Month: April 2018

Explore The New Octo Men’s Watch

Bulgari Octo series watches have become a new masterpiece of the Bulgari men’s watch with a discerning octagonal appearance and excellent performance. Discover the new OCTO men’s watch
The Bulgari Octo series watches are a new masterpiece of the Bulgari men’s watch with a recognizable octagonal appearance and excellent performance. It is neither a circle nor a square, creating the most recognizable octagonal design – building the natural atmosphere and geometric aesthetics of a round place. The octagonal structure of the watch and the round bezel complement each other, showing a bold and delicate style in a pure classic aesthetic tradition. OCTO’s distinctive personality has established its classic status in the Bulgari men’s watch.
The adventure of design and architecture
ToOcto’s precise grasp of geometric shapes is favored by those who pursue unique tastes and sophisticated production. Bvlgari designers incorporated their surging passion into it, expressing their appeal for absolute beauty with deep shapes and rich connotations, transcending worldly fashion and elegance.
In both Western and Eastern cultures, the number 8 symbolizes powerful power and intriguing meaning, calling for the harmonious interaction of the natural forces of the universe beyond the boundaries of knowledge and experience.
纯粹 Octo’s pure octagonal lines shine with architectural inspiration. The creation of this watch masterpiece also represents the highest level of fashion style and precision craftsmanship, harmoniously blending into every detail in the perfect institutional proportion. The complex structure reveals two basic shapes of balanced symbiosis: the meeting of circles and squares makes the perfect shape of the octagon more mysterious.
ToOcto’s symbolic design breaks the tradition and establishes Bulgari’s unique interpretation of modern male Seiko watches.
Twenty-two, the perfect combination of precision machinery and handmade
Case making
The case is unique in structure, with sharp cuts and clean lines, showing the character, elegance and self-evident power of the watch. Such subtle forms and complex designs can only be achieved through the meticulous and delicate production of each accessory. The case, bezel and case are assembled in 40 consecutive steps. Combining the most advanced computer-controlled mechanical production and extraordinary lean manual processes, each link strictly follows the most stringent quality control. The brand’s new home-made case in the Swiss factory consists of 110 facets. Each part is carefully crafted and matched with polished and satin finishes, which perfectly echoes the overall style of this watch, and its internal structure also follows a single design criterion: excellence.
Three, the unique secrets of dial making
Polishing the dial
漆 There is no doubt that the lacquered dial is one of Octo’s design highlights. The skillful use of ancient techniques such as filigree enamel, cloisonne, and multi-layer lacquering has enabled Bvlgari’s dial-making process to reach its peak.
手工 Hand-painted, polished and carved, the dial forms a unique and exquisite blooming beauty. Our polishing master must perform at least 4 fine grinding and manual polishing processes on each layer of paint to achieve the depth and gloss that Octo seeks. The masters are well versed in the art of polishing. After their careful polishing, the dial is black and pure, with a smooth and smooth surface. If the watchmaker’s magnifying glass touches the dial, the polisher must repeat every step until the dial is perfect.
24. Design and processing of ‘high price’ (haut de gamme)
A meaningful work should naturally be paired with an outstanding ‘movement’. The Octo watch is equipped with Bulgari’s self-made one-way rotating automatic movement.
For hundreds of years, the Swiss valley spread by watchmaking workshops has become the birthplace of the most exquisite craftsmanship of fine watchmaking. Bvlgari watchmakers are located at the Bulgari in Le Sentier (Vallée de Joux) and La Chaux-de-Fonds. The beautiful watchmaking workshop, from engineering design to prototypist to angleur, integrates all kinds of craftsmanship into one. Bulgari deserves to be perfect in every aspect of self-made gears, retrogrades, tourbillons and timekeeping.