Month: April 2014

Liu Qiangdong Won Another Luxury Watch-athens?

In mid-June, in Shanghai, I saw Patrick again. This is the third time in the past six months that I have met this Swiss. He is now the CEO of Athenian Watch, but he is fully charged and he took office. Only 9 months. He previously worked at Apple, remembering that it was 2014, the Apple smartwatch project was on the brink. Apple boss Cook ‘removed soldiers’ from the traditional luxury goods industry, and Patrick, then TAG Heuer’s vice president of sales, became the Apple Apple Watch plan. Important member. In September last year, Patrick was invited to join Kering Group to return to the traditional watch industry and take the helm of Athens, a Swiss fine watchmaking brand. Athen Watch CEO Patrick Pruniaux has the lowest proportion of Kering watches and jewellery business among LVMH, Kering, Richemont and Swatch, and Patrick is not taking an easy task-improving the popularity and sales of Athen Watch Performance is clearly what Kering Chairman Pinuo hopes he should do. After the SIHH exhibition earlier this year, people have commented that this is a small year in Geneva, ‘there are not many new watches and fewer big watches.’ However, Athens Watch and his group brother Girard-Perregaux watch do not belong to this column. It can be seen that Kering Group is full of energy and wants to obtain the same results as Gucci in the field of hard luxury. The 2018 SIHH Athens watch’s new three-question dual-action watch Patrick’s purpose of this trip is the new Chinese team. The media interview is a temporary arrangement to see the stitches, but this is not surprising. The CEOs are all ‘I have 4 hours of fitness’, but the stress is also different from ordinary people. We opened our doors and talked about a few current hot issues. Patrick didn’t talk about the topic and gave the substantive answers that consumers want to know. E-commerce just last month, Athens Watch announced that Farfetch became the brand’s first online new product sales platform. There was almost no warm-up. Athens fully embraced e-commerce. You can find 45 models of Athens on Farfetch. Athens cooperated to launch Farfetch’s ‘Golden Needle’ version of the Pilot’s Watch and our question is, what will happen to the Athens watch and the local e-commerce in China? After all, foreign monks like Farfetch are still in a state of dissatisfaction in China. Caton’s browsing speed is easily disturbing, and the trouble of registering a new account may be the biggest obstacle for e-commerce to obtain new customers. Patrick is frank, he said that he should cooperate with Chinese e-commerce within one year, but for the time being it is inconvenient to disclose which one. He doesn’t say, we can also guess that it is inseparable from ten. First of all, Tmall was eliminated. Pinault and Ma Yun have always been at odds with each other. Over the years, Kering has been very annoyed and annoyed with products that are not authorized on the Ali website, and the lawsuit has been constantly fighting. The possibility of WeChat boutiques is not high. After all, Athens watches are not well-known in China. They are not the traffic masters. It is difficult to do e-commerce on their official Weiwei like Vacheron Constantin last year. In 2017, Vacheron Constantin’s official WeChat e-commerce test water Suning, Dangdang has been marginalized; vertical e-commerce such as Siku, on the one hand, is as unauthorized as Ali’s ‘original sin’ controversy, and on the other hand, there is not enough traffic; shared by Xiaohongshu blog Sales are even more unsuitable … In fact, these are not the mainstream e-commerce platforms considered by luxury watch brands now. Apart from Tmall and WeChat, only Jingdong. The reason is very simple. has a large flow, and has experience in the luxury watch business. In the past two years, has won official authorizations for many luxury watches: Last year, Zenith and TAG Heuer of LVMH Group; and a limited-time shop with Audemars Piguet earlier this year; and just last month, Bucherer officially Authorized JD. In fact, Athens and JD now have an intersection. JD became a major shareholder of Farfetch last year. If you place an order to buy an Athens watch in Farfetch, you can choose to use ‘JD payment’. In the future, it may be a ‘Jingzunda’ handsome guy . Farfetch’s payment method in China is very local. During the watch exhibition in Geneva at the beginning of the year, Audemars Piguet said that in the new year, Audemars Piguet will collect unused Audemars Piguet watches in the United States, return them to Switzerland for repair, and then pass the official Channel sold. Simply put, Audemars Piguet wants to participate in the second watch market. Coincidentally, on June 1, Richemont Group announced that it would acquire Limited. This company was established in 2002 and specializes in the second watch business. It is an online trading platform. There are also seven offline