Chopard Chopard Year Of The Dragon Jewellery And Watch

Every new year in the festive season, all brands have launched a variety of booming products. In 2012, the year of the auspicious dragon, Chopard also re-presented the auspicious dragon-related jewellery and watches, so that Xiaolong gentlemen and ladies or lovers who love the happiness contained in dragons can collect it.

    One of the watches from the Chopard LUC Urshi watch series is the Blue Horned Dragon Watch. This series uses the basic elements of the universe in ancient Chinese philosophy-‘Five Elements’, namely gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, to design five kinds of spirit beasts respectively: Crouching Tiger, Blue Horned Dragon, Xuanwu Snake and Turtle, Phoenix, and Moon. Color unicorn, blue horn dragon is one of the watches. Urushi is a long-established Japanese lacquer painting art. Chopard LUC XP Urushi was the first to introduce this precious lacquer painting process into dial decoration. The LUC XP series of ultra-thin watches, with a case thickness of only 6.8 mm, perfectly reveals elegance and nobility. Combined with the national treasure-grade dill painting art, the combination of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and Swiss top watchmaking craftsmanship, the beauty produced by the fusion of eastern and western craftsmanship is beyond words. The dial design and drawing of this series of watches were done by Mr. Masaru Kiichiro, the master of lacquer art. Mr. Masuichiro Masuura is a Japanese-class artist, and is the Japanese art master officially named ‘National Treasure of the World’ by LUC Urshi. Watch craft value can be seen in general.

    Another auspicious jewelry for the Year of the Dragon is a dinosaur jewelry ring from Chopard’s top custom animal world series. The dinosaur ring is inlaid with a variety of precious jewelry. The unique ring shape is like a dinosaur holding a young egg and incubating it. The love is endless. It is a custom jewelry item that is worth collecting for those who love dinosaurs.