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Is Panerai In ‘the Richest Man In Xihong City’ An Advertisement?

The movie ‘The Richest Man in Xihong City’ is a strong contender for the 2018 summer box office championship. It used black humor to ruthlessly ridicule some people and things in this era. In line with the storyline, a number of well-known brand watches appeared in the movie, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mill, Panerai, and so on, which caused our curiosity, are they all implanted ads? The green strap is very eye-catching. One interesting thing is that the Panerai that appeared near the end of the movie was pointed out by many watch fans. The original watch released in the year was significantly different. The screenshot on the left and the brand watch on the right. Can you see the difference? This is even more intriguing: if it is a brand implant, why use a fake watch? If not, then why does the film give such a clear close-up of this watch, can see the brand clearly, can see the watch model, and can tell the true and false? Is it advertising? It’s not that simple. // Before discussing this issue, let’s get to know the watches that appear in the movie. Let’s talk about this Panerai, from the Luminor series, with a large crown shoulder guard, the eye-catching brand LOGO below the 12 o’clock dial, and the 6 o’clock hour mark has been replaced by a prominent Chinese character ‘fu’, indicating that it is the Chinese market Tailored. The stainless steel case, with a diameter of 44 mm, sells for almost 40,000 yuan when it is launched. Panerai’s first lucky watch was the fashion of the big watch. Panerai’s large watch diameter, large crown, eye-catching night disc, retro convex watch, won the attention of many young people. The ‘Fu’ watch models, before the appearance of the large-scale ‘Chinese Zodiac Watch’, were regarded as the pioneers of special editions in China. The market feedback was good and they were already sold out. Later, the brand added a version with a calendar, which cost more than 50,000. On the calendar SIHH this year, Panerai released the brand’s first 38 mm small size watch under the Luminor Due product line, which once again produced the Chinese ‘Fu’ watch. This time the word is not on the dial, but it is presented on the bottom cover with metal carving. It is surrounded by Chinese paper-cut style floral decorations, like a new year picture posted on the window during the traditional Chinese New Year. Rose gold material, priced at nearly 120,000 yuan. The second watch of the 38mm rose gold lucky watch, from Audemars Piguet, is this green royal oak offshore diving watch. Shen Teng wore many appearances in the movie, especially the performance of Wang Lihong’s special concert. less. Audemars Piguet is the pioneer of high-end sports watches. This diving series is the main color watch in the past two years. It also has bright yellow, orange, blue, purple and other colors. It is bright and youthful. It is quite popular among young people nowadays. . Stainless steel case, 42mm diameter, rubber strap, official price is more than 140,000. The third color of the Audemars Piguet watch that is popular among young consumers is this black wine barrel watch. Shen Teng chasing the girl’s scene gave this watch a positive look for a long time. The barrel shape, the distinctive bezel screws, the red rubber-wrapped crown, and the ‘shark gill’ rubber strap indicate that it is a product from the Richard Mill brand. It is suspected that the Shelby Cobra 427 classic car has been changed from white to black. From the characteristics of the model, the model should be RM35-01 or RM35-02. It is a collaboration model between Richard Mill and tennis player Nadal. Winding style, dense bottom design, RM35-02 is self-winding and back. The two are basically the same from the front, except for the model designation at 9 o’clock. Nadal’s cooperative RM35-01 and RM35-02 watches are carbon fiber case, the movement is specially reinforced design, known as Nadal can wear playing, under the powerful impact of high-speed swing, it can still operate normally without any impact . Even if it is just a simple menu, the manual version of RM35-01 will cost 800,000 yuan, and the automatic winding of RM35-02 will be almost 940,000. Richard Mill is a young brand that launched its first watch in 2001 less than 20 years ago. It is characterized by high-tech materials and peculiar functions, but the most significant feature is that it is expensive. The movie is fairly entry-level. The median price of all its current models is around 3 million yuan, so Richard Mill is also known as the ‘billionaire’s ticket.’ Recently, Wang Sicong appeared in ChinaJoy, wearing the latest model worth nearly 6 million-Richard Mille and the polo player RM53-01, claiming that the polo hit will not be bad. At the beginning of August, ChinaJoy, Wang Sicong’s wrist watch was the new SIHH 2018 watch. These high-end watches appeared in this ‘richest man’ movie, which is also very suitable. Will it be true? Is it advertising? // Let’s take a look at the other two movies in the summer season, which also have watches, and they are definitely true watches, which are brand implants. Directed by Jiang Wen and starring Peng Yuyan, ‘Evil Is Not Right’ tells a story of revenge in the 1930s. Although the box office is average, the ‘Jiang Wen Movie’ has been a controversial topic in recent years, so the popularity of the movie is not inferior. In the year of the movie story, wristwatches have just started to rise, and they are mostly worn by women. The mainstream market is still pocket watches, so the time tool in the movie is a silver pocket watch with a chain. Peng Yuyan used Longines pocket watches not only as props, but also a genuine antique watch in ‘Evil Is Not Compressed’. It was produced in 1929 and was wound by hand from the Longines Museum in Somia, Switzerland. Peng Yuyan is an elegant ambassador for Longines and a doctor who played the era of the Republic of China. Therefore, incorporating a Longines pocket watch from the 1930s into the storyline has no sense of contradiction. Another Sino-US co-production film Megalodon just released, starring Hollywood action star Jason Statham and