August 2017 “Heart Puppet” Eccentric Moon Phase Watch Presents Qixi Festival Meets Glashütte Original China Exclusive Qingxin Fan

Outstanding German watchmaking has a long history, such as long-lasting love. In August 2017, the Tanabata Festival is quietly approaching. Glashütte Original will bring an exclusive and special pink “heart-shaped” eccentric moon phase watch exclusively for optimistic and elegant Chinese women. The feminine heart powder with unique eccentric design conveys joy and joy, making this year’s Qixi Festival even more unique.
Extraordinary encounters only in China

   ‘玥’ has the meaning of a pearl in the hand and a beautiful beauty in Chinese characters. 83 artificially set exquisite diamonds are located on the dial, bezel and crown. The pink mother-of-pearl dial is hand-crafted by the brand’s own Pforzheim dial factory, with pink Louisiana The alligator leather strap and pin buckle, the ‘heart sacrifice’ eccentric moon phase watch cleverly combines every rare treasure of nature, so that the word ‘玥’ is perfectly interpreted. Eccentric Moon Phase Watch is the original pearl on the wrist that Glashütte gave to Chinese women, making every watch owner with such a treasure happy.
Eccentric moon

    The asymmetrical dial design achieves the harmonious and exquisite dial design of the eccentric moon phase watch. The ‘heart-hearted’ eccentric moon phase watch also designs the position of the hand above the vertical axis on the left side of the dial, which is in line with the extreme of the ‘golden section’ Aesthetic spirit. The meniscus relief at 2 o’clock shows the profit and loss of the moon, and the large calendar window at 4 o’clock makes the passage of the schedule easy to read. The overall dial arrangement is beautiful. Coupled with a white men’s eccentric moon phase watch, to create a subtle joy and tacit understanding between lovers in this Chinese Valentine’s Day.
Pink heart

   The pink that women love is given a sweet and gentle impression. Its low-saturation color conveys the feminine beauty, and rarely brings people negative emotions. Numerous pink classics have been born. Like Picasso, the master of abstract art, the happiest period in his artistic life is the ‘pink period’. He chooses to make himself feel pink to express his inner feelings. This year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day is different from the past. Glashütte’s original Chinese exclusive ‘Heart Puppet’ eccentric moon phase watch conveys the attitude of happiness and joy with the powder of ‘Enchanting’.