Month: November 2014

Legend Of The Past Fifty Years Tag Heuer Monaco Series’ Previous Life And Present Life

Each piece of history is like a mirror, which can not only see the ancient marks from it, but also reflect the shadow of the future. Tag Heuer has more than 100 years of history so far, too many intriguing stories have occurred during this period, today the editor will take everyone to trace the past and present of Monaco watches, and relive those classic timepieces.

  In the 1960s, it can be said that it was an era of great social change. Many influential products were basically qualitative in that era, and motorsport also rose on a large scale at that time, so it was very important for accurate timing. The demand for high standards, and few brands in the watchmaking industry at the time could fulfill this demand, but many watchmakers are working in this direction. The Tag Heuer Monaco series was born under such a large historical background. Its emergence is a precedent for the watch industry and a leader in the racing, sports and film industries.

   Speaking of which, we have to insert a brief history of the development of the Tag Heuer brand. We all know that in 1860, the Tag Heuer brand was founded in the Jura Valley in western Switzerland. Until 1985, it was TAG Group (the main industry is high-tech manufacturing F1 racing cars). Before the acquisition, TAG Heuer used the founder’s last name Heuer as the brand name, and later changed it to TAG Heuer. At the beginning of the brand’s creation, Tag Heuer has always focused on the development and design of chronographs. Later, many timepieces have fully proved the brand’s success in this field. The history of TAG Heuer’s oldest chronograph dates back to 1882, beginning with the application for the patent for the first mechanical stopwatch. Until 1916, the first stopwatch accurate to 1 / 100th of a second was born and opened the system. The most proud page in watch history. In the following 1930, Monza, which was first introduced, became the most representative classic style of TAG Heuer with its unique case shape; in 1933, TAG Heuer released the first in the world. The chronograph Autavia, mounted on the racing dashboard, allows racers to easily read the race time. At that time, TAG Heuer also cooperated with Hamilton and Breitling to develop a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement with the Zenith brand. Eventually, the two major movements of the Calibre 11 and Zenith Primero were born. Perhaps everything is a chance. The advent of Calibre 11 has led to the development of a new watch. On March 3, 1969, the Tag Heuer Monaco series was released at the same time in Geneva and New York, which shocked the entire watchmaking industry. The movement is the Calibre 11 self-winding mechanical movement. Since then, Monaco watches have launched a revolutionary new journey for the TAG Heuer brand.

Monaco’s first 1969 watch

  The design of the Tag Heuer Monaco watch caused a lot of sensation at the time. The bold square case with fire red chronograph hands, metal blue dial, arched crystal glass, broke the tradition of watch design aesthetics. law. The watch is equipped with TAG Heuer’s famous self-winding Chronomatic Calibre 11 movement, which is the first self-winding automatic chronograph movement equipped with a miniature pendulum. The watch also uses the world’s first square watch waterproof technology. Since then, Monaco’s iconic square dial has become synonymous with Tag Heuer’s innovative aesthetics.

   In the famous racing movie Le Mans, Steve﹒ Steve McQueen, wearing a Tag Heuer Monaco blue disc watch, appeared in the pit of a Porsche 917 Gulf race car, and thus attracted the attention of the entire racing community. Steve Falcon It is no coincidence that Steve McQueen wore this watch in the film. The root cause is the source friend and the legendary Swiss racing legend Jo Siffert. In 1969, Seefeld became the first A rider sponsored by a watch brand. In 1971, Steve Falcon McQueen was preparing to pay tribute to the world’s most famous endurance race with a movie, so he asked for the features of Seefer, so he got a white racing suit he presented to him. The right chest was decorated with the classic ‘Chronograph HEUER’ ‘, But when choosing a Tag Heuer watch, McQueen listened to his own voice, and just launched the watch in Monaco, gave Steve﹒ McQueen was so impressed that he insisted on wearing this square Monaco watch with a blue dial in the film. Since then, Monaco has become the chronograph of choice for the racing and fashion industry. At present, only a few prototypes of this prototype are in existence, and are held by well-known collectors.

  From its inception in 1969 until its discontinuation in the mid-1970s, Monaco has been one of the most popular models in the circle of racing watch fans, perhaps because the watches are so popular that Tag Heuer has successively been in these short years. Calibre 11, 12, 15, Valjoux 7736, 7740 and other movements have been used in Monaco, resulting in too many models. Until 1998, the original Monaco watch was re-interpreted. On the basis of maintaining the original shape, the ultra-thin new movement with automatic winding was re-released in the form of a special limited edition, limited to 5000 pieces. This iconic wrist Watches become a new collection of racing racers.
  In 2003, the Monaco watch was redesigned with a steel bracelet with seven rows of square links, echoing the bold aesthetics of the case. This makes the watch once again a treasure sought after by racing fans and collectors. It has also become a huge highlight of the year, making the entire watchmaking industry sensation and being highly sought after by high-end custom brands and Hollywood stars.

