Month: October 2014

Elegant Lady’s Selection Tasting Breguet Queen Of Naples 8928 Mini Watch

In 1810, Mr. Abraham-Louis Breguet commissioned Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples, to elaborately create the world’s first watch, a traditional watch for ladies The case imparts elegance and sets a precedent for making watches. In modern times, the Queen of Naples has become an independent collection of Breguet ladies watches. Each of these models combines master craftsmanship, elegance and precious materials, and integrates art, jewelry and high-quality materials into the foundation of elegant aesthetics. The complexity of the tables is impressive. At the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Breguet launched the Queen of Naples series 8928 mini watch inspired by the first Queen of Naples female watch. The goose-shaped case, sparkling diamonds and outstanding design continue to create the best wrist watch for modern ladies. Today, I will introduce the 18K white gold diamonds, below. Let’s take a look together: (Watch model: 8928BB / 5W / 844DD0D)

A selection of elegant ladies

 This time, Breguet’s Queen of Naples series launched a total of six new women’s watches at the watch exhibition. The new mini watch measures 33×24.95 mm and is exquisite and delicate, following the design essence of the Queen of Naples series. The classic and beautiful mother-of-pearl dial is equipped with an eccentric graduated ring above the 6 o’clock. It is matched with the large Breguet Arabic numerals. It is unique and echoes the unique case shape. While offering a wealth of choices for elegant ladies, don’t forget to retain the classic and special design elements to add elegance to the wearer’s wrist.

Breguet Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch in 18K white gold with diamonds

 On the side of the watch, you can clearly appreciate the Breguet watch’s unique design coin pattern, which adds a sense of design to the overall viewing. The watch case is made of high-cold 18K white gold, which is high-cold and elegant. With the bezel and the dial’s extended diamonds, it presents a unique and superb viewing experience. Due to the eccentric design, the position of the crown has also changed, at the 4 o’clock position of the watch. Designed with a non-slip texture, it is also set with a brilliant pear-shaped diamond, which is integrated into the watch. Presents the classic aesthetic elements of the Queen of Naples collection.

 The dial is made of mother-of-pearl material, presenting a moist and full visual enjoyment like jade. The eccentric disc is located above the 6 o’clock of the watch. The avant-garde and eye-catching 12 Arabic numerals not only facilitate the viewing time, but also bring a unique viewing experience, which is refreshing. In the middle, the Breguet blue-steel hour and minute two-hand design, together with the eccentric scale ring, shows the brand’s brand recognition of this watch, which has a unique charm.

 A separate number is above the center of the scale ring, adding the brand’s exclusive charm to this elegant and bright watch.

 Back-through technology design, through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, you can appreciate the precision operation and exquisite finishing of the movement. Equipped with a 586/1 self-winding movement, equipped with a silicon hairspring, which can effectively prevent the magnetic field from interfering with the watch, making the travel time more accurate. 21,600 vibrations / hour (3 Hz). Provides a power reserve of up to 38 hours.

 Comes with a black satin strap with 18K white gold folding buckle set with 26 brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 0.12 carats). In keeping with the dial design, the buckle is engraved with the Breguet LOGO logo, allowing the wearer to watch the brand’s exclusive style when taking off or wearing the watch.

Breguet Queen of Naples 8928 mini watch in 18K white gold with diamonds
Summary: Today, the significance of women’s wristwatches is no longer purely decorative objects on the wrist. They are often regarded as an indispensable part of style and taste. Choosing an elegant and temperament watch is essential for modern urban ladies. This Breguet Queen of Naples series 8928 mini watch is a good timepiece on the wrist. It inherits many classic designs from the series and perfectly combines high-cold 18K white gold with diamonds to create a modern and elegant lady’s choice.