Extreme Taste Evolves Again: Casio G-shock Master Of G Series Powerful Red And Black New Color Design, Comprehensive Control Of The Land And Sea Air

The CASIO G-SHOCK born for toughness continues to challenge the limits and conquer the world comprehensively. The MASTER OF G series has been created with the three main spindles of MUDMASTER, GULFMASTER and GRAVITYMASTER. Based on the powerful impact-resistant structure, plus the third-generation three major sensors, GPS radio wave receiving system, dust-proof and mud-resistant structure, Triple G Resist anti-shock, anti-centrifugal and anti-vibration structure, tide information and other unique features, Create a functional watch that meets the needs of various extreme environments.

   Whether it’s conquering the harsh onshore environment, breaking through the waves, turning into an angry sea warrior, or challenging the extreme time and space of the skyline, the G-SHOCKMASTEROFG series allows outdoor adventure enthusiasts to conveniently operate various functions in various harsh environments and accurately grasp the dynamic Environmental information, comprehensively conquer land, sea and air, and expand a broader horizon of adventure.
   G-SHOCK MASTER OF G series, launched in the spring and summer of 2016. It is a powerful new color design with cool black collision limit red. Combined with the black case design, the dial is decorated with jumping hands, and the eye-catching red rubber strap is not only added. The fashionable and handsome style of the watch models will lead the trend of red and black contrasting taste. Among them, the MUDMASTER GWG-1000 series is designed to magnify the three-dimensional hour of 12, 3, 6, and 9 with the black bezel and large crown. The GULFMASTER GWN-1000 series models have a black and red contrast. In particular, the bright blue embellishment of the bezel is used to change the pressure value of the bezel, which also sets off the marine fashion. The GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000 series uses a calm black design, embellishing red and blue in the city code and other surface details. Exhibit the essence of toughness, and fully show the powerful charm!
MUDMASTER GWG-1000 dual mud-proof structure Equipped with three third-generation three sensors Powerful black red fashion style Challenges various extreme environments on land
   The MUDMASTER series has a dual mud-proof and dust-proof structure, and the buttons have a special air-tight design with mud-proof gaskets and sleeves to prevent fine dust and dirt from invading and alleviate vibration and shock. The crown is protected by a high air-tight anti-falling screw lock, ensuring a 360 ° seamless gap between the crown and the case, so that the movement is not affected by sand. The third-generation three-sensor Triple Sensor Version 3 equipped with innovative technology reduces the module by 95% and reduces power consumption by 10%, and simultaneously increases the accuracy and speed of azimuth compass measurement, allowing land explorers to change in the rapidly changing nature. In the environment, the three major indicators of bearing, altitude / barometric pressure, and temperature can be grasped more quickly, lastingly, and accurately, conquering all severe onshore environments.

CASIO G-SHOCK GWG-1000RD ?, expected to be available in May

   The GWG-1000RD-4A model magnifies the three-dimensional hour at 12, 3, 6, and 9, and reflects the city code ring and surface details plated with blue light. It is matched with the dark black case, crown and large size. The buttons and eye-catching red rubber strap are even more powerful. The dial incorporates dual LED lighting and luminous paint scales, and simultaneously illuminates the hands and the digital LCD display. The intimate design of the hands automatically hides the function. When using the orientation, altitude / barometric pressure and temperature measurement functions, the hands will automatically avoid the LCD area below To improve the convenience of reading information. Convenient non-slip large buttons and solar power that can be converted into electrical energy with only a weak light source allow outdoor adventure lovers to conveniently operate various functions in various harsh environments and accurately grasp dynamic environmental information.
GULFMASTER GWN-1000 tide information Combined with three sensors of the third generation Black, red and blue embellish classic elements of the sea
   The GULFMASTER series combines an impact-resistant structure, 200 meters of water resistance and an existing sport style. It is equipped with the third-generation three sensors and uses CASIO’s world-leading technology “Smart Access” intuitive operating system. 10%, effectively reducing the measurement unit, not only can easily drive multiple functional operations, allowing marine explorers to more quickly and accurately measure bearing, temperature, pressure / altitude, and tide and moon age information display functions to easily grasp walrus information.

GWN-1000RD-4A, expected to be available in May

   G-SHOCK GWN-1000RD-4A series models, the bezel and dial are designed in black, in order to facilitate reading of various information, eye-catching red is used to embellish the second hand. The rubber strap is more marine style. Using large LCD liquid crystal display, two sets of independent LED high-brightness illumination illuminate the pointer dial and digital liquid crystal display respectively, enhancing the clarity of information and the comfort of reading. When using the functions of orientation, altitude, air pressure and temperature measurement, the pointer automatically avoids the LCD area below, which makes it clearer when reading various information. In addition, in combination with the innovative strap joining structure, the strap is directly joined to the case, making the strap strong and not easy to fall off, and the curved arc of the wrist that fits comfortably to the wrist, leading adventurers to compete in various marine sports.
GRAVITYMASTER GPW-1000 original GPS satellite hybrid radio wave receiving system Shock resistance, anti-centrifugal force and anti-vibration structure
   CASIO’s original GPS satellite hybrid radio wave receiving system can not only automatically receive the standard time signals transmitted by China, North America, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany. When the watch cannot receive the standard radio wave signals, press the function key for 3 seconds easily. Through the original GPS The calculation system and satellite signal receive the location and time information, and the automatic adjustment makes the information such as time zone and daylight saving time more accurate. In cooperation with Sony Corporation, a low-power GPS receiving chip tailor-made, equipped with a light-shielding dispersive solar panel that can improve the efficiency of light generation, complements the low-power radio wave reception, greatly reducing the power consumption of the watch, allowing you to travel the world accurately There is no limit to timing! TRIPEL G RESIST is resistant to impact, centrifugal force and vibration. The case frame is combined with the strong structural design of reinforced rubber (Fine Resin), which increases the impact resistance and shock absorption capacity, and is easy to use in various severe environments.

GPW-1000RD-4A, expected to be available in May

   The new GPW-1000RD-4A uses a calm black case design, embellished with dazzling blue and red on city code rings, hands and other surface details, and equipped with a jumping red strap, showing the classic air fashion charm. The watch eye at three o’clock is decorated with the earth pattern and can display the current latitude position. The watch eye at eight o’clock can also display the time in the second time zone, allowing users to easily grasp the world time information. The DLC-treated stainless steel case increases its metallic luster and abrasion resistance. The sapphire surface and carbon fiber strap are more durable. The large forged side button design requires only a single pressure switch to quickly grasp the precise moment.