Month: January 2016

Glasutti Proudly Recalls The Inseparable Partnership With The Berlin International Film Festival

The Glashütte Manufacturer proudly recalls its successful partnership with the Berlin International Film Festival and reaffirms its commitment to cooperate until 2016.
In the just-concluded 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, more than 400 films from 70 countries and regions participated in the screening, of which 24 films were shortlisted in the competition and 19 participated in the ‘Bear’ contest. Hong Kong-based director Wang Jiawei was invited to chair the 63rd Berlin Film Festival Jury, and his ‘Grand Master’ became the opening film of the 63rd Berlin Film Festival.

Glashütte Lounge

With the successful conclusion of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival on February 17, 2013, Glashütte has proudly recalled in this important and successful 10 days. As in previous years, the Glashütte Lounge on the 24th floor of the Kelhof Building in Potsdamer Platz is a popular meeting place for actors, directors, producers and journalists from all over the world; The lounges meet and talk about filmmaking, interviews and interviews.
Glashütte’s guests this year include Tir Schweig and Shia LaBeouf and their crew. Before the film ‘Charlie’s Death’ premiered, they gathered in the lounge to warm up. In addition, in the lounge are the famous German actress Susanne Van Posodi and her colleagues in the movie ‘Dead Space’, as well as former vocalist Michael Staple of REM. The Babelsburg Film Studios and the Film Museum also take this opportunity to welcome their guests in style to the Glashütte Lounge with its luxurious atmosphere.

Made in Germany-Perspectives Partnership

At the opening ceremony of the ‘German Film Unit’ section of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival, Jan Spicenbach ‘improved the’ Sound of Stone ‘because of his impressive treatment of’ Made in Germany-Perspective Partnership ‘ The second edition was awarded the title of this year’s competition. The prize is worth 15,000 Euros and is funded by the Saxon Watchmaking Factory to support emerging German directors while developing their own projects in the future.

The selection of works is once again performed by a jury composed of well-known actors in the industry: the three members of the jury are Hans Smith, an actor and director, and Nicole Yate, also an actor and director. Krepitz and documentary and filmmaker Haynor Descott.
There are 12 projects submitted for this competition, and these projects were written by the participants of the ‘German Film Unit’ in previous years. The jury chose Jan Spikenbach’s project—the treatment of the movie Musical, which was taken in Berlin after World War II. The winner receives a prize and a trophy from a Glashütte watchmaker; the trophy was designed and produced by a young watch apprentice at a watchmaking school under the German watch factory; it symbolizes both filmmaking and watchmaking Symbiotic relationship between arts.

Made in Germany-film dialogue

Further activities include a series of follow-up discussions entitled ‘Made in Germany-Film Dialogue’, which were held in two sessions with the ‘German Film Unit’ of Glashütte and the Berlin Film Festival. More than 100 participants took the opportunity to participate in discussions and talk to filmmakers and industry experts.

Continue partnership until 2016
Glashütte has been a partner of the Berlin International Film Festival since the 61st Berlin International Film Festival in 2011. As a successor to more than 165 years of tradition, the Saxon Watchmaking Factory will continue to actively support the art of filmmaking and Berlin’s largest cultural event. On the basis of successful cooperation and the active response of all relevant parties, Glashütte’s partnership with the Berlin Film Festival will be further extended for 3 years to 2016.

Conquering All Noble Temperaments

Over the years, Breguet has been welcoming all kinds of challenges with passion, perfectly integrating the elements of historical heritage with modern style. The watch industry is immersed in fresh blood. When this Breguet heritage watch was displayed in front of us, the royal atmosphere of the noble came on, as if everything was to be conquered by it. Official model: 5400BB / 12 / 9V6


  Throughout historical scrolls, what Breguet has created is not only a glorious history of timepieces, but also goes far beyond this category. It records the perfect model of mankind, the spirit of breakthrough and innovation, and has become synonymous with excellent watchmaking.

