Month: August 2019

Bulgari Launches New Serpenti Serpentine Watch

With its iconic Serpenti series, Bvlgari showcases unsurpassed superb craftsmanship. This is an incomparable watch that admires its origins but breaks through the conventional, with strong jewelry decoration It is also a model of goldsmith art. It is a work that transcends time. Its creativity comes from the unwavering creation of beauty that Bulgari loves, and reinterprets it with a holistic approach and a basic style perspective.
   Serpenti cleverly integrates snake and Tubogas bracelet making technology, both of which are the most prominent features of the Bulgari brand value. The meandering serpentine figure, the symbol of eternal youth and immortal mythological creatures have become an integral part of the Italian jewelry world since ancient times, and represent the most famous creative work of Bulgari for decades .
   Bvlgari continues to reinterpret its creative style in accordance with the constantly updated vision, which mainly integrates the overall artisan art-from jewelry to enamel, from goldsmith art to watchmaking-constantly giving new images of the eternal snake form.
   As the brand’s iconic style, aesthetics is the essence of design that has long guided Italian jewelers. Serpenti has also made Bulgari one of the rare original luxury brands.
   Smartly wrapped around the wrist, infinitely charming and enchanting, the Tubogas bracelet designed by Bvlgari in the 1950s is still unique. The iconic beauty, complex and patient spring winding process are all unique to Bulgari. Rose gold strap-5 meters of gold wire is required to make one turn on the wrist, and 10 meters of gold wire is required to make two turns. The Serpenti Serpenti watch is the result of a long and carefully prepared, final casting process before final assembly, and these are the unique door processes of Bulgari.
   In order to stay true to the serpentine charm of the snake, the entire strap naturally winds out of the case. Bezel set with 38 diamonds (0.29 carats). The black fluorescent dial is subtle in contrast to the satin-finish sunburst frosted finish, and the crown is set with pink rubies cut with goose eggs.