Month: September 2020

Blancpain’s New Carrousel Question And Answer Sheet

Few watch factories in the world can launch the complex technology of the minute repeater watch, among which there are only a handful of brands capable of producing self-made minute repeater movements. Since the late 1980s, Blancpain has developed two unique minute repeater movements that have focused on and continue to develop. In 2010, Blancpain added a third movement-‘Le Brassus minute repeater’ with ultra-high technology.
  Blancpain’s original technology is clearly visible in this minute repeater. The minute repeater has a church bell ringing device, which means that the timepiece sound will be long and deep. After the device rotates around the movement for one and a half times, it will play a full and pleasant sound. For watchmakers, transmitting sound through the case’s starting mechanism has always been a severe test. Blancpain watch overcomes the difficult technology and hides the church bell bell in the exquisite case. Its volume and clarity are the masterpieces of choice for watchmaking. In addition, in order to highlight the performance of the three-question function, Blancpain specially developed a unique floating tuning device for this movement, and the movement runs more smoothly and naturally.
  The minute repeater has always been regarded as a very fragile and easily damaged treasure. Whenever the repeater asks, if the player wants to adjust the time, the movement may be damaged due to various circumstances. Blancpain’s new work resolves this situation. When adjusting the crown, the three-minute mechanism and the drive connection of the crown will be automatically interrupted to reduce the risk of damage to the movement. This time, the details should not be underestimated. In order to show its meticulous and sophisticated technology, the watch’s rose gold plywood and bottom plate are especially hand-crafted.
  The brand new Le Brassus timepiece is equipped with Blancpain’s one-minute floating carrousel, which was created two years ago. This technology has set a number of records in the history of the table, including the world’s first floating carrousel and the world’s first One minute Carrousel, and the world’s first carrousel minute repeater with a power reserve of 100 hours. Blancpain combines Carrousel with the minute repeater technology. The new Le Brassus minute repeater dial has a size of 45mm, with a rose gold case, a brushed white gold dial, and rose gold digital hour markers. The new watch’s open dial center and sapphire crystal back cover clearly appreciate the chic and intricate art of the minute repeater device, as well as the carving of the movement’s splint.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day

Vacheron Constantin’s latest model is equipped with an unparalleled 14-day tourbillon movement in an elegant low-key round case. This latest model of the Patrimony Traditionnelle line is also the brand’s first watch to meet Poinçon de Genève’s (Geneva hallmark) new standard for the Geneva mark.
The new Calibre 2260 movement was developed by Vacheron Constantin’s design engineers and watchmakers. The movement fully matches the design of the case. Its manual winding movement continuously outputs high-quality kinetic energy for the watch for up to 14 days. . Two sets of barrels are used in parallel, each of which is made of two barrels in series, so a total of four barrels are used, which means that they relax at the same time, but are four times slower than a single barrel.

The new Calibre 2260 movement consists of 231 components and two large bridges (instead of the three bridges of the previous Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon).
The tourbillon bridge is inspired by the brand’s iconic Maltese cross and showcases the excellent craftsmanship of each part of the movement, including a large number of internal corners, bevels that are completely handmade. It is completely handmade according to the ancient method. It is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to polish. It only takes more than 11 hours to polish the upper bracket of the tourbillon to achieve the best results.
The positions of the hour and minute hands driven by the Calibre 2260 are slightly off-center, while the 14-day power reserve is displayed in a 280-degree arc for improved readability. The 12 o’clock display and minute scale bezel on the silver opal dial are inspired by Vacheron Constantin’s rich cultural heritage.

Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon is the first watch officially produced by Vacheron Constantin under the new rules of the Geneva Seal. The new standard is to certify the entire watch, rather than just the movement as before.
On the 125th anniversary of the birth of the Geneva Seal, this world-renowned seal has further improved its standards in response to the vigorous development of the watchmaking industry, the rapid development of watchmaking technology and the continuous innovation of materials. The new standard requires regular sampling of all manufacturers applying for certification and a rigorous seven-day precision test (simulated wearing design).

Hamilton: The Cool Watch In Man In Black

Hamilton often collaborates with Hollywood, and the brand’s watches have appeared in more than 400 movies over the years. Recently, the much-anticipated film ‘Men In Black 3’ was released on May 25. The protagonist is wearing a Hamilton Ventura watch. In the latest episode, SWAT J is back in time and space, and viewers can distinguish different eras by different styles of Hamilton Ventura, because all Black Super SWATs also wear this unique watch.
    Hamilton watch. This time, ‘Man in Black 3’ even more flaunts the diversified characteristics of the watch, and focuses on two models: Hamilton Ventura XXL with special police black on the rubber strap and the surface; Milton Ventura Medium also has a black surface and an elegant stainless steel case.