  Breguet does not necessarily need to be identified with a traditional round case. This watch fully shows that even with a barrel-shaped case, Breguet can still release the charm of the brand.

  The exaggerated ancient Roman numerals on the dial highlight men’s domineering, and the blue fish-eye pointer reveals classic beauty. Rigid and soft, presumably the man who wears this section must also be a temperament gentleman. Unlike ordinary heavy metals, it is not comparable to artificial decoration, but has two different moods.

  The timekeeping function of this watch is clear at a glance. The 30-minute and 12-hour timekeeping are located at three o’clock and nine o’clock, respectively, and the small seconds dial is located at six o’clock. From the subtleties, you can find that the dial is carved with exquisite threads, which reflects the pursuit of refinement and dignity of Breguet’s works. This dedication and innovation to watch design is also the secret of Breguet’s enduring years.

  The crown is in line with Breguet’s usual characteristics and uses a LOGO design. The small buttons on the top are the start and end of the timing, and the buttons on the bottom are the zero return. The division of the three crowns is clear, which is convenient and flexible to use.

  From the side, 18K rose gold case is carved with delicate coin patterns on both sides, which shows the noble temperament of the noble. The decoration of this pattern is also a major feature of Breguet.

  The perfectly curved shape of the case brings out the delicate beauty of the lugs. The streamlined design and straight lugs are also one of the characteristics of Breguet watchmaking.

  A brown alligator strap with a folding clasp. When the clasp is closed on the wrist, the classic Breguet logo will appear, allowing the wearer to always feel the special identity given to you by the brand.

  This chronograph, equipped with an automatic movement, also has a small second hand and date display function, which embodies the watch’s functions.

  Summary: Since its inception in 1775, Baodi has been sought after by European royal nobles at that time. It still has the noble blood and temperament, and this high-end fashion connotation is still highly respected in contemporary society. This watch recommended by the watch house for you is dignified and exquisite. Even if the appearance is simple and low-key, it still cannot hide its domineering and conquering sense. Official model: 5400BB / 12 / 9V6; Reference price: about 352,800 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
More watch details: breguet / 29285 /

Jacques Dro Meets You On The Tanabata And Witnesses The Eternal Love

Accompanied by the midsummer cicadas, the Qixi Festival comes as promised. Every year, the Tanabata Festival continues to write about the beautiful romantic time that belongs to lovers. As the most romantic festival in Chinese traditional festivals, the Qixi Festival carries everyone’s blessings and longing for a perfect love. It tells us that while pursuing happiness sincerely, it is equally important to believe that happiness is worth waiting for.
  What kind of gift is enough to carry a strong love and record a sweet time on the occasion of this romantic holiday? Time proves love, and an exquisite watch not only records the sweet time, but also a token for lovers. Jacques de Lo is well aware of the deep affection between couples. For the Chinese Valentine’s Day, select beautiful timepieces for everyone and work together to measure the time they love.
  Qixi Festival · Flower Rhyme
  Companionship is the longest confession, and keeping together is the most touching promise. Hold the hand, and the old man, we will go hand in hand through each cycle of annual rings. After a few years, if we can still make each other heartbeat occasionally, why not pick a flower to reward our two tried and tested love.
  Jacques de Roche antique ‘rose’ pocket watch

  Rose has always been the best testimony of love, so in 1780 Pierre Jacques Dro customized this ‘rose’ pocket watch for the Chinese market in Geneva. Beautiful and precious 18K gold enamel pocket watch, set with pearls, equipped with a central second hand, bezel set with pearls, decorated with white and blue rhombus grate enamel patterns, and decorated with gold foil, and the enamel bottom screen is decorated with blue The color is translucent filigree enamel decoration, and the beauty of the rose is meticulously carved. When you see the watch, it seems that you have smelled the sweet fragrance of roses.
  Jacques de Rouge Elegant 8-Flower (Lady 8 Flower) watch

  The lotus symbolizes Ning He Jing Yuan and elegant poetry, and is regarded as a sacred and pure flower in Asian culture. This is also a true portrayal of women’s longing for love. The elegant 8-flower rhyme watch brings lotus into the square inch of the watch, and is equipped with breathtaking automatic doll scene-a lotus flower that will bloom slowly.

