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Vintage And Elegant Rosnya Business Blue Watch

As a domestic watch brand, Rossini is one of the few watch brands that has won the favor of the Chinese people. At a price close to the people, the generous design and durable performance are well received by the Chinese people. Among Rossini’s many watch series, the Yazun Business Series is a very elegant series of Rossini watches. It has a very clear market positioning and is very suitable for workplace wear. Today, the Blue Jue series 5501W06A, beige dial, is full of retro charm, elegant and solemn.
The official reference price is 2950 yuan.

   The stainless steel gold-plated case has smooth and rounded lines. The size of the 40mm case is just right, and it fits the wrists of Chinese men. The most attractive part of this watch is its beige dial, with Roman numerals, which has a very retro flavor, and a gentleman’s taste, beautiful. Blue steel hands, which play a very good decorative role, the overall look is very elegant.
   The 3 o’clock position on the dial is a date display, which meets business needs, and the stainless steel strap fits perfectly. At the same time, the watch has a dynamic style, which is also suitable for business meetings or outdoor leisure.

   This watch is a good domestic watch. Its movement is an imported automatic mechanical movement, but the price is not as good as the Swiss watch, but it is higher than the old domestic watch. The 40mm dial is very suitable for the wrist of Asian men, and its function is very close to that of business people.

Pros And Cons, Ceramic Materials That People Love And Hate

Ceramic is everywhere, but not always easy to see. In the current watchmaking industry, ceramics is one of the most fashionable materials, and its quality is favored by many brands. Behind the highlights, ceramics presents us with a whole new world of different materials applied in different ways. It has various advantages, but also has a few defects that cannot be ignored.

   Ceramic materials were first used in watchmaking and date back to the 1980s. First of all, the ceramics mentioned here should not be confused with the ‘ceramics’ used in kitchen cabinets. The high-tech ceramics are involved here. There are many different types of ceramics. They share some common characteristics, and these characteristics are why they are so popular. Among the dozen or more different ceramic materials used in the watchmaking industry, alumina (Al2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2) are the most common.

IWC Engineers Automatic Watch AMG Black Series Ceramic Edition with Boron Nitride Case
   Ceramics are resistant to acids and are not easy to oxidize and corrode; ceramics are abrasion-resistant and are not easy to produce scratches; ceramics are hard and difficult to deform. These three characteristics make the ceramic case a great success. In addition, ceramics have also been used in the manufacture of movement parts for a long time, such as ball bearings located under the rotor, which have a very unique operating sound. But that’s not all. Ceramic gears are used in the automatic winding mechanism of IWC’s new 52000 movement. The main purpose is to reduce the wear of parts.

Richard Mille RM 07-01 Women’s Watch with Brown TZP Ceramic Case

   It is often heard that ceramics are indestructible, but this is not entirely true. In fact, the manufacturing process of ceramics determines that this material must have both advantages and disadvantages. High-tech ceramics need to be pressed into the mold in the form of powder. The melting point of ceramic powder is extremely high, and it is impossible to melt and then dump it like metal. In contrast, ceramics are made by sintering: powder particles are fused and diffused to form a continuous whole. The advantage of this process is that there are pores inside the ceramic, which makes the material lighter. The density of alumina is 3.9 g / cm3, compared to the density of 4.5 g / cm3 of titanium. On the other side of the coin, pores in the ceramic can form cracks, which can cause catastrophic fracture.

Panerai Radiomir Composite® 3 Days – 47mm 3-Day Power Reserve Watch (PAM00504)

   Don’t forget that ceramics are extremely hard, and there is a saying that is too bad. Ceramic structures are inflexible, impact resistant, and fragile. In real life, if you wear a ceramic watch scratching a hard object (such as a rock), nothing will happen; if you accidentally drop it, the case will be spared; but if you throw it forcefully, there is a danger of fragmentation. In terms of performance, ceramics are almost the opposite of stainless steel, which explains why the former is so difficult to process. High hardness and fragile, it is difficult to put proper constraints on it during processing. The forming and sintering stages are particularly critical, and any mistake can lead to serious consequences.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Cermet

   Another advantage of ceramics is that they are highly inclusive and can be combined with other materials to change properties. Richard Mill’s TZP ceramics come from the interaction of zirconia and yttrium oxide for better impact resistance. Hublot has injected liquid 24K pure gold into the porous boron carbide body with a mass ratio of 25% / 75%, which means that this unique alloy can be called 18K. It is both precious and scratch-resistant. This is the unique magic gold of Hublot.

