Month: September 2016

2017 Da Vinci Series Pure Beauty

Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen has continued the legendary design style of the 1980s-the classic round case shape, and launched the new 2017 Da Vinci series. The brand created Da Vinci Automatic 36 and Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 for women, and Da Vinci Automatic is a unisex model. Two Da Vinci timepieces are equipped with a newly developed IWC-manufactured movement, thus realizing an innovative combination of new technology and complex functions.
   ‘IWC Schaffhausen has decided to return the new Da Vinci Series to a round case, inspired by the classic Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar watch launched in 1985. Therefore, we bid farewell to the barrel shape and pursue the classic Proportion, which is what the brand has always pursued, ‘explains Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Schaffhausen.’ With the Da Vinci Automatic 36 and the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic With the launch of 36, we return to tradition, especially in the Da Vinci series, designed classic models for ladies, and equipped with diamonds or fashion straps as decoration. I am particularly proud of the Da Vinci perpetual calendar chronograph watch and The launch of the Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph Watches once again embodies the brand’s superb watchmaking skills. ‘
   With the new series of round cases, harmonious shapes, round crowns and diamond inlays, IWC Schaffhausen combines the Da Vinci collection’s 1980s design with modern low-key style, keeping the brand always The style of modernism that is admired. The double-frame bezel with ring groove is also reminiscent of this era. The newly designed mobile lugs with curved two corners ensure that the strap fits snugly at the wrist, thereby increasing wearing comfort. All Da Vinci automatic watches (Model: IW356601 / IW356602), Da Vinci Automatic watches 36 (Model IW458307 / IW458308 / IW458310 / IW458312) and Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watches 36 (Model: IW459306 / IW459307 / IW459308 )-Except for IW459308 and IW356601 models-all equipped with a new butterfly buckle. The bracelet is made of three foldable sheets that are easy to wear and remove, and can be operated without fully opening the bracelet. Two Da Vinci watches with pin buckle: Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 (model: IW459308) with 18K red gold buckle, while Da Vinci Automatic (model: IW356601) uses fine Steel buckle. Two timepieces equipped with advanced horological complications-the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (model: IW392101 / IW392103) and the Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph (model: IW393101) secured with a double sheet folding clasp Between the wrists.
2017 Da Vinci Collection Overview

   Da Vinci Automatic 36 (model: IW458307 / IW458308 / IW458310 / IW458312) and Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 (model: IW459306 / IW459307 / IW459308) are not only smaller, slimmer, but also more compact in design Full of femininity, its round crown and stepped dial inner ring are reflected in the Portofino 37mm watch series. The gold case, diamond-set bezel and berry pink, copper, dark brown and dark blue alligator leather straps from IWC developed for IWC highlight the beauty of the watch. In order to achieve the exquisite color of the strap, the modification process of the leather surface is very complicated, and it is necessary to repeatedly polish it with many different dyes repeatedly until it displays the ideal hue and perfect gloss. As a result, each Santoni watchband is carefully crafted, giving it a unique quaint appearance and unique colors. The moon phase profit and loss display has been a feature of the Da Vinci watch series since 1985, and is located at the visual center of the silver-plated dial in the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36. The gold or silver moon moves clockwise in the dark blue night sky. The ‘Flower of Life’ is engraved on the case back of all Da Vinci Automatic 36 and Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36 watches. This is a geometric shape with multiple overlapping rings, which Da Vinci has intensively studied and drawn. This styling reflects his relentless pursuit of aesthetics and the mathematical rules of proportion, while also symbolizing the design features of the new Da Vinci watch series.

   Da Vinci Automatic Wrist Watch (Model: IW356601 / IW356602) Case diameter 40 mm, simple and elegant appearance, with classic three-finger needle, very attractive for both women and men. The style of the watch series-round case with eye-catching lugs-is particularly unique in its vitality. The dial is exquisite and small, with large Arabic numerals and willow-shaped hands, which complements the overall design of the Da Vinci automatic watch. One has a silver-plated dial and a black Santoni leather strap, while the other has a rock-grey dial and a stainless steel bracelet.

   With the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (model: IW392101 / IW392103), IWC designed a new complex function module, integrating its famous mechanical chronograph watch with permanent moon phase profit and loss display in the small dial. The moon phase profit and loss display part is silver-plated or gold-plated, and the part is dark blue. As the display rotates, the earth’s shadow or moon phase profit or loss is displayed under the dial hollow. To this end, IWC watchmakers created the 89630 homemade movement, while retaining other functions of the perpetual calendar: date, month, week and four-digit year display.
   18K Red Gold Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph Watch (Model: IW393101) It is not difficult to see the uniqueness of this watch from its name. It has a classic tourbillon with retrograde date and sports chronograph function. Integrated on the same dial. This requires further development of the 89360 chronograph movement. The new 89900 home-made movement was born. With the new lever system, the wristwatch achieved the first precise setting of the tourbillon to the second, the so-called tourbillon stop. The result is a technically sophisticated and visually balanced and harmonious complex function, with a clear and clear design: the stopped clock and minutes and time can be read in the upper small dial, and the seconds are recorded by the central second hand; There is a flying tourbillon at the lower ‘6 o’clock’ position; on the left side of the dial, the retrograde date display is displayed by a gently swaying circular arc, and the swinging range visually looks almost from one complication to another complication Features. In addition, the so-called diamond case technology was used for the first time in the fork lever and escape wheel. Through vapor deposition, friction losses in the escapement system are reduced and a higher energy output is thereby produced.
Women become the focus
   ‘Women are also loyal fans of watches. With the launch of the new Da Vinci collection, we hope to let more women know IWC.’ Franzska Gersell, Chief Marketing Officer of IWC Schaffhausen (Franziska Gsell) said, ‘The production of women’s watches in Schaffhausen goes back to the beginning of the watch factory. From this perspective, we are always loyal to our tradition.’ The current design of the Da Vinci collection follows this A style characteristic. The design team was inspired by large lugs, which is what characterises Da Vinci watches in the 1980s. “We have thought long and deeply about the shape of the case of the new Da Vinci watch.” Christian Knoop, creative director of IWC, added, “in the end we believe that maintaining the 1980s The round appearance, with modern elements added at the same time, is the best fit for IWC’s overall watch series. For example, we use a double-frame bezel with a surrounding groove as the design direction and reduce the width and slope. We also Large Arabic numerals and slim willow-shaped hands are retained from the round Da Vinci models. ‘