Elegant 8-LADY 8 FLOWERJ032003200

  This elegant 8-flower LADY 8 FLOWERJ032003200 features a guilloché dial in 18K red gold decorated with 18K red gold hand-carved and micro-painted three-dimensional butterflies, covered with Grand Feu enamel . The 18K red gold case is set with 114 diamonds (1.43 carats), equipped with a ‘Flower Bloom’ automatic doll movement and 18K red gold hand-carved petals, hand-coated with enamel and a drop-shaped diamond that can be rotated in both directions. The power reserve has a diameter of 35 mm for 38 hours and is limited to 28 pieces. The market reference price is RMB 1,346,000.

Elegant 8-Flower Rhyme, LADY 8 FLOWERJ032004220
  This Jacques de LADY 8 FLOWERJ032004220 is equipped with a diamond-set 18K white gold dial, 18K white gold three-dimensional butterfly, sapphire, 18K white gold case with diamonds, and a ‘flower bloom’ automatic doll movement. 18K white gold hand-carved petals, hand-coated with enamel. A drop-shaped diamond that rotates in both directions. Total number of stones: 148 baguette-cut diamonds, 383 brilliant-cut diamonds and 54 sapphires. Total weight: 6.27 carats. , Power reserve 38 hours, diameter 35 mm, limited edition 8 pieces, market reference price: RMB 2,243,000

  The two watches combine all of Jakodro’s exquisite craftsmanship, and the two rings overlap to form Jakodro’s signature number 8. A hand-painted enamel-spreading butterfly is displayed on the lower ring, and a lotus flower is displayed on the upper ring. Each petal is carefully carved to give the petals a perfect satin effect on the back, or they are covered with enamel one by one.
  The beauty of the entire watch is that the craftsmen of La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop are even more committed to making this lotus into an exquisite scene. Just press the button and the lotus will slowly bloom, revealing the diamond flower heart. With this timepiece, Jacques Dro has also achieved a new technological innovation: the watch mechanism and the Lotus doll device are simultaneously embedded in a 35 mm diameter case of the same size and ensure that the two do not interfere with each other. The case is also exquisitely crafted, regardless of size selection or inlaid embellishment, each watch’s brilliant-cut or baguette-cut diamonds are meticulous.
  Tanabata, Butterfly Love
  Huaying is lonely, and butterfly soul is lonely, only because of the butterfly love flower, has the accompanying attachment. Butterflies love flowers and flowers think about butterflies. They danced together in this past and present, holding hands for a while.
  Jacques Dro Love Butterfly Watch
  The dial of Jaquet Droz’s Love Butterfly watch is painted with such a moving picture. The angel rides on the butterfly-drawn love car and drives forward to find the flower in his mind !! The little angel among them is the famous god of love-Cupid.

The Loving ButterflyJ005031200
  This Loving Butterfly J005031200 adopts the ivory white ‘Grand Feu’ large open flame enamel dial, eccentric hour and minute display, the case is an 18K yellow gold case, and it is equipped with an automatic winding movement. The power reserve is 68 hours 43 mm in diameter. This watch is limited to 28 pieces, the market reference price: RMB 287,500
  The Loving Butterfly is not only a journey of searching for love, but also expresses the visionary values ​​of the brand’s founders: scientific precision, a spirit of exploration, a passion for nature, and a love for culture. These are all presented by the rich and clear big fire flame enamel. The Love Butterfly Watch is the brand’s first gold case watch. It pays tribute to the brand’s history while also embodies the preciousness of love. It not only continues the legend of Jacques Dro, but also evolves every second of time into an eternal witness to love. .