Month: December 2017

International Superstar Wang Leehom Continues To Be The Spokesperson For Seiko (Seiko)

Since last year, SEIKO (Seiko) announced that Mr. Leehom Wang, the international superstar, will be the spokesperson for brands in China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan and South Korea. The connotation of Wang Lihong’s strength coincides with SEIKO’s conviction of continuous advancement and commitment to perfection. The two sides work together to show each other’s beliefs more perfectly. The cooperation is seamless, showing the all-round charm of SEIKO, and its image in the Asian region has attracted much attention.
   In 2012, Wang Leehom continued to be the spokesperson for SEIKO (Seiko), shooting a new series of TV and print ads for the brand. This time, we will use the original production team of the previous series that was very successful. The TV commercial was created by the famous Japanese director and writer He Xianjin. Director Miwa Kenjin is the first director in Japan to obtain a master’s degree in film. He has won a number of advertising and television awards. In addition to advertisements, his works include documentaries, short films, 3D movies, etc .; for print ads, he has won numerous award-winning Japanese photographers Xuan Ye Haoji is tailor-made for Leehom.
   The commercial was filmed in Taipei with the theme of Wang Leehom’s creative expression and inspiration. On the day of shooting, Leehom in front of the camera tried a variety of different looks: sportswear was full of sunshine, shirts and trousers showed the gentleman’s taste, and casual casual clothes set off his friendly and easy-going personality. Leehom showed an extremely professional working attitude, conducted in-depth discussions with directors and photographers, and gave suggestions on production, so that SEIKO’s advertising pictures showed his true personality of serious creation and lively sunshine.
   The strong strength of the production team, in conjunction with Leehom’s emotional interpretation, will launch a new season of SEIKO (Seiko) advertising on major media in Asia, which will surely bring shocking visual effects to viewers, readers, and fans. Set the trend.

Introduction Of Radar True Series Ultra-thin Watches

As a pioneer of innovation for Swiss watch manufacturers, Swiss Rado surpassed itself again in 2011 to create the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch & mdash; & mdash; Swiss Rado True Thinline Thin watch. Since the birth of the Swiss Radar True series, it has gained worldwide reputation for its dynamic appearance, functions and modern design. The latest True Thinline ultra-thin watch is bound to set off a revolutionary storm in the watch industry, leading ultra-thin New Fashion.

Swiss radar TRUE THINLINE ultra-thin black watch
Disdain the Group’s technological breakthrough
 With an ultra-thin beauty of less than 5mm (some styles), the Swiss Rado True Thinline ultra-thin watch has pushed the high-tech ceramic material to another peak that can be proud of the industry. Since 1986, Swiss radar has been the pioneer of high-tech materials in the watch manufacturing industry. Today, it has created the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch. & Mdash; & mdash; .

Swiss radar TRUE THINLINE true ultra-thin white diamond watch
 In order to achieve this new ultra-thin structure, all watch components have been thoroughly re-engineered to ensure perfect integration, including the ultra-thin quartz movement unique to Swiss Rado. With precision and rigorous manufacturing technology, the Swiss Rado True Thinline not only possesses all the superior characteristics of high-tech ceramics, such as top comfort and hardness, but also has the advantages of extreme lightness.

Swiss radar TRUE THINLINE ultra-thin white watch
Uncompromising design style
 The Swiss Rado True Thinline has a simple and elegant case, with gold dazzling scales (true diamonds are diamond scales), placed under a sapphire crystal arched mirror, showing its charm. The case and buckle are made of high-tech ceramic material, which is perfectly combined with the fine-grained rubber strap, which shows sensual fashion and excellent comfort.

Swiss radar TRUE THINLINE ultra-thin watch silhouette

Richemont Richemont Group Announces Management Changes

Compagnie Financière Richemont SA, a well-known luxury goods group, announced that its CEO of Fashion and Accessories Marty Wikstrom has resigned with immediate effect.
Richemont said that she will continue to be a non-executive director of the group’s board of directors until the shareholders’ meeting on September 12, 2013.
Ms. Wikstrom was appointed as a group director in 2005 and served as a non-executive director until 2009. In 2009, after she was appointed CEO of Richemont’s fashion and accessories business, she became the group’s executive director, responsible for the strategic development of Richemont’s six major brands, including Alfred Dunhill, Azzedine Alaia, Alea, Chloe Kouyi and Lancel Lanzi and so on. Since 2009, Ms. Wikstrom has also served as a member of the Chair’s Committee and the Group Management Committee. She will also step down from the committee.
The board of directors thank Ms. Wikstrom for her contribution to the group, who transformed and further expanded the group’s fashion and accessories business.
For more details of board members, please click here to visit the group’s website