boutiques. Market mature players. After years of rapid development of the second watch business Watchfinder luxury watch market that Richemont acquired, brands began to get involved in second-hand transactions. Some foreign commentaries said that the brands were too greedy and would not let go of the second watch’s residual value. As a brand manager, Patrick did not agree. He said that he was very happy to see his colleagues begin to pay attention to the second-hand market. This market has existed for a long time. Now that the brand is involved, it is beneficial to the market. There will always be opposition at first, just like when brands first started participating in e-commerce many years ago. Some time ago, the Swiss watchmaking foundation FHH released the ‘2018 Watch Industry Trend Report’. For the second watch market, its quoted data said that it is now about 5 billion US dollars and growing at an annual rate of 5%. FHH released the ‘2018 Trend Report’. The focus of the auction market is mainly on antique watches. Most modern second-hand watch transactions are provided by Internet third-party trading platforms, such as Chrono24, and a small number of them are ‘channeling’ among watch fans. However, these are ‘buyer-responsible’ models, that is, buyers must have the ability to select, be able to distinguish between true and false, and evaluate the appearance, but most consumers do not have this ability. It seems appropriate to do this by the brand. Although second-hand prices may be higher than other platforms, concerns about fakes and hidden troubles have been resolved, which is conducive to the healthy development of the second-hand market. For the brand itself, what they want is not to sell the second watch for profit. It is most important for the second watch to circulate at a reasonable price, so that the primary sales market can be stable and the price and sales volume can grow healthy. Patrick said that the second-hand market is also a channel through which consumers can access the Athenian Watch, just like the e-commerce platform. In his plan, the Athenian Watch can reach consumers through six different channels in the future. What surprises will there be in Athens in 2018? As the owner, Patrick likes his own brand. He always wears the latest Athens watches on his wrist, and probably also tests his products from the perspective of consumers. At the end of last year, he wore a pre-heated edition of the Geneva show-a limited series of nautical pilots; this time, he wore a new Freak Out series released last month, a titanium case. The new titanium case Freak Out Compared to precious metals, titanium has the advantage of being strong and light at the same time. Its density is only less than one-quarter of gold and almost half of stainless steel. It feels significantly lighter on the wrist. a lot of. Patrick said that the introduction of the titanium case version is the collector of Whimsical Watches, hoping to wear this watch daily. They like the unique movement of the Whimsical series, but the precious metal case is really too heavy, so this titanium case came into being. At the same time, the official selling price of the titanium metal case is nearly half lower than the original precious metal version. I understand that Patrick wants to achieve the goal of ‘single birds with one stone’: first, to lower the price of the entry of the Whimsical series, so that more people can afford it, and increase sales; Discount, the titanium version is low priced, eager, strong demand, natural discounts disappear, better expectations are that supply exceeds demand, and there may be a premium. The ‘911’ of the Athens watch, the platinum case wonders, and the popularity of the Athens watch is not high. Patrick is clear. He believes that the reason is that Athens ‘does more and speaks less’. Compared with brands that are more marketing-oriented, The Athenian watch was too restrained and made 100 points, and only 30 points were expressed. Patrick may like Porsche very much, he made an analogy with Porsche. Whimsical is like the 911. Its representative works are very attractive. However, it has limited production capacity and cannot meet all needs. The nautical series and classic series are like Cayenne and Paramela, which satisfy all those who desire the brand. demand. The ‘Cayenne’ of the Athenian watch, the navigator series of navigator watches. In the coming year, the Athenian watch will launch several entry-level products with prices ranging from 45,000 to 90,000 RMB. Obviously, Patrick’s metaphor is perfect. It is a beautiful expectation and plan for the Athenian watch in his mind. It remains to be seen whether the Athenian watch will gain the popularity and success as Porsche. Lu Xi’s interview with the headline signing author of the Department of Notes applies to join the readership group, please send your real name + detailed professional information + personal WeChat to [email protected]