Month: July 2014

Classic Fashion Certina Releases Ds Podium Lady Automatic Mechanical Watch

Certina’s new DS Podium Lady watch with PVD rose gold-plated elements adds a modern touch to the watch’s original elegance and elegance—just like a classic beauty with a little urban mystery Come. The dial is made of bright mother-of-pearl, giving the watch a ‘modern’ sense of fashion and modernity-in harmony with the high-quality Swiss ETA automatic movement. Roman numerals, tapered hour and minute hands, PVD rose gold-plated bezel, and other gorgeous details embellish DS Podium Lady watches with feminine femininity everywhere – so, a timeless classic blends with modern aesthetic ideas It’s natural.

   Usually, classic design is the integration of the right elements in a precise and challenging art form. The new DS Podium Lady automatic watch is an ingenious combination of various characteristics and sharp contrasts. It combines the tried-and-tested classic tradition into a feminine watch designed for today’s era. At the same time, the Swiss-made ETA automatic movement gives it Watches are extremely precise with the times.
   The watch features a slim, fully polished 29mm 316L stainless steel case with an elegant PVD-plated bezel; two rows of the polished five-row bracelet are also PVD-plated with a two-button butterfly clasp. Flash; the same color of the bezel and link gives perfect visual coordination. Under the sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating on both sides, it is an elegant white mother-of-pearl dial. The Roman numerals and nickel-plated hands on the dial are black. Compared with each other, it is not another Visual balance. The date window at 6 o’clock is clear and easy to read. As shown by the acronym ‘DS’ at the top of the crown, the DS Podium Lady automatic watch uses CERTINA’s DS (Double Insurance) concept, so it can be said that this watch is an extraordinary fusion of timeless classic style and contemporary cutting-edge watchmaking skills . The DS Podium Lady automatic watch is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters). There are many different models to choose from.

   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Sotheby’s New York June Watch Auction Price Top 5

On June 11, 2015, Sotheby’s New York watch auction. Unusual auctions, rare and rare models, some of which have never been auctioned before. But it is surprising that a large number of wrist auctions produced from 2011 to 13 seem to easily erase the doubts of collectors and break the pre-sale valuation. The following is the top 5 of Sotheby’s New York watch auction in June this year.
No.1 Patek Philippe Ref.605: $ 982,000
   Patek Philippe, the laurel of the auction price, who will let me go! Patek Philippe has produced less than 100 such open world time pocket watches, with different case materials and dial layouts. The Patek Philippe Museum has one, and the importance of this pocket watch is obvious. Collectors certainly want the same privileges. In this way, the valuation of $ 200,000 to $ 400,000 before the auction was too conservative.
No.2 Richard Miller RM59-01 John Blake: $ 478,000
   Modern watches are rare in auctions, and there are few more modern and colorful watches than this Richard Miller RM59-01 John Blake (No. 44/50). This influential tourbillon watch was created by Richard Miller and Olympic gold medalist, Jamaican sprinter John Blake, and was released in 2013. The final transaction price was twice the pre-sale valuation, and the doubts were easily and freely erased, which is exactly the case where young independent watch brands performed best at the auction.
No.3 Patek Philippe Ref.5016: $ 418,000
   It’s Patek Philippe again! This Ref.5016 is designed with a Calatrava case, assembled from more than 500 tiny components, equipped with precious complex functions including tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar, and equipped with retrograde date hands and moon phase profit and loss display, At one time it was the most complicated watch model made by Patek Philippe. As a result, when this rare and rare Ref. 5016 rose gold watch appeared on the auction, Patek Philippe collectors sought to seize the opportunity.
No.4 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept: $ 200,000
   Manually wound tourbillon, linear minute chronograph with central second hand, other features need no further explanation. In 2013, the American hip-hop superstar Schweizer Bitz revealed that he had included one in his collection, and since then, this watch has frequently appeared on the wrists of celebrities such as Jay Z and Farrell Williams. The previous owner of this watch is unknown, and now after Thursday, it welcomes a new owner.
No.5 Piguet & Meylan ‘Barking Dog’: $ 162,500
   Maybe in the future we will often hear this name at auctions. Piguet & Meylan ‘Barking Dog’ (hand-painted color enamel hunting map) pocket watch series, designed and produced specifically for the Chinese market. Its history can be traced back to the early 19th century. Only less than 20 have been handed down to the world and are highly sought after. More attractive is that Sotheby’s believes that this is the first 39mm ‘Barking Dog’ automatic pocket watch to appear in the auction, most of which have previously been known to be 59mm in diameter. Alas, what a rare and expensive discovery.

