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2013 Audemars Piguet Hosts Grand Golf Invitational Tournament

On June 17, 2013, guests from twelve different countries participated in the 2013 Golf Invitational Tournament sponsored by the Audemars Piguet brand.

 Champions captain Morgan Presser and Graeme McDowell

 Before the event, the CEO of Audemars Piguet François-Henry Bennahmias introduced the nine outstanding professional athletes who participated in this competition. Of course, this aspect is to reflect the friendly relationship between the brand and them. The aspect is also looking forward to their excellent performance in this game. There will always be wins and losses in the game. The team led by Morgan Pressel and Graeme McDowell won the game with a good score of 181 points.

 Bud Cauley

 Cristie Kerr & AP VIP client

 Cristie Kerr

 All the guests attending the event were completely intoxicated by the joy that golf brings to everyone. In the brand’s view, this is not only a contest of golf skills, but also a communication of the spirit of the watchmaking industry in sports. You must first master the rules of the game.

Dior’s New Dior Viii Montaigne Watch

‘8’: The magic number of Christian Dior reminds people of the day when Dior Couture House opened on October 8, 1946, the address of Mr. Dior on Montaigne Avenue in the 8th district of Paris, his first A clothing line name-‘En Huit (English In Eight)’. Therefore, when we named Dior’s first ceramic watch, in addition to the last name of the brand founder Mr. Dior, it was absolutely natural to name it with this simple and obvious main feature: ‘VIII (8)’ Yes. Dior VIII also tied all Dior passwords to the wrist. The geometric lines of the building and Bar Suit, exquisite and light multi-style, day and night praise, create a sophisticated woman’s elegant and stylish soul.

 In 2014, Dior not only hoped to pay tribute to the brand’s historic Montaigne site and Parisian luxury with the new Dior VIII Montaigne series, but also hoped to use it to further expand inspiration and use the color of stainless steel (stainless steel). , Faithfully return to the basic colors in the Christian Dior palette. The symbolic color of the 18th century in France, gray, was highly praised by Christian Dior, a master of womenswear design. (He wrote in the Little Dictionary of Fashion, published in 1954: ‘This is the most elegant neutral color . ‘) In his hands, the grey turned into the legendary’ Dior Grey ‘, worn on elegant women, and also displayed on the walls of the Dior boutique.

‘Almost everything is related to gray, and it is definitely the best color match.’-Christian Dior

DIOR VIII MONTAIGNE stainless steel watch

 The Dior VIII Montaigne series combines the ‘sweetest color’ in Mr. Dior’s mouth with pink steel, which is a color that reminds him of his childhood hometown of Granville, Normandy, and his favorite. Flower color. Whether it is the pink gold on the seconds, hour, bezel, strap or case, or the pink on the delicate translucent lacquer dial, or the ‘Plissé Soleil’ watch in the Grand Bal watch collection The bold pink on the galvanized steel dial reflects the soul of the brand. And Mr. Dior’s ‘one of the most beautiful colors’-light blue, also appeared in this new model.


 The Dior VIII watch series has always been based on the charming characteristics of women, and this time the new Dior VIII Montaigne is more subtle and delicate. The more elaborate lugs, the lower case, and the softer angled pyramid on the strap are all low-key and restrained, once again realizing the fashion spirit of this classic watch. Dior VIII Montaigne can play perfect day and night. partner. Among the Dior VIII Montaigne’s Grand Bal models, the dial and functional inverted automatic dial are made of K gold, mother-of-pearl and diamonds, reminiscent of a fan-shaped pleated skirt with dazzling haute couture uniforms and swinging back and forth.