Bell & Ross tested blue ceramic in Aviation BR03-92
   Another way to take advantage of ceramics is to induce a chemical reaction in the aluminum watch case. Panerai has put it into practice and the result is a material called ‘Composite’. The aluminum case undergoes an oxidation reaction in a vacuum environment. The aluminum on the surface is converted into alumina. This is the most common form of ceramic and is very scratch resistant. The problem is that the case retains the advantages and disadvantages of the original material: the texture is light and stretchable, but it is prone to dents. Jaeger-LeCoultre is also interesting to create-‘Cermet’ (cermet), which consists of a titanium frame, which is then reinforced with ceramics.

Chanel J12-G.10 watch
   Ceramics are both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing: smooth to the touch and thermally insulated. Unlike titanium or steel watches, which quickly heat up in the hot sun, ceramic watches remain refreshing in summer. Most ceramics are natural black, which is also a popular color in the watchmaking industry. Unlike PVD or DLC surface treatments, the color of the ceramic is permanent, does not wear out, and does not dim over time. Some ceramics are naturally white, just like Chanel’s favorite J12 watch. Some ceramics are chocolate-colored. Ceramics can also be dyed as a whole, and Bell & Ross’s blue and green watches are a good try. In fact, Bellevue and Chanel use the same production facilities.

Chopard Women’s Watch-news Chopard

Chopard has launched two ladies watches-L.U.C Tourbillon Lady and Happy Sport Chrono Chocolat.
L.U.C Tourbillon Lady is an extravagant and gorgeous work that combines the brand’s capabilities in haute horology and fine jewelry.
Baguette diamond bezel, rectangular and round diamond inlaid dial, white diamond inlaid case and baguette diamond inlaid crown (total 8.60 carats), create this hand-wound mechanical watch, L.U.C 4T. Especially the small tourbillon with four superimposed tubes formed at 6 o’clock. Complete hand-polishing is also the style of COSC-certified watches, and has obtained a very high quality guarantee: PoinÇon de GenÈve (Geneva Seal). Selling rose gold and platinum quantitative series, for those very few noble people who hold this watch, they can rest assured that they will not damage their nails when they wind the watch. Chopard took all this into consideration and provided the customer with a platinum handle, through which they can be used to wind the watch to ensure that the watch can run for 9 days.
For more sports customers, (or not so rich people, but also …) Chopard has prepared a noble and sophisticated style-Happy Sport Chrono Chocolat. A larger watch with a chocolate-colored refractory ceramic fiber case, a rose gold rotating groove, five removable diamonds, and a synthetic rubber metal strap carved into a meandering undulation Dune pattern. Although it has a waterproof timing function, it is also excellent and elegant.
Source: Europa Star April-May 2009 Magazine Issue

Writing A Day In Lange History

November 9, 1989 completely changed Lange’s fate. The fall of the Berlin Wall allowed Walter Lange to revive the family business that had been forced to suspend. Lange never thought that one day he could make a comeback in his hometown of Glashütte and complete a special task-revitalizing the fine watchmaking industry in Saxon. Those who used to be with Lange once again witness the coming of historical moments today.

   Two photos five years apart: the former was taken on November 9, 1989, and the crowd was at the Brandenburg Gate
Celebrating the reopening of the gate on the Berlin Wall in front of (Brandenburg Gate);
The latter was taken on October 24, 1994, and Lange launched it in the Dresden Palace.
The first watch collection in the new era of Saxony fine watchmaking.
  The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of a political struggle. Although Glashütte is far from the center of the political whirlpool, this small town on the southeast end of the former German Democratic Republic clearly felt the shock on November 9, 1989.
   Annett Cellar, who was in charge of financial accounting at the time, was one of Lange’s first employees after the reconstruction, and she followed the development of the situation nervously in front of the TV. She recalled that when a reporter asked when the new rules on freedom of travel would take effect, the moment an exhausted civil servant replied ‘immediately,’ she thought she had heard it wrong. Later, a friend called her one after another to make her sure it was true. ‘We can hardly believe it,’ she said. Watchmaker Ursula Göhlert was equally shocked. ‘We have to adapt to this new beginning. In Berlin, which is divided into two worlds by the wall, people have felt the division of the country more effectively.’
  The people of East and West reunited under confusion and joy. Gudrun Pahl, who now works in customer service, understands the storm from a Western perspective. When she saw photos of people swarming across the border, she really understood the beginning and end of the incident. Britta Bäurich, who works in the sales department, is like most people. After learning about the fall of the wall through the news, he has ‘an indescribable feeling’ and excitement. Can not help but be mixed with doubt. Christoph Schlencker, the head of the testing laboratory, recalled: ‘At the time, we were worried that the gates would close again. A few days later, things became clear: the gates really reopened. . ‘