Longqin’s Beautiful And Affordable Replica Watches

Longines can be said to be a household name. It is elegant and simple, and the price is acceptable to many people. It is easy to get the same paragraph of Peng Yuyan. But today I want to tell you about Longines’ classic replica series watches. After all, retro-style watches are also very popular in the market.

Longines classic replica series A-7 1935 air navigation watch L2.812.4.23.2

  The biggest highlight of this Longines classic replica watch is that the dial is tilted to the right by 40 °, which is easy to recognize. This design also needs to tell you stories.

  On August 20, 1927, Charles Augustus Lindbergh (also translated as: Lin Bai, a famous American pilot) flew across the Atlantic and flew from New York City to Paris in 33.5 hours. At the time, Longines was used as the official timer.

  In 1935, Longines ordered a number of A-7 air navigation watches for the US military. Later, Longines also produced A-7 air navigation watches based on this batch of military pilot watches. The diameter was relatively large (49 mm). Size), and limited to only 100.

  After the A-7 air navigation watch, Longines’s replica watch has been reduced in size, from 49 mm to 41 mm, to meet the wrist size of more people. The white polished lacquered dial restores the design of the retro watch. The honey-colored lacquered hour markers, pear-shaped hands, and track-shaped minute scale are all elements of the retro watch.

  The dial is tilted to the right by 40 °. If you naturally raise your hand (or put it on the steering wheel), the position of the crown is the same as the direction of your gaze. This design is specially set for pilots and can be used while controlling the aircraft. Watch the time.

Longines Classic Reissue Series Big Eye Pilot’s Chronograph

  Longines’ big-eye flight chronograph is based on a chronograph from the 1830s, but the specific model is not very clear. At the time, the museum held this vintage chronograph, but it was not recorded in detail. By the 1950s and 1970s, big-eye flying chronographs were very popular, and many brands had made them, as did Longines.

  The dial arrangement of Longines’ Big Eye Pilot’s Chronograph is derived from the retro model. The three dials are in the classic “three-eye” arrangement, which is named after BigEye. The design of the 30-minute counter is very special. Unlike the conventional design, it is divided into ten parts. Each part is three minutes. This design may also be aimed at pilots to help pilots make standard turns (two minutes in general). ) Or a long distance call.

  The design of the dial is also as close as possible to the prototype. Like the font of the time stamp and the chronograph hands in the shape of a teardrop at the end, they are all derived from vintage watches. The distance between the chronograph button and the case of this watch is widened, and it is also a cylindrical button design, retaining the retro style as much as possible.
Longines Classic RAF Watch

 1940s Longines Royal Air Force Watch 6B / 159Ref

  Speaking of which Longines has provided watches for many military forces, the relationship is good. The first watch above was made by Longines for the US Army. This watch has a different origin than the British Army. In the 1940s, Longines designed a Royal Air Force watch for the Royal Air Force (RAF). Later in World War II, it was also worn by the army and became the prototype of the later Longines classic series.

1940s Longines Royal Air Force Watch 6B / 159Ref

  The prototype model is relatively small, with a diameter of only 32 mm. The cream dial, black hour markers, and rail-type minute track are all more classic, but strangely, there is no luminous design.

  Rarely, this classic replica series watch is very close to the previous prototype, the diameter adjustment has become larger, from 32 mm to 38.5 mm, using the Calatrava case, this name should be familiar to everyone, this is The case design of Patek Philippe in the 1930s models. The dial looks like small ink spilled on it, creating a retro taste. There is no date display and no ‘Automatic’ logo. Try to retain the design of the retro watch.

  The watches of the Longines Classic Reproduction Series are as much as possible to restore the original shape. From the design and every detail, I think they have done a good job, at least the visual effects are still there, like last year’s Basel Classic Reproduction The legendary diver’s watch is also pretty good. Many people like vintage watches, isn’t it just for the taste that emanates from those years?

