Month: June 2015

Celsius X-vi-ii Watch Phone Ledix Origine- Monopoly In Harrods Harrods

Celsius X VI II was founded in 2006 and is located in Paris, France. It is considered a pioneer and leader in the field of high-end communications. When communication began to integrate into the daily life of ordinary people and mobile phones began to spread, Celsius X VI II worked hard to integrate high-end watches into mobile technology, create artworks that can bring emotion to communication, and redefine the concept of communication.
Celsius X VI II’s LeDIX watch phone debuted at the Basel World Fair in March and is now exclusively displayed at the Precious Jewellery and Watches counter on the first floor of the Haros Department Store.

The streamlined design of the LeDIX watch phone is just like a sports car. It conforms to the aerodynamic principle and is composed of polished grade 5 titanium, reflecting the ultimate of contemporary beauty. Developed under the technical supervision of Celsius X VI II, the luxurious mechanical movement has everything required by the most demanding connoisseurs: a flyback tourbillon with a special shock absorber function, but more off-center than other existing models ; The design focus is on transparency; and the watch is delicately polished and decorated. In addition, the choice of the movement position makes the watch’s visibility very high, and elegant and generous, without losing its solemnity.

All parts of this revolutionary watch are homemade: Celsius X VI II invented and designed the hands-free parts, base points and gift boxes held by tie clips. They are all made of good materials and equipped with the most advanced mechanical parts, reflecting the brand’s basic philosophy. For example, some leather things such as holster-type mobile phone cases are hand-stitched from high-quality leather, which shows its excellence quality.
Source: Celsius X VI II EMEA
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