Month: June 2017

2012 New Year’s Best Men’s Watches Inventory

The New Year’s Day 2012 is coming. The watch industry has launched a wide variety of watches. Taking advantage of the end of the year to take stock of several watch styles suitable for men’s wear for watch lovers. .

Herm & egrave; s time-out watch
He Herm & egrave; s time-out watch
概括 To sum up the miracle of Arceau Le Temps suspendu in one sentence, let time be on the dial. This complication exclusively for Herm & egrave; s (Hermes) is a world first.
After the seemingly simple and cute design, there is an extremely complicated mechanism. By adding additional modules, the spontaneous change between the pause time and the standard time is achieved to achieve this ‘ldanta’.
This watch is protected by two patents, namely the patent protection on the structure and the patent protection on the swaying teeth. The operating time and pause time phases are coordinated by two synchronized column wheels, one driving the hour hand and the other driving the minute hand and date. The hour and minute hands complete 360 ​​& deg; retrogrades in an instant, making time seem to disappear without disturbing the normal movement of the movement.
The herringbone engraved dial is engraved with the Herm & egrave; s mark, and the delicate wood grain decoration enhances the contrast effect of the retrograde hands. The asymmetry created by the winding crown at 2 o’clock creates an unexpected harmony, and it also implies that sometimes harmony can actually originate from the paradox & hellip; like a certain purpose to make time disappear from its own world, In fact, for another moment to willingly return to its embrace.
In addition to the elegant appearance and the world’s first triple-flyback function, what really fascinates me is the thought of ‘pause time’ and press the button, the calendar hand disappears, and the hour and minute hands return to 12 The rest area at the time, the earth continued to turn but time was paused for me. Whatever you want, instead of being driven away by time, it can only wait for the time when I’m willing to press the button again to recall. Can it direct time, isn’t it wonderful? Is it not only men who yearn for it?

DB 25 Perpetual Calendar
DB 25 Perpetual Calendar
DB25QP, as the interpretation of the perpetual calendar by the De Bethune watch factory, not only conveys the cutting-edge of advanced watchmaking technology, but also expresses the poetic meaning of measuring time: the starry sky, the moon phase display, and the perpetual calendar all converge in small square inches.
44A circular case with a diameter of 44 mm is inspired by the drum, but the lines are slender and classic. The unique hollow lugs of the DB25 series make it recognizable without a second eye, which is unique and exquisite.
The silver dial’s center area is carved by hand, and the outer hour ring scale interval is used as the boundary. It is divided into 12 fan-shaped areas to increase time legibility. At 12 o’clock, the stars held the moon and wore a central half-titanium and half-blue steel sphere, and a full moon hung like a starry night sky. The small hole below the full moon is a leap year indicator. The date display is on the sub-dial at 6 o’clock, and the windows showing the day and month are at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock, respectively.
De Bethune specially developed Calibre DB2324 QP for this watch, which represents the most advanced technology of the watch factory, including perpetual calendar function, accurate spherical moon phase display function (& ldquo; 1 day error in 122 years), self-adjusting Double barrel, triple & quot; Pare-chute & quot; shock absorber and titanium / platinum bimetal balance.

Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101
Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101
The traditional idea is that the watch design only involves the appearance and packaging of the watch, which is inherently functional first. Who says aesthetic value and practicality cannot be both? The Millenary 4101 watch challenges this tradition. The appearance and innerness of this watch groundbreakingly realize the seamless integration of function and design.
腕表 The representative of this watch is the oval case and the small eccentric dial with Roman numerals. The frosted bezel contrasts with the polished bezel, which subtly adds the effect of this watch. Three-dimensional high-tech assistance makes this watch’s design exquisitely extraordinary.
Calibre 4101 movement is completely designed, developed and manufactured independently. Here, the parts usually hidden behind the watch can be seen from the front. To achieve this, the adjustment mechanism consisting of the balance wheel, lever and escapement was redesigned and machined. At 9 o’clock, these precision structures that are not usually seen suddenly appear naked, indeed eye-catching: eight inertial weights, unique spanning golden bridges, levers and escapement wheels are clearly visible.
In addition, more than 12 bridge plates are cleverly arranged on the surface of the movement. In addition to ensuring that various parts are in place, these bridges also play a role in beautifying the movement. Jun does not see the three beautiful parallel arcs on the left side of the dial. Horizontal Geneva Decorative patterns such as ripples, circles, and snails are distributed in different parts of the movement, creating contrast and depth. The screw arrangement on the left-hand side of the dial emphasizes the oval shape of the case, the hemispherical convex mirror and the gemstones shining at 10, 11 and 12 o’clock on the dial all shape the overall impression of both inside and outside.

Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-rotor
Laurent Ferrier Galet Micro-rotor
Laurent Ferrier hopes to provide true innovation for those precision machinery enthusiasts, so that he can be different from other watchmakers, so he repeatedly thought about the original watchmaking concept. The watchmaker is passionate about constructing movements and has independently developed a series of unconventional but excellent visual effects.
表 This watch is equipped with a black or brown alcantara crocodile leather strap, white gold with pin buckle, red gold with butterfly buckle, which shows the meticulous thoughts and ultimate aesthetics of this pair of father and son.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony
AcheVacheron Constantin Patrimony
Self-winding movement with fine watchmaking and sanding decoration, power reserve of 40 hours. 18K 5N red gold case, white matte lacquered dial, exquisite and clear layout in the world, Mississippi alligator leather strap, with 18K 5N red gold folding buckle.