Earlier Lange employees were: Helmut Geyer, Annette Sina, and Christoph Schlusky
   Many people travel to Berlin, Munich and Stuttgart in the west or visit long-distance relatives immediately after travelling freely. But soon the question arises: what to do next? Design engineer Helmut Geyer set his sights on the declining watchmaking industry in Glashütte. Since the late 1970s, the former state-owned watchmakers have been producing quartz watches only, but in a market economy, these products are not competitive. Benito Lukas, the current director of the Lange Erosion Center, said: ‘The wave of layoffs was one after the other.’ He was one of the first victims, because he was young and not yet married. Several other employees, including Ursula Glet, were idle at the time.
   When Walter Lange expressed his intention to make watches again in Glashütte and hire employees for the new watch factory, news spread. Lange’s name still has a special meaning here. This is not only because of the brand’s long history and high prestige in the region, but more importantly, after Walter Lange was forced to flee to West Germany, he has always managed to keep in touch with the residents of his hometown of Saxony. Annet Sina’s grandfather used to make pocket watch movements for Lange, so after receiving the news, he hoped that his granddaughter could apply for a new Lange company. As for Helmut Geyer, he returned to be able to design complex mechanical watches again. Ursula Gelert also applied with the encouragement of her husband, although she initially had doubts as to whether she could meet the strict requirements of the company.
   Because East German training has always focused on manual skills, new employees at Lange have a good knowledge of mechanical watches. However, to make a watch priced over 10,000 marks in this new federal state, they could not fully adapt for a while. Therefore, the first step is to send employees to Switzerland to receive on-the-job training at sister company IWC, to understand the special requirements of advanced watchmaking. This includes superb sculptural and decorative techniques as well as computer-aided design. But most importantly, Günter Blümlein, Walter Lange’s business partner, persuaded this group of Saxon watchmaking pioneers to use bold design ideas and encouraged them to devote themselves to this. In a unique plan.

Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, people’s memories of time were hazy. The first Lange building was also depressed before it was renovated.

This is where the first female watchmakers made their watches in 1991
  After the training returns, they have to face the harsh reality again. The town of Glashütte lacked work equipment at the time, and everything had to start from scratch. At first there was only one computer-aided design workstation in the design office, and Helmut Goyer had to work in shifts with colleague Annegret Fleischer. The brand’s first plan was to make LANGE 1. Since it was decided from the beginning to adopt an asymmetrical dial design and an eye-catching large calendar display, developing a matching movement became the task of two designers. However, the design principle of the new large calendar display is not simple. The device must pass several tests to function reliably. At the same time, experienced designers need to suspend the design of the first watch movement and personally measure the size of the new room with a ruler. This is because the historic building that produced the Strasser & Rhode precision pendulum clock did not leave any architectural plans, and the building must be adjusted to meet the latest architectural requirements.
  At first there was no heating system either. In the winter, employees bring paraffin heaters from their homes for heating. However, from time to time, the old circuit system may cause the fuse to blow out due to excessive power. Despite the difficulties in the start-up phase, everyone’s excellent professionalism and deep knowledge base quickly came into play. In just four years, the first legendary Lange watch series was officially launched. Every piece of this watchmaking town marks the beginning of a new era.

