Month: February 2017

The ‘benchmark’ Of Blancpain’s Formal Watch

Not long ago, after I wrote the power of IWC, some players suggested that Blancpain also reached the level of standard long power. Among them, Blancpain’s main models, 6651, 50 噚, etc., are equipped with 100 to 120 hours of power as standard. I bought too many Blancpains, so today I would like to talk about the main model of the Blancpain 100-hour power, 6651.

Blancpain 6651
Blancpain 6651 is the ‘technical benchmark’ for watch installation.
 To be honest, there is nothing more to say about a formal watch than a sports watch. Because the sports watch (diving watch, flight watch, etc.) contains more technical configurations, plus new generations, technical upgrades, there are many topics to talk about. On the other hand, in addition to the various details of Seiko, there are not many configurations to talk about. But the watch Blancpain 6651 is a watch I admire very much because of the 100-hour power. So this time let’s talk about the movement first.

The 1151 self-winding movement used by Blancpain 6651 and 6651.
 Compared with the formal watches of mainstream watch brands, we can see that the Patek Philippe 5227 power is 45 hours, the Vacheron Constantin 85180 power is 40 hours, the Rolex Cellini power is 48 hours, the Jaeger-LeCoultre power is 38 hours, and the Omega disc power is 48 hours (2500). Wait, only the Blancpain 6651 reached 100 hours of power. Because a pure formal watch must maintain a relatively thin case and a relatively moderate size, you cannot use a large movement, and the power of the watch will not be too long (like the IWC 7, Bo Tao 8th chain size is very large Thick, is a ‘special case’ in the dress table). The Blancpain 6651 has a case size of 40 mm and a thickness of 8.7 mm. With the size and thickness of a normal formal watch, it can achieve 100 hours of power and is very powerful. This is mainly due to the 1151 automatic movement used by the 6651.

The 1151 automatic movement used by Blancpain 6651 has 100 hours of power.
 The Blancpain 1151 movement is a derivative of the 1150 (FP1150). The size of the 1151 movement is 27.4 mm and the thickness is 3.25 mm. Anyone who is familiar with watches can see that the size of the 1151 movement 27.4 mm is only a little larger than the 2892 movement (2892 is 25.6 mm). The thickness of the 1151 movement is 3.25 mm. It is an ultra-thin automatic movement. 1151 movements fall together, and Rolex’s 3135 movement is basically the same thickness (3135 movement 6 mm). The small size of the 1151 calibre accommodates two barrels, thus achieving 100 hours of power. At present, the 1151 movement has used silicon hairsprings and fine adjustment balances without weights.

On the front side of the Blancpain 1151 movement, we can fully polish it.
 Although some new movements, such as the Glashütte Original 36 movement, also have similar performance to Blancpain 1151, the new movements launched in recent years are relatively large. The size of the Glashütte Original 36 movement is 32.2 mm. , Such as Blancpain 1151 movement is thin and small, while outstanding performance of the movement, very rare, highlighting Blancpain’s technical level. Another major advantage of Blancpain 1151 is that it is suitable for adding various functional modules because of its ultra-thinness. The most famous one is Blancpain 6654, which adds a full-calendar moon phase module to the 1151 movement. It should also be noted that the 1151 movement has no stop seconds, which is a place that needs to be improved in the future.

The assembly surface of the Blancpain 1151 movement (with the automatic top removed) is also fully polished.
 In terms of movement decoration, I also want to say one more thing. The name watch is basically a penny and a good. Some watches look very high in configuration, strong in technology, and the public price is still very good. The reason is that in some places you can’t see it, it’s a simple match. The movement of many famous watches can be decorated from the surface, but once disassembled, there is no sanding in any place that is blocked. Anyway, it is not visible from the outside, so it is saved. This is true of many mainstream watch brands, and nothing is too rare.

The picture above shows the Blancpain 1315 movement. We can see that all the Blancpain movements have been completely polished.
 Among the mainstream watch brands, Blancpain is one of the most conscientious brands in the movement decoration. It has really decorated the visible and invisible places. For example, the main splint of the movement is basically hidden from view and many brands will not polish it, but the entire main splint of Blancpain is decorated with fish scales. In this regard, I appreciate both Blancpain and Rolex. While maintaining a relatively reasonable fair price, there is no compromise on the polishing of the movement, even if you can’t see it at all.

Blancpain 1151 movement
Here is what the 6651 looks like.
 I said a lot about the movement, let’s take a look at the appearance of the 6651. The 6651 is a standard dress watch that contains all the iconic features of Blancpain. The 6651 is 40mm in size and moderate in size, with a thin thickness of 8.7mm, which is easy to retract into the cuff. 6651 is available in steel, white and rose gold. The Blancpain 6651 uses a double bezel, which is a major feature of Blancpain’s formal watches. 6651’s face is more classic. Using Blancpain’s standard willow-leaf hands with a slender cutout in the center. At the end of the second hand, Blancpain’s JB abbreviation, while the watch uses three-dimensional Roman numerals. The aesthetic value of the watch varies from person to person. I personally think the appearance of the 6651 is good.

The appearance of Blancpain 6651 is more classical.
 Here I want to focus on the clasp of the 6651. I think the 6651 clasp works very well. Pin buckle and folding buckle, two kinds of buckle are combined together. The strap is connected by a pin buckle and can also be folded. So when you take off the watch, you can easily separate the strap like a pin buckle and lay the watch flat; you can also directly open the folding buckle without separating the strap and put the watch on the side. Very convenient for watch storage.

The buckle of Blancpain 6651 is a pin buckle and a folding buckle.
 The public price of the Blancpain 6651 steel shell version is 73000 (the price is adjusted slightly, subject to the store). In the major three-handed steel case watches of mainstream watch brands, some people may find it relatively high, but considering the excellent movement processing of Blancpain, I think it is worth the money. In addition, Blancpain’s various types of 50 噚 are relatively hot, and it is easy to go higher. In contrast, for a formal watch like 6651, the final actual price is still possible under the factors of discounts and exchange rates (discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets and other factors depend on personal circumstances).

The comprehensive level of Blancpain 6651 is relatively high.
 Due to its high comprehensive quality, Blancpain has been called ‘the conscience of heaven and earth’ by some players in China. I agree with this. But at the same time, I also feel that after buying more watches, I deeply feel that different watches have their own strengths. Just like the long power of IWC and the long power of Blancpain, in the same price range, the style emphasis is completely different. Some players who are just beginning to buy watches are prone to tangled many things when buying watches, brands, movements, technology, etc., but if you buy more, you will find that it is easy and pleasant to see who is pleasing to the eye (in line with their own aesthetic).
PS. Last is the full set.