Chinese actress Li Bingbing, deducing an American special forces teaming up with Chinese biologists to fight the prehistoric creature Megalodon. Science fiction story. Li Bingbing plays the female marine biology research scientist. In the movie, she wears a diving watch, which is in line with her identity setting in the movie to deal with the ocean all year round. Li Bingbing wears the Bucherer dive watch in Megalodon. This dive watch is a Bucherer dive watch from Bucherer. It is waterproof to a depth of 500 meters and has a diameter of nearly 45 mm. It is equipped with a rose gold stainless steel case and rose gold. With ceramic bezel and rubber strap, the price is about 90,000 yuan. The reason why this watch will appear in the movie, because Li Bingbing is the global image spokesperson for Bucherer, not only for film placement ads, but also for exclusive cooperation watch brand, sponsored the movie ‘Tooth Shark’ in Beijing World Premiere. At this point, it seems that the problem is a bit eyebrow: Peng Yuyan and Li Bingbing are the spokespersons or ambassadors of the brand. In the film starring them, the appropriate story can be integrated into the watch they endorsed, and they can only wear this brand in the movie . In ‘The Richest Man in Xihong City’, the Shen Teng, who plays the ‘richest man’ Wang Duoyu, is neither Richard Mille’s spokesperson nor Audemars Piguet’s ambassador, so he can wear a lot of watches. It’s easy to say that it is not necessarily props. We also tried to verify with the brand, but they were very secretive. Suspected Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diving Watch Green // We interviewed some industry related persons. The origins of the jewelry and watches appearing on actors in film and television dramas can be divided into the following types: The first one is to match the plot. The props are provided by the crew; the second is brand sponsorship, and the brand and the crew are in a cooperative relationship, and the brand provides the genuine product for the cast members to use; the third is the personal belongings of the star. The last situation is more complicated, because the personal items of the star are roughly divided into two cases: one is that he (she) really likes it and buys it by himself; the other is that the star has a cooperative relationship with the brand. There are also many forms of cooperation. In addition to the spokespersons seen above, there are also traffic stars who are not spokespersons or ambassadors. The brand will also ask them to wear them and use their traffic to achieve the purpose of “carrying goods”. For styling needs, take the initiative to borrow from the brand. In ‘North West 2’, Wu Xiubo, Dai Pooper, and Tang Wei, Dai Lida, each have their own look back at Shen Teng. He is not an actor with a beautiful appearance, not a traffic burden under the aesthetics of the times, but in the film world, Shen Teng and The happy twist team behind him is a new comedy force that has risen in recent years. From ‘Charlotte’s Troubles’ to ‘Shy Iron Fist’, the box office and word of mouth were among the top ten films released that year. Similar to Shen Teng, there is also Xu Yi, who has the same appearance and has achieved success in comedy genres. Starting from ‘Thai Yi’, almost every film with Xu Yi’s participation has been placed with high hopes. Shen Teng and Xu Zheng, they are considered to be the traffic burden in the movie theater. The movies starring them have the highest ratings and attendance rates in the same period. In the last movie ‘Behind the Scenes’ starring Xu Xu, Xu Xu’s character is a financial giant who lives in a villa like an Iron Man mansion and wears a suspected Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore gold watch on his wrist. . It is suspected that the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore model, so the watch in ‘The Richest Man in Xihong City’, if it is a real watch, it is likely to be a collaboration between the brand and the crew, and this is another story about ‘big money’ The plot fits perfectly. If it is a prop, there are two possibilities, one is ‘advertisement space for rent’. Last year’s hottest movie was Wu Jing’s ‘Wolf Warrior 2’, with a record of 5.6 billion box office, becoming China’s film box office history champion. Because of this, Wu Jing was on fire, and at the same time, Lu Jingshan, who was not popular ten years ago, returned to the spotlight. Now the audience knows that Moutai and Beijing Jeep appearing in ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ are not advertisements, but genuine props used by Wu Jing for supporting domestic products and matching the plot. Maybe no one noticed that Wu Jing also wore a watch in the movie. Instead of being sponsored by a brand, it was actually a peripheral developed by Wu Jing’s crew and raised money on the crowdfunding platform. Seeing the filming stage before ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ was unsuccessful, the Wu Jing opera crew was too stretched. When there is no box office guarantee, the filmmaker will try to maximize the benefits from many aspects. According to media reports, the ‘Wu Jing’ watch crowd-funded by ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ is already on the way. Not only are many stars competing to appear, capitals are rushing to invest, and brands from various industries are thinking Every way to implant their products, people are full of expectations for the popularity of ‘Wolf Warrior 3’. When the ‘Wolf Warrior 3’ is released, if there is any white wine or car, it will no longer be free support for domestic products, and if any watch is worn by Wu Jing, it should no longer be crowdfunding for the crew? The last possibility is also the greatest possibility. All watches in ‘The Richest Man in Xihong City’ are props, which are part of the absurd story of the whole movie, expressing the jokes about modern society, just like the characters in the movie: Wang Duo Fish (redundant), Xia Zhu (blind pig), Zhuang Qiang (cavity), Liu Jiannan (modest male) … Lu Xi’s interview notes headline signing author applies to join the readership, please send the real name + detailed professional information + personal Wechat to [email protected]