Walter Lange took a group photo with the first four watches of contemporary Lange on October 24, 1994.
Of which LANGE 1 made Lange famous

   October 24, 1994 was a decisive day. The first four watches LANGE 1, SAXONIA, ARKADE and TOURBILLON ‘Pour le Mérite’ are subject to strict inspection by professional journalists and franchisees. After many rehearsals, this conference was meticulous and perfect. Everything is ready and under control, and only outside reactions are unpredictable. In the end, 123 watches sold out within a few minutes, and the last three were decided by lot. Outside the door of this important press conference, Lange employees were anxiously waiting for the results. When they heard the exciting news that ‘wholesale of watches were sold,’ everyone could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
  ‘That feels wonderful,’ said Ursula Gelert. That night, Annette Sina and Britta Baruch sat together to fill out the first bills.
  Such a proud achievement was unexpected. These handmade Lange watches are instantly appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts. A small team of people that day has grown into a multinational company with operations in 62 countries. These four new era watches have also created 5 extraordinary watch series, with more than 70 models. This success story has made Lange a model for many watch companies. Walter Lange, who celebrates his 90th birthday this year, sums it up: ‘What makes me most satisfied is to be able to personally witness the town of Glashütte once again becoming the center of German watchmaking.’ What is firmly believed is: ‘As long as our watchmakers insist on creating the best watches in the world, Lange can go higher and further.’

Three Luxury Watches In The Real World With Precision As Life

Tissot Hayden 2007 Limited Edition, limited to 11,111 only in this real world that regards time and accuracy as life, 2006 MotoGP World Championship and Tissot global sports ambassador Nick Hay Deng deeply understands the truth that every minute counts, and the 2007 limited edition racing series watch specially designed for him is based on his representative color-vibrant orange.
Bucherer-Aliya “Emperor” Wildcat Limited Edition, limited to 25 pieces with 962 flawless black diamonds, brown diamonds, and yellow diamonds inlaid into the illusion of a real tiger pattern. The concept is unique. The limited production of 25 pieces is precious and rare. . The Wildcat watch has beautiful lines, the gold case size is 45.1 × 31.4 mm, the proportion of the curved lines is just right, the two sides are set with brilliant diamonds, and the gorgeous flicker of crystal light flashes. Movement: high-quality quartz movement, dial: set with 367 black, yellow and brown diamonds, weighing 1.3 carats, and lined with brown silk satin strap.
Harry Winston Opus 7, limited to 50 American top jewellery brands Harry Winston, Opus watch series under its umbrella, every year will launch amazing works. The 2007 design emphasizes visual shock. The butterfly-shaped movement watch bridge is directly inspired by modern art style. It echoes the butterfly dance series launched last year. It is very eye-catching with a small black dial at 2 o’clock.

Practical Classic Tissot Huang Xiaoming Endorsement Hot On Sale

Recently, with the approaching of NBA events, Tissot’s cooperation with NBA special watches is getting more and more attention. Similar models are on sale. Recently, the author understands that many popular styles of Tissot are currently available for sale, including some new products in Basel. Tissot spokespersons Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei’s advertising models, but the advertising models are relatively popular, not always available. R & F Plaza Shengshi Watch Store is temporarily out of stock and needs to be adjusted.

Tissot Solar Series NBA Special Edition

Tissot T-TOUCH Solar Watch

    This Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch uses many high-tech technologies, including solar charging, touch sapphire crystal screen, titanium case material, and many sports outdoor functions such as chronograph, countdown, barometer, altitude, compass and many more. Without a doubt, this is an advanced wrist device. The huge size is not manageable by everyone, but it is very light.
Tissot Duluer Series Huang Xiaoming Endorsement

    This watch is a distinctive style of Tissot, not only because it is Huang Xiaoming’s endorsement, but also because this series is the name of the street where Tissot watch factory was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1907. This is still the company’s location . This watch is a combination of modern style and classicism. The concise case is made with different techniques and pays tribute to Tissot’s professional watchmaking skills.
Tissot Le Locle Fashion Elegant Lady Watch

    Similar to the Duluer series, the Tissot Rock series is also named after the brand’s location. Unlike the Duluel series, the Lilock series pays more attention to the traditional classic design and historical heritage. The entire series Marked by simplicity and elegance, it is one of the most classic and well-known collections of Tissot. This ladies watch is the new watch of this year. It is also the first time for a ladies watch with a carved pattern on the back. It adopts a delicate fritillary face and a relatively large size, which is suitable for ladies with a good temperament.

Summary: It is understood that the current NBA special models during the Tissot Basel show have not yet arrived, but similar styles are available for sale. In addition, Liu Yifei’s endorsement models are currently out of stock and need to be adjusted. Other new Basel products are arriving one after another. There are already a number of small and exquisite ladies’ watches on sale. Friends who are interested can call or visit the store for more information.
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