Summary: When selecting a watch, Longines is the choice of many people. In my opinion, the classic replica series watches have stories with connotations, more features and better looks, and the price is actually controlled at 10,000 to 2 Between 10,000, it is better for many cousins ​​with limited budget to start.

Introduction To The Delightful Cartier Turtle Watch

After more than 160 years of development, Cartier has always led the trend of history, and is constantly committed to combining art and craftsmanship, and has achieved countless classic masterpieces. The Cartier d & rsquo; Art collection of fine watches is the best proof. For more than a decade, these unique and extraordinary high-end watches have shown rare and even forgotten technical craftsmanship to the eyes of the world, not only breathe life into it, but also make it spread forever.
 The 6 new products launched by Cartier this year, with dreamy animal patterns, once again show the courage and determination to dare to break through tradition and transcend time. Cartier integrates noble and elegant traditional arts and crafts into the contemporary world, and reinterprets gems, enamels, reliefs and fine wood inlays, thus creating a new era.
 Whether in Cartier’s workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds or in a secret studio that is still unknown, Cartier d & rsquo; Art series watches come from the hands of extraordinary master craftsmen. These works stand out, reflecting the passion of art masters for art, witnessing their courage to surpass their limits and meeting challenges, every minute detail is exquisite.
 Time is no longer the protagonist, and craftsmanship is crucial: openwork carving; gold-lined enamel; gem-set mosaic patterns; overlapping enamels; precious wood inlays & hellip; & hellip; The beautiful poems are refreshing.
 Cartier watch, 42 mm, 18K rose gold, diamonds, turtle motif
Case: 18K rose gold, set with 68 round diamonds, total diamond weight 1.39 carats
Dial: 18K rose gold, gem mosaic mosaic turtle pattern
Crown: 18K rose K gold bead-shaped crown set with a diamond
Strap: Semi-matte black alligator leather
Buckle: 18K rose gold adjustable folding buckle
Water resistance: 30 m / 100 ft / 3 bar
Movement: Cartier workshop refined 9601 MC manual winding mechanical movement
Numbered Limited Sale: 10

 & ldquo; Mosa que & rdquo; (& ldquo; mosaic & rdquo; mosaic technique) was born in Rome in the first century BC, but its true origin can be traced back to Sicily in the third century BC, where the earliest history of glass Pattern inlaid with small marble cubes. At the time, this process of using cut glass and marble cubes instead of pebbles as an inlay material was an innovation. Mosaic mosaic technology has continued to evolve and develop, and there has been a miniature mosaic mosaic technology, which is particularly popular in Italy at the end of the 18th century. This ancient technique, which has been passed down for thousands of years, was originally only used in large decoration such as walls, murals, ceilings and floors. Today, it crosses the field of expression and miniaturizes it for use in watchmaking.

Gem-studded turtle pattern
 This is a veritable masterpiece of art, showing the master craftsmanship and perfect craftsmanship, condensing his passion and ingenuity, is the most refined and carefully produced.
 First, pick the gems. There are many types of gemstones, including onyx, tiger’s eye, eagle eye, yellow petite, carnelian, yellow jasper, palm jasper, Kalahari jasper, yellow agate, mossy agate, coral and mother-of-pearl. Then, the gem setting technician polished and cut the warm-toned natural stones that were screened into small squares with a side length of 0.75 mm and a thickness of 0.4 mm.
 Then, the gem squares are set one by one in a predetermined order. First outline each tortoise shell and tortoise with black gems, and then inlay gems of other colors layer by layer to make the color layer richer and the shape more prominent. The entire turtle pattern is inlaid with 1,167 gems. All gems are pasted on the dial and then consolidated to ensure a uniform and smooth surface. It is this extremely precise and delicate processing method and meticulous creative attitude that have made this classic. Gem setting alone requires more than 60 man-hours. The intricate inlaying process makes the turtle made of gemstones on the dial vivid and attractive.
 Master of craftsman polished natural gemstones into slices with a thickness of 0.4 mm

 Polished and cut colored natural gem flakes
 Place 1167 small gem squares on the pattern one by one
 A master craftsman who is good at using color, skillfully combines various warm-toned gemstones to form a beautiful pattern

 Black onyx outlines the tortoise shell to highlight details