From The Tender Flower To The Eternal Love: A Countless Confession

Piaget Rose jewelry series and elegant men’s watches, enjoy a sincere romantic experience in the Valentine’s Day, whether as a gift of love or a token of love, a bouquet of delicate roses always express the best love way. The rose symbolizes the endless romantic atmosphere and the eternal love that blooms like a flower, creating an inexplicable moment between two mutually attracting hearts. If one day, the delicate flowers overcome the ephemeral time, how long will it last like true love?

   In the shady Earl’s Garden, the delicately planted roses spread out the delicate petals in the sun-drenched and mottled secluded place, showing the bright golden body paved with gold diamonds. Praising the beauty of every woman’s nature, Piaget Rose interprets a variety of glamour styles: charming, tender, cheerful, energetic, and confident. The gift of choice for the Valentine’s Day, let the most romantic roses express the most sincere love words.

PiagetRose pendant, 18K rose gold, set with 1 bright-cut diamond (about 0.03 carat) G33U0960; PiagetRose ring, 18K rose gold, set with 1 bright-cut diamond (about 0.03 carat) G34UV100;

PiagetPoloS-42 mm

   The queen in the flower cast from classic rose gold no longer fades, and emits a glorious glory that never fades. Between the slender pink neck, a huge rose slowly stretched its petals, and a dazzling diamond emerged (G33U0960). The earring rose earrings matched with it are lightly attached to the earlobe, shining brightly against the soft skin (G38U0074). A rose gold ring twisted like a rope bundle gently wraps the jade fingers, and a diamond-set rose shines beautifully (G34UA100). On the side of the ring rose, a colorful Akoya pearl reminds of the legendary Venus. She used roses to symbolize the power of love and beauty (G34UA100). In another ring, the gorgeous pink sapphire interprets Love is fiery and the strong faith of the couple (G34UV500).

   The delicate magic of roses is always hard to resist. Piaget global brand spokesperson Jessica Chastain admits: ‘The wonderful feeling of receiving a rose is unparalleled, and I am afraid that it is difficult to compare them with jewelry.’ Needless to say, this charming flower has become the best endorsement of affection. The Piaget Rose collection blends the warm and tender flower language into the delicate and precious gold diamond design to create a masterpiece of jewelry that ladies will love.

   A hidden gift of truth, Piaget PoloS watches will create unforgettable moving moments for men. Preserving the essence of classics while incorporating cutting-edge creative elements, this stainless steel watch adopts a very chic and distinctive ‘Eagle-in-the-Middle’ design that embodies the distinctive Piaget’s characteristics-a unique pillow-shaped blue is embedded in a 42 mm diameter circular case. The color dial is dedicated to the traditional fashion mind.
   A rose, a watch, an innovative Piaget masterpiece. Unstoppable love blooms a magnificent sea of ​​flowers on Valentine’s Day.