Dior VIII Monataigne with mother-of-pearl face plate

 The Dior VIII Montaigne collection showcases clothing lines and brand fashion elements from the back to the dial, from the bezel to the strap. The classic and modern appearance of the Dior VIII Montaigne series, which captures the essence of the brand and the password, plays the new watch path changes, and truly presents the soul of Paris. The Dior VIII Montaigne series, full of elegant femininity, allows women to easily change from metal shiny straps to soft crocodile leather straps like daily changing clothes. The Dior VIII Montaigne watch series, which is a watch during the day, and a jewellery at night, makes every moment wonderful.

DIOR VIII MONTAIGNE stainless steel watch

Jacques Jaeger-lecoultre Perpetual Calendar Eight Days Power Reserve Skeleton Master Watch

The highly acclaimed Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory has launched the new Master Grande Tradition à Quantième Perpétuel 8 Days SQ, a superb traditional perpetual calendar eight-day power reserve skeleton master series watch, once again showing its rich and exquisite craftsmanship. The new model draws inspiration from the superbly sophisticated antique pocket watches from 1928. Eighty-six years later, the master of hollowwork and enamel crafted a masterpiece of contemporary fine watchmaking with his dexterous hands, limited to 200 pieces.

Engraving and hollowing out
Masters of engraving and hollowing out craftsmanship focus on meeting a brand new technical and technological challenge. Engraving master Dominique Vuez explained: ‘It is true that it requires superb craftsmanship to remove as much of the ‘excess’ as possible without affecting the quality of the movement.’ Engraving masters have their own know-how. ‘For customers, it is better to see more details. However, when we hollow out a mechanical movement, we must ensure that its solidity and reliability are not affected.’ The designer of the mechanical movement requested the relevant documents and then judged which parts could be drilled and which parts of the parts could be removed. With the assistance of the watchmakers in the complication watch workshop, he elaborated on every minute detail on sketches and designs. Of course, he also has many years of accumulated experience, and inherited the tradition of the watch factory’s predecessors, using similar processes to complete various intricate hollowing processes.

In addition to showing the highest level of craftsmanship, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition à Quantième Perpétuel 8 Days SQ outstanding traditional perpetual calendar eight-day power reserve skeleton master series watch reflects the unparalleled aesthetic standards, trying to pay tribute to the 1928 model, at the same time prove The big workshop can fully express the watchmaking process.

After completing the detailed hollow-out design drawings, the master of hollow-out and his team began to carry out this delicate work with traditional wire saws and files, removing the ‘excess parts’ point by point. In the process of hollowing out, if you are not careful, it may fail. All parts are then manually chamfered, polished, and engraved. As the process continues to progress, this masterpiece of many watchmaking techniques has slowly taken shape.

Enamel Craft
The next step is to process the platinum rings that decorate the dial and case back. First, these delicate parts were carefully hand-chiseled, and then decorated with a large fire ‘infill’ enamel process. Enamel master Miklos Merczel and his team used very fine brushes to apply enamel paint to the surface of the parts. The parts are then fired repeatedly in the kiln until the desired blue color is obtained. The temperature of each roasting in the kiln is between 800 and 820 degrees Celsius. Excessively high temperatures may cause cracks or impurities to appear and damage the work. The parts were then carefully sanded with diamond powder. The enamel craftsmanship requires the patience and detail of the craftsmen, and the most experienced enamel craftsman in the watch factory takes two days to produce the enamel ring that surrounds the dial and the movement.

After that, a master watchmaker from a complication watch workshop brought more than 200 parts including hairsprings, levers, formula wheels, pinions and gear sets, and exquisite works by Dominique Vuez and Miklos Merczel. Assembled together. If anyone thinks that the ticking workmanship is complete, then he is wrong. Because the assembled timepiece needs to be sent to the Jaeger-LeCoultre 1000-hour test department for meticulous functional testing and stress testing. The inspectors in this department are very strict because they must always adhere to the high quality standards of the watch factory. After passing the test, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition à Quantième Perpétuel 8 Days SQ superb traditional perpetual calendar eight-day power reserve skeleton master series watch was officially born.