   The square Monaco has always insisted on innovative design. At the Baselworld 2004, Monaco V4 debuted. This watch was developed with the help of master Philippe Dufour. The watch subverts the basic principles of watchmaking, using transmission belts and ball bearings instead of traditional gears and pinions. The name ‘V4′ is derived from the four barrels of this movement, forming a V shape, like the cylinders in a racing supercharged engine. The name also pays tribute to the inspiration of this movement. Although the V4 is derived from the latest concept of industrial design, the real source, like the original Monaco, lies in the world of high-tech and high-performance racing engines. The appearance of this watch represents a breakthrough in technology by Tag Heuer, and has really activated the intrinsic value of this legendary watch from Monaco.

40th Anniversary of Monaco
  In 2009, just 40 years after the birth of the Monaco series, in order to commemorate this historical moment, TAG Heuer launched a Monaco classic replica watch, limited to 1,000 pieces, with the exclusive signature of Jack Heuer on the back, which etched Tiger. TAG Heuer Ambassador Steve 品牌McQueen. This watch is equipped with a Calibre 11 self-winding chronograph movement (improving 17 gems to 55). Other classic features include buttons at 2 and 4 o’clock, crown at 9 o’clock, 9 o’clock Clock and timer at 3 o’clock, hand-set date window at 6 o’clock, and horizontal hour scale with diamonds at the top.

Monaco calendar watch
   In the same year, TAG Heuer also introduced another large calendar watch. This watch includes a black, blue and silver dial version, a polished stainless steel case, a large date movement, and a small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. Everything is contained under the arched sapphire glass surface. With an elegant alligator strap and architecturally clean lines, inspired by the Monaco V4 case, this watch is extremely modern.

Monaco 24 watch
   TAG Heuer has always been innovative on the road of watchmaking. This unique 24-concept chronograph is inspired by the 24-hour endurance race in Le Mans, France, and combines top-level manufacturing and design. At 12 o’clock, the watch dial is engraved with the extra large number ’24’ representing the 24-hour endurance race. The watch has a unique tubular design and advanced anti-shock protection accessories. It adopts an oversized 40.5mm size, and a double-layer transparent dial. The PVD-coated case of the watch, seen from the dial, the Heuer 36 movement equipped with the watch seems to be suspended in the black case.

Monaco 44th Anniversary Classic Chronograph
   At the 44th year of Monaco’s birth, Tag Heuer specially launched a classic chronograph version, equipped with Calibre 12 automatic winding movement, adding sapphire crystal glass surface and case back. At the same time, the watch’s outstanding features also include a dark blue crocodile Leather strap with elegant blue dial with red hands. This watch is once again the most classic chronograph series in the history of the brand.

2015 Monaco Reissue Watch

   At the Basel 2015, we again saw a brand new replica. This watch is inspired by the prototype, but from the picture, it looks more like a special edition of the 40th anniversary of 2009 Classic limited edition. The new watch is equipped with Calibre 11 movement, the dial layout basically continues the design of the prototype watch.

  Eleven years after the release of the first Monaco V4, a new model was re-launched at Baselworld this year. Its avant-garde and bright design looks exceptional. The new features of the 2015 model are a case made of CMC (carbon-based composite material) and 7 bridge plates in a movement also made of CMC. In the production process, the ‘oriented carbon’ technology is specially used, that is, the carbon fibers are placed in a certain direction in the mold, and then micro-blasted to give them an even and elegant ‘matte black vertical matte’ appearance. The entire dial is presented in dark gray and black tones. Only a jewel bearing can show a touch of red. The hands are multi-faceted and satin-finished, with titanium carbide coating and black-gray SuperLuminova ™ luminous material.

Summary: The TAG Heuer Monaco watch has a style that can be discerned at a glance. It perfectly integrates aesthetics, technology and function into the design of the watch. It has been in the history of nearly half a century, and its attention has never been reduced. . Looking back at the development history of Monaco, it is more like a wonderful movie. It records the moving moments on the track from the beginning to the end. There are classics, innovations, surprises and touches. On the way to the future, the Monaco series will be born more. Great timepieces that we own and enjoy.