Month: May 2014

Nomos Berlin Set Kleene Watch 21000 Yuan Spot

Although the popularity of NOMOS in China has improved a lot compared to a few years ago, there are still not many shops where you can buy NOMOS. In Beijing, there are only a few shops where you can buy NOMOS Guanya Watch City, located in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza, is one of them. Recently, when I visited NOMOS Beijing Oriental Plaza Guanya Watch City Store, I learned that NOMOS’s self-developed automatic movement models are currently in short supply in the store, but there are more manual and automatic watches. Kleene watch from Berlin.


   In 2014, NOMOS launched a set of Berlin watch sets. On the one hand, NOMOS itself is a German brand, and on the other hand, it uses the four major city landmarks in Berlin as the watch name to pay tribute to this city that has occupied an important place in German history. This turquoise green watch Kleenne means ‘little kid’ in the Berlin dialect, and it is so small in size that it is indeed a little kid in the watch. This watch is equipped with a NOMOS DUW 4301 manual movement, which reminds the power reserve through a small window on the front of the dial.

   Because of the simplicity of the watch from the beginning to the end, NOMOS watches have a small three-pin design as a brand feature, so the actual difference between different series and models is not large. But Tangomat is a more recognizable series. This series is characterized by simplicity, rigor, and formality. It is a tall gentleman-type watch. The dial design is relatively regular, and the case style is very orthodox. This watch is the basic model that many people yearn for. Compared with the 601, it has a calendar window, which is simple and elegant. The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement, using a black horseshoe leather strap and blue steel hands, which is very artistic.

   All along, the simplicity of NOMOS is not only reflected in the design, but also in the function. NOMOS has only a few models with complex functions, and this watch is one of them. This watch has a world time / dual-time function. The time zone can be adjusted by the button at 2 o’clock, the window at 9 o’clock displays the name of another time zone city, and 24 hours at 3 o’clock. Despite the added time zone function, NOMOS is still very concise, which is what attracts NOMOS.
NOMOS METRO 1102 watch


   Metro 1102 and Metro 1101 are the hearts of many NOMOS fans. The watches in this series are not so serious and more personalized. The time scales are replaced by extremely simple dots, and the hands have been adjusted accordingly. There is no doubt that this is an exclusive watch for literary youth. The watch is equipped with a manual movement DUW 4101 with a power reserve of 42 hours.

Summary: In addition to these models, Guanya Watch City also has some small NOMOS ladies models, and standard dress models. If you do not know where to buy NOMOS, you can take a look here.
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