2014 Basel Watch Fair Focuses On Hublot New Watches

The 2014 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Fair, referred to as ‘BASELWORLD’, that is, the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show will be officially launched on March 27-April 3, many brands New products will appear here. Hublot’s new watches are exquisite and highly eye-catching. At this moment, the House of Watches brings the most cutting-edge and intuitive brand dynamics from Basel to everyone.

 The classic fused tourbillon watch is powered by Hublot’s own HUB6017 movement, with a total of 251 parts and a 5-day power reserve. In addition, the design of the watch itself is particularly eye-catching: the hollow tourbillon movement frame builds more than 15 see-through panes, each with O-shaped parts to fix the lens and ensure that it will not be thermally expanded. The high-tech glass used in it can physically filter different spectra. Completely ‘Made in Switzerland’ gives it excellent stability and durability. Glass that never fades down to the micron range with precision laser cutting. Even with the passage of time, the watch still displays vivid light and shadow colors.

More watch details: Just like the previous watch, but this one uses a new material, the first 锇 crystal, to create a unique 锇 crystal dial! As a member of the platinum group metals, thorium is also mainly produced in Russia and South Africa. About 10,000 tons of platinum ore contains about 28 grams of plutonium, and it is estimated that there are about 200 tons of plutonium in the world. Compared with platinum, which is a precious metal in itself (about 13,000 tons of platinum reserves worldwide), its rarity is evident.

More watch details: Today, Hublot officially launched the second Cathedral Minute Tourbillon watch, which perfectly shows the wonderful balance between watchmaking art and contemporary dynamic design. The 45mm diameter classic fusion case is equipped with a dual high-complexity movement, deepening Hublot’s understanding of the fusion of tradition and modernity.

More watch details: This is a masterpiece of perfect interpretation of fusion art-inheriting the traditional watchmaking technology genes, and it also highlights HUBLOT’s iconic modern temperament! The combination of a classic atmosphere with a discerning design and a power reserve of up to 8 days, the classic fusion of the 8-day power reserve watch has become an irreplaceable place in the Hublot family.

More watch details: Skull skeleton tourbillon watch is born with unrestrained personality: the iconic skull pattern, the most extraordinary design and craftsmanship, equipped with the original ‘skeleton skeleton’ tourbillon movement, highly visual The impact of the ceramic treatment of aluminum metal material, while having an avant-garde and modern design, the overall still conveys the elegance of traditional high-end watchmaking concepts.

More watch details: This is an exclusive watch designed for the most rebellious fashion people! Skull and crossbones, an art symbol of flashy life, a recurring theme in contemporary art and fashion. From Andy Warhol to Picasso, from Niki de Saint Phalle and her heart-shaped nose skull, to Damien Hirst and His colorful skulls with diamonds … Skull skulls often cause us to reflect on the vanity of the void.

More watch details: Jose Mourinho-This world-renowned football coach is destined to be closely linked to ‘Maverick’ and ‘Outstanding’! Recently, he has officially become the ambassador of HUBLOT, and the exclusive “Maverick” exclusive watch specially made for him is also shocked to debut!

More watch details: In the decades since its establishment, Hublot has been constantly full of surprises. Each watch is so creative that Tianma Xingkong can fit Hublot’s product ideas. Let us take a look The new Hublot Extreme series.

More watch details: The beautiful colors are always the most eye-catching. Hublot Steel White series has once produced shiny watches. This time, Basel will bring a new watch to us. Come and enjoy it together.

More watch details: The passion of Swiss watchmaking legend Hublot and Ferrari, Italy’s top luxury car, is rekindled! This paragraph condenses the success and all-round cooperation to reach the peak two years later-the 2014 new Big Bang Ferrari watch shocked to land! This is also the first time that Hublot launched the Big Bang Ferrari Titanium and Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold in 2012 (the Hublot world’s first 18K gold anti-scratch watch), and launched a power reserve of 50 days in 2013. MP-05 LaFerrari, and three stunning Big Bang red magic carbon fiber, Big Bang all-ceramic and Big Bang king gold carbon fiber watch once again sang.

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At the same time, the special report team of the Watch House has also rushed to the scene of the watch exhibition to bring you the latest and latest watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page.

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