on the challenges of the original scientific examination from 1940 to 1960, giving people a gorgeous glimpse of that era, including the first modern diving watch officially launched by Blancpain: the Fifty Fathoms.

The Hans Haas Fifty Fifth Prize winner Hall is surrounded by Blancpain’s Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s sales area manager Dimitri Aubert and Hans Haas Fifty Fifth Prize Committee Chairman Leslie Leaney.

   Common pioneering spirit and values ​​connect Professor Hans Haas with Blancpain. Professor Hans Haas advocates that the tourism industry should develop sustainably, and that we should not only explore but also protect nature. Blancpain has the same philosophy with many scholars: the deep understanding of the world’s oceans has created the brand’s eager proposition to protect the oceans. Therefore, Blancpain included the Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms Award at the beginning of the ‘Minds and Oceans’ project. The prizes cover two major areas: ‘Art and Literature’ and ‘Science and Technology’-the former remembers Professor Haas Pioneering achievement, the latter commemorates his indelible contributions in the fields of oceanography and underwater innovation.

The Fifty Fathoms Submersible Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph ‘Heart is the Ocean’ 2016 new limited edition watch.

Selected works by Hans Haas Awards Committee
   Recently, the Judging Committee and Blancpain are proud to announce that Underwater IMAX filmmakers Howard Hall and Michele Hall have been awarded the 2016 Hans Haas Fifty Fathoms Award. The award was presented on April 5, 2017 by Leslie Leaney, Chairman of the Committee, and Alain Delamuraz, Vice President and Marketing Director of Blancpain. The awards ceremony was held at the Art Science Museum of Marina Bay Sands center, Singapore, in the form of a personal invitation.

Friends of the brand and underwater photographers are grouped with Blancpain’s Vice President and Marketing Director Alain Delamuraz (from left to right: Alan Lo, John Thet, Alain Delamuraz, Aaron Wong and Imran Ahmad.)
   The Halls and the Hans are very similar, and they are world-renowned for groundbreaking underwater photography and their photographs, and have won 7 Emmys to date. Of the five highest-grossing 3D movies produced by IMAX, two are directed by Howard Hall. Among them, the box office of ‘Into the Deep’ is over 70 million US dollars, and the box office of ‘Deep Sea’ is over 96 million US dollars; and the ‘Under the Sea’ just launched by the Hall and the couple so far It has also achieved more than $ 52 million in box office results.

The winners of the Hans Haas Fifty Fathom Awards Committee and Blancpain Vice President Alain Delamuraz (left to right: Leslie Leaney, Ernest H. Brooks II, Dimitri Aubert, Michele Hall, Howard Hall, Alain

   Howard has also directed many award-winning natural history films and television works, including his collaboration with Michelle’s National Geographic Special and the 3 seasons of the PBS documentary Nature. ). In addition, another award-winning documentary of the US public television, the five-hour series ‘Secrets of the Ocean Realm’ was also co-launched by Howard and co-produced by Michelle.

During the event, the guests tried on the watches of the fifty series.

   Howard holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology from San Diego State University and is a member of the American Directors’ Association and the Motion Picture Humanities Association. Michelle, who holds a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, is a licensed nurse and a member of the Humanities Television Association. Both were inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.

Interlacing Classics And Gorgeousness Precious And Vibrant Elegant Watches

What kind of inspiration source really made Victoire De Castellaneg, Dior’s chief jewelry designer’s first cross-border watch design, and gave birth to such amazing La D de Dior watch series?
   The La D de Dior series watch inherits the spirit of Dior watches and integrates innovation into the gorgeous and stylish texture. Its design concept is derived from the young girl wearing a lover’s watch. The neutral large size surface, coupled with the girl’s slender wrist, the strong contrast shows the elegant and sexy character of women. The silk-satin-like garment is affixed to the wrist, like a handicraft that reveals time. I have to admire Victoire, a talented jewellery designer, who can combine several rare materials with the concept of jewellery design into the simplest design into a timeless classic. Even more amazing is the plaid design on the La D de Dior watch, like a precious fabric, which interweaves classic and gorgeous.
   La D de Dior has launched a series of stainless steel models, stainless steel jewellery models and high-end jewelry models to choose from. It is divided into two sizes: 33 cm and 37 cm in diameter. It is suitable for all different wrist shapes. It also has all the top watch features: 18K gold, stainless steel, sapphire crystal, color F, G and diamond inlay, ETA Swiss quartz movement, 30 meters water resistance.
   Since taking over Dior Jewelry in 1998, within a few years, Victore successfully pushed Dior’s High Jewelry to the extreme of gorgeous fashion. This time, Victore will use her infinite creativity and rich source of inspiration in the design and production of the new La D de Dior jewelry watch, a completely different field. This energetic jewellery designer has made a completely different interpretation of high-end watches through a series of precious and vitality gorgeous elements.

Pure Captain Watch Breitling Aviation Chronograph (Chronoliner)

The new Breitling Chronoliner watch is certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) to accurately measure flight time; with a 24-hour second time zone display function, it can be easily handled no matter where it is Time zone change; equipped with a high-tech scratch-resistant black ceramic bezel, reinterpreting Breitling’s aviation spirit with classic and timeless charm.

 Over half a century, human aviation has made amazing progress, and aircraft performance has reached unprecedented heights. Control panels with manual timers and manual control systems that were used on Super Constellation aircraft and first-generation jets no longer exist, replaced by computer displays and electronic joysticks. However, even though the times have changed, the two remain unchanged forever-the captains are still wearing uniforms representing prestige and proudly wear Breitling chronograph watches to their wrists.

 The new Breitling Chronoliner is inspired by a Breitling watch from the 1950s and 1960s (at the time Breitling became the ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’), inheriting the traditional essence of the brand with a clear modern spirit . The most notable feature of the Breitling Aviation Flight Chronograph is that its wide bezel is made of one of the hardest synthetic materials, high-tech scratch-resistant ceramics, supplemented by a star design to improve operating performance. Black bezel for contrast. Thanks to the red triangular pointed hands and the ultra-precise ratchet bi-directional rotating bezel with a 24-hour scale, the wearer can read the time in the second time zone very clearly and conveniently, and easily handle long-distance flights anywhere in the world. The outstanding performance of this watch is beyond doubt, like all other Breitling watches, the movement is certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), and the small chronograph dial is located at 12, 9, and 6 o’clock. The dial is extremely readable like the best flight instruments. The white luminous hour markers contrast with the black dial. The oversized hour / minute hands and chronograph small dial hands are coated with a luminous coating to ensure clarity in any situation. Readable. The tough polished stainless steel case with a 46 mm diameter makes this chronograph the best spokesperson for professionals. The bottom of the table is decorated with two art airplanes with wings, which is the brand identity of Breitling for many years. The comfortable and chic stainless steel braided bracelet highlights the extraordinary charm of this watch from its classic and timeless heritage. The new Breitling Aviation Flight Chronograph: a genuine captain’s watch.

【Technical Parameters】
Movement: Breitling 24 type movement, the Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), self-winding, 28,800 high swing frequency per hour, 25 jewel bearings, timing accuracy of 1/4 second, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timing Dial; 24-hour second time zone display; bezel provides third time zone display; calendar display.
Case: ceramic bezel, stainless steel case; waterproof to 100 meters (330 feet); bidirectional rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter: 46 mm.
Dial: black.
Strap / Bracelet: Ocean Classic stainless steel braided bracelet, Navitimer aviation stainless steel bracelet.