Month: August 2018

Retro Style Takes You Straight To The Sky, And The Next Explosion That Sweeps The Entertainment Industry Is

Fashion in the entertainment industry is always changing rapidly. In the dizzying and colorful entertainment circle, stars love to use accessories to highlight their personal temperament. As a finishing touch, the pilot watch has always been popular for its versatile and unique retro temperament, which has been gaining favor from generation to generation. Star celebrities in the entertainment industry are also highly respected. It is a killer for men and women. It has captured countless times in star airports, attended events, and even caught the attention in the streets. Among them, a pilot watch has a very high appearance rate. Now, let’s take a look at its star fans-

Image source: Sina Weibo @ TFBOYS- 易 烊 千 曦
   Who said that the pilot’s watch of the atmosphere can only be controlled by a mature man with experience? The popular boy group TFboys member Yi Yi Qianxi is young, but he is a Zenith Pilot’s Watch number one fan. This Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 Royal Watch is undoubtedly a recent must-have item for Yi Xi Qianxi. Whether it is to attend an event or take a street shot at the airport, it appears frequently and has the strength to grab the shot.

   In addition, Qian Xi also wore another piece of ‘Bronze Flying’ to attend the event. ‘Bronze Flying’ is the nickname of Zenith Pilot’s Type 20 Bronze Watch. The distressed texture and retro look make this watch extremely contemporary, as if it were an old thing that came through time and space. Qianxi wears a light khaki symptom with a white base T-shirt. The embellishment of ‘Bronze Flying’ adds a calm and gentle gentleman style to the whole body.

   The pilot’s watch is not only loved by the ‘Xianxianrou’ Qianxi, but also mature male stars in the entertainment industry have a soft spot for it. Hu Jun, the representative of the tough guy, wears Zenith’s Pilot Series TYPE 20 Royal Watch with a cool black leather jacket to attend the brand event. He is full of personality, straightforward, and retro-style. There is no need to jump into the fighter plane and step on the locomotive, as if you can feel the full manhood of the ‘Old Cannon’ pilot.

   Han Geng has also worn the Zenith Pilot’s Watch personally. His choice is to use a domineering ‘bronze flying’ with a traditional elegant suit. This interpretation is also wonderful. Resolute eyes, sharp shapes, and finishing touches on the wrist. A kind of firm will without fear, without fear of the way forward, and bravely rising straight up naturally emerged.

   ‘Caption Sam’ in ‘Climbing to the Sky’ Wu Zhenyu always showed his face with professional calmness. However, after the outside dressing, he wore a camouflage casual hoodie with a ‘bronze flying’ and smiled slightly. Gentle revealing!

Image source: Magazine Mr. Fashion
   The pilot’s watch is also suitable to set off the unrestrained male fan. The best representative is Wu Jianhao. In this photo, he is sitting in the driver’s seat of a retro sports car, wearing a striped jacket, paired with sunglasses and ‘bronze flying’, perfectly showing the cool charm of ‘Ya Gen gentleman’.

Picture source: Magazine Fun World
   The pilot’s watch is just a boy’s patent? Of course not, girls wear the same handsome! Although ‘Bronze Flying’ has a masculine and domineering appearance, girls will wear it, which will also produce a wonderful ‘chemical reaction’. No, Ye Xuan breaks the rules for us, showing the different styles of girls wearing bronze big flying-neutral wind clothing and tough bronze flying big between the wrists, showing a bright and charming style, cool and compelling! This has also made many women begin to favor pilot watches.
   It is not difficult to find that when it comes to pilot watches, whether it is about feelings or shape, the pilot watch expert ZENITH Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 watches are not allowed. I believe you can’t wait, the two pilot watches that are loved by celebrities are already ready for you!

Left: Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 Royal Watch, 45mm, reference price: RMB 56,200
Right: Zenith Pilot’s Watch TYPE 20 Bronze, 45 mm, reference price: RMB 50,200
   Distressed colors, unique texture, “onion” crown, large luminous Arabic numerals … Zenith Pilot Series TYPE 20 watch perfectly interprets the retro soul of the pilot family bloodlines of Zenith, making many watches Obsessed with love. The atmospheric 45 mm diameter vintage case with the grained dial ‘Pilot’ is a unique mark of the Zenith Pilots series. The retro wind screamed. It was a wing between the wrists. So it is no wonder that apart from watch enthusiasts, it is so popular with celebrities.

Zenith Pilot’s Watch TYPE 20 Special Edition, 40 mm, reference price: RMB 42,900
   Even more exciting is that in late August this year, the new Zenith Pilots TYPE 20 series special edition four-color team is about to land. Khaki green, blue, mustard yellow, burgundy red … more colorful retro color options, 40 The millimeter-diameter dial can be easily worn by both men and women. After reading this, have you been eager to look forward to a romantic air trip with Zenith TYPE 20 watch?

Movado Announces Special Dividend Of 75 Cents Per Share

In the early morning of November 29th Beijing time, luxury watch maker Movado Group (MOV) announced on Wednesday that it will pay a special dividend of 75 cents per share to shareholders next month It has joined the ranks of companies that pay special dividends ahead of a possible tax increase early next year.
In order to avoid a possible tax increase early next year, US companies are scrambling to pay dividends. Numerous companies including Wal-Mart (WMT), Tyson Foods (TSN), Wynn Resorts ((WYNN), Sands Group (LVS), and wine giants BF.A, BF.B) announced the distribution Special dividends, increase in regular dividends, or advance dividends scheduled for next year to this year, some companies such as aviation and defense company Heico (HEI) even use loans to pay dividends.
投资者 Since 2003, U.S. investors have only been paying a dividend tax of up to 15%. But this historically lowest tax rate will expire in January next year. Unless Congress and the Obama administration agree on taxation and government spending to avoid fiscal cliffs, the maximum dividend tax rate for next year may be raised to more than 40%.
Tamovanto also released its third fiscal quarter results and raised its full-year dividend. For the fiscal quarter ended October, the company’s net profit increased from $ 16.4 million in the same period last year, or 65 cents per share, to $ 34.5 million, or $ 1.34 per share.
Minimum performance includes $ 9.9 million in tax revenue. Excluding this gain, the company’s adjusted earnings per share for the quarter were 67 cents, higher than the average estimate of 61 cents by analysts surveyed by FactSet. Revenue increased by 12% from US $ 143 million in the same period last year to US $ 160 million.
Movado raised its full-year adjusted EPS forecast from $ 1.40 to $ 1.50, higher than the average analyst estimate of $ 1.47, and reiterated its full-year revenue forecast to be $ 510 million, in line with analysts’average expectations. Consistent.