Month: July 2016

New Baume & Mercier Watch: Dodecagon Jewelry Hour Watch

Baume & Mercier infused the transparent design into the Riviera XXL watch. The famous dodecagon unique design interprets the feminine charm and magnificent high-quality jewelry. Watches add intoxicating light and charm.
The Riviera XXL high-jewelry time-of-day watch retains the classic characteristics of the Riviera series. The double-layer dodecagon bezel is set with four inlays.
Diamond screws are tightened. The black strap model is equipped with a white gold diamond bezel. The pink and white strap designs are also available. The different colors of sapphire crystal reflect the brightness of platinum.
The huge case made of white gold, specially set with 400 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 9.5 carats, sublimates the preciousness and excellence of the watch to the extreme.
腕表 The watch is equipped with Dubois Dépraz 14400 automatic mechanical movement. The hour display operates in a time-hopping manner, giving the dial an elegant charm. The dial is composed of mother-of-pearl and translucent sapphire crystal. The light and shadow and perspective effects are interlaced to bring out the time display. The design is unique. The crown is embellished with rectangular and brilliant-cut diamonds, and the transparent crystal case design reveals the inner beauty of the movement.
Riviera Riviera XXL High Jewelry Hours Watch once again shows the outstanding creative talents of Baume & Mercier’s design department, as well as the superb craftsmanship accumulated by Baume & Mercier for the past 177 years.