2004 Master Eight Days Perpetual
Our focus is on the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition à Quantième Perpétuel 8 Days SQ, a superb traditional perpetual calendar eight-day power reserve skeleton master watch, but we can also learn more about its blueprint model-Master with Jaeger-LeCoultre 876 mechanical movement Eight Days Perpetual. Master of the Power Reserve Series. This watch is one of the most attractive complication watches currently available at the Rugu Valley Jaeger-LeCoultre. This timepiece, launched in 2004, is a model of watchmaking craftsmanship. In addition to the day / night display, there are several calendar display functions on the dial: date, week, month, four-digit year display and month age. The power reserve with red safety zone and day / night display make the calendar display more eye-catching and provide a wealth of time information. All display functions on the dial are cleverly designed, and the layout is arranged according to their functions. Comprehensive time information can be seen at a glance for the wearer. The time, day, date, and month are displayed in an enlarged and clearly identifiable manner. The power reserve display and the day / night display are harmoniously distributed symmetrically above the dial. The so-called ‘perpetual calendar’ complex function, all displays can be completely synchronized with the actual date, even in February with 29 days in leap year, there is no need to manually adjust. However, when the special year is 2100 (the whole leap year needs to be divided by 400 instead of 4), you still need to manually adjust it for one day to run normally.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre 876 manual winding mechanical movement consists of 262 parts, including 37 rubies, but only 6.6 mm thick. To ensure its superior quality, mechanical movements are produced, assembled and decorated under the strict supervision of a watch factory. With just a glance, you can see the côtes soleillées decoration on the watch, which is a refined retouch for Jaeger-LeCoultre. The balance wheel is not equipped with a regulator and its vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour. After the mainspring is wound, its power reserve allows the mechanical movement to run for a full eight days. After that, just turn the crown to power the watch’s dual barrel.

The limited edition of 200 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition à Quantième Perpétuel 8 Days SQ superb traditional perpetual calendar eight-day power reserve skeleton master series watches are available at the watch factory in Rugu, each one is unique. Masters of engraving and enamel could not make two identical watches. The minute details that make a skeleton movement unique are endless, and the big fire enamel on one watch cannot be the same as on other watches.

Master Grande Tradition à Quantième Perpétuel 8 Days SQ
Technical characteristics of the superb traditional perpetual calendar eight-day power reserve skeleton master series watch

• Jaeger-LeCoultre 876SQ hand-wound mechanical movement with hollow and carved decoration
• Eight-day power reserve
• Number of parts: 262
• Number of gems: 37
• 28,800 vibrations per hour
• Thickness: 6.60 mm

• Silver grained dial with skeletonized decorative movement
• Guilloche edge with translucent blue enamel

Watch back:
• Hollow engraved decorative movement, guilloché pattern edge with translucent blue enamel, clearly visible through the case back

• Hour and minute hands: leaf shape

• Hour and minute display
• Perpetual calendar: week, month, date, year and moon phase
Perpetual calendar function can be adjusted by a single button at 8 o’clock
• Safe area display
• Day / night display
• Power reserve display

• 42 mm diameter
• Height 11.55 mm
• Water-resistant to 5 bar
• Sapphire crystal case back

• Alligator leather strap
• 18K White Gold Pin Buckle

• Q50635SQ-limited edition of 200 pieces


【Background information】
The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory, the inventors of the valley
Since 1833, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory has played an important role in the history of watchmaking, integrating 180 kinds of craftsmanship required for the design and complete production of distinguished timepieces. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory follows the tradition of large-scale complex functions created by the brand, and continues to witness the continuous creativity of the brand with outstanding works: Reverso watches, 101 watches, Geophysic watches, Memovox alarm watches, Master Master of Control watches, Gyrotourbillon ball tourbillon and Atmos air clock. With 1,249 mechanical movements and 413 registered patents, Jaeger-LeCoultre leads the way in fine watchmaking and is a model for the industry.
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