Month: February 2015

Rado Is A Model Of Swiss Watch Precision Watchmaking Process Rado Swiss Master Diamaster Series Of Small Seconds Automatic Mechanical Chronometer Watch

(Linuo, Switzerland-September 2018) Pioneering watch brand RADO is famous for its extraordinary high-tech materials and leads the use of innovative materials in the watchmaking industry. Plasma high-tech ceramics are one of the first innovative materials used by RADO. This technology is known as modern alchemy. Relying on the application of plasma carburizing process, RADO Swiss radar watch has created a high-tech ceramic with a metallic luster and high wear resistance without adding metal elements. This ceramic material is not afraid of the test of time. Can maintain excellent gloss for a long time.

RADO Swiss Master DiaMaster Series Small Seconds Automatic Mechanical Observatory Watch
Left: white, right: blue

   The newly launched RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of small seconds automatic mechanical astronomical watches in 2018 uses the brand’s signature material of plasma high-tech ceramics. In addition, RADO creatively combines sturdy and wear-resistant plasma high-tech ceramics with elastic silicon. It is well known that silicon is known for its high elasticity. The new RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster series of small seconds automatic mechanical astronomical watches, because of the use of this natural, light and wear-resistant new material to create the watch’s core part spring, greatly enhance the accuracy of the watch, help this The watch has been certified by the authoritative Swiss Official Observatory (COSC).

RADO Swiss Master DiaMaster Series Small Seconds Automatic Mechanical Observatory Watch

   In order to obtain the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) certification, the maximum daily error value of the watch can only be between -4 / + 6 seconds. This extremely demanding technical process, only about 6% of Swiss watches can win this award. The silicon balance spring used in the new RADO DiaMaster DiaMaster small seconds automatic mechanical astronomical watch means that the watch’s automatic mechanical movement is more resistant to collisions and can maintain higher accuracy. This excellent anti-interference performance is very suitable for daily wear.

   The classic appearance of RADO’s new DiaMaster small seconds chronometer watch is also remarkable. The classic 43mm case complements the simple, easy-to-read, large open face dial. The gold detailing and soft crocodile leather strap make this an extraordinary timepiece that watch lovers have been waiting for.

Breitling Super Ocean M2000 Chronograph Black Steel Limited Edition

The Breitling Super Ocean M2000 Chronograph is the world’s only king of deep diving chronographs that can accurately time under the extreme depth of 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) without any impact on water resistance and functionality. Now, this super deep diving series has added a new member-a limited edition masterpiece that is pure black and cool, and perfectly reflects its extraordinary performance with a strong and dynamic technical appearance.
   Breitling is not only proud of its achievements in the air, but is also committed to becoming the best partner for professional divers. It uses superior wrist instruments to conquer its deep ocean. Strong proof. The wearer can use the magnetic button to perform timing operation through the inner metal of the case, which makes it the only one in the world that can effectively waterproof under amazing 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) and ensure that all functions work perfectly. Chronograph watch, there is no need to worry about the case of water damage under strong pressure.
   In addition to the existing polished steel models, the Breitling Super Ocean M2000 Chronograph brings us 250 new limited edition masterpieces. The surface of the black steel case is satin-brushed and is treated with high-intensity carbonization, showing a firm and cool style. The dial design complements it, with large Arabic numerals and oversized hands coated with a luminous coating to ensure optimal readability and clarity. The unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating bezel is covered with black die-cut rubber, which is non-slip and easy to control. The sturdy black steel case is equipped with a safety pressure relief valve that automatically releases helium. The anti-glare sapphire mirror has a thickness of 4 mm, ensuring the watch is safe and reliable. The Breitling Super Ocean M2000 Black Steel Chronograph is equipped with the SuperQuartzTM quartz movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), which is ten times more accurate than the standard quartz movement. Even if you are in the dark and boundless deep ocean, it is difficult to hide the king’s light.