Fighting With Sunlight 30,000-60,000 Good Watch To Accompany You Xiaoxia

Look at the table at 2 pm, looking at the hot sunshine outside, burning every corner like an aggressive, sitting in the room blowing air-conditioning to eat ice cream is too bad !! Don’t be lazy, since idle is also idle, it’s better to take these guys to take advantage of this fire to be happy!
Records VS Tag Heuer Carrera series WAS2110.BA0732 watch

 Listening to the song actually listens to the mood. When it was overcast, everyone fell into sorrow, and at midnight, they collectively entered the memories. Situations are wonderful things, and when you bring them into the corresponding environment, you can make people’s emotions change. Because the body can sweat in the summer, it is not a season when the petty bourgeoisie overflows. Recommend a song in my own name: ’empire state of mind’, this song I listened to in 887 in the winter of 2009, it was snowing at that time, so now it sounds like it is snowing outside anytime. This song is very explosive, but it has very good control over the rhythmic pitch and bursting vocal aria. Put yourself in the song, and you may feel that everything under the sun is within your control.

 Sometimes the time gets faster or slower is related to the mood. This song with a length of 4 minutes and 37 seconds may bury the seeds of happiness in your heart. So as the second hand advances, the seeds will germinate into big trees, which can support the mood for a shady. The reason why the Carrera series is so famous in the watch industry is not only because of its exquisite craftsmanship, but also because of its unique and varied style. This WAS2110.BA0732 watch uses an automatic mechanical movement. The stainless steel material is not afraid of bumping even when you forget about it with music.

Bikini VS Cartier Blue Balloon Series W69010Z4 Watch

Don’t deny that the purpose of losing weight in the first half of the year is for summer bikinis. All women are wonderful in bikinis. The enemy of cellulite is not compactness, but confidence. Is it to give up the whole beach just for a little bit of perfect curve? Don’t be silly girl! The arms of the waves are open to someone, and you are no exception! Special reminder: if you are at the beach or other outdoor occasions, do n’t choose bikinis with steel rings and other decorations, because they will be burned by the sun. If you really like that tone, it is better to wear it in the evening party. Under the lights, those steel The ring will be very eye-catching! The so-called mind, but probably so.

 If you want to have fun on hot occasions, in addition to dressing well, accessories must keep up with you. In addition to perfect smiles and shiny skin in bikinis, a tasteful watch can improve you a lot. temperament! Believe me, the devil’s figure looks sultry but it’s a bit vague. We know that swimming in a bikini is not the first thing. How to make you stand out in the night? The blue balloon will definitely help you! The golden luster of the W69010Z4 watch will make the skin more textured!
Sunglasses VS Chanel Premiere H2433

 The most functional fashion accessory must be sunglasses. While blocking the hot sun, it can also add points to various bump shapes. The most versatile style in sunglasses is Ray-Ban. Regardless of gender, style or face. When Ray-Ban became an independent cultural concept, derivative styles based on it were also hot-selling seasonally. If you want to find a versatile and stylish item, I believe Ray-Ban will become your must-have partner. The so-called single product must have a single product, I think it is the look of Ray-Ban!

 Frankly, the wrist accessory that I first thought of when I saw Ray-Ban Mirror was Dafei, but it is a bit harsh to let ordinary girls also control it. It is most sexy to incorporate some feminine elements in some neutral styles. What is it like? Lady Boss in the upper body and Sexy Idol in the lower body. If you can appreciate it, then it feels very in place. In addition to Ray-Ban, the accessories are the Chanel Premiere series. The two seemingly irrelevant styles are fused together and have unexpected effects.
Aurora vs IWC Portofino Automatic IW356501

I never feel that luxury cars are noble. I think that cars that climb hills in summer are really ‘noble’. Imagine how delicate it is to drive around in the mountains in a good season with mountains and rivers. Of course, you ca n’t just be willing, but also ask if your chassis is willing. Many cars have a splattered mud idea to make it taste as sexy as your dripping sweat beads hanging on your skin. Don’t be afraid of difficult mountain roads and you won’t be crowded out by highways. The advent of the SUV has saved all urban hunters. It’s not important whether it’s the X5 or the old Cherokee. The important thing is whether the car and the landscape can melt together.
 IWC feels very gentleman, you know, sometimes gentlemen are more eager to be public, wrapped in a dull atmosphere for a long time or even longing for the uninhibited heart, can be completely released, find a Friday, throw office bags to work after work Trunk, unbutton a few shirts, drive alone to the depths of the mountains, open the skylight to see the stars is a wonderful thing, the night you spend with you will never be lonely and helpless, you are deep in your wandering, It will all be in the core.
 Summary: The arrival of summer is definitely a scalp, because the fear of summer heat will last for several months. Since there is nowhere to hide, there is no need to hide. It may not be necessary to take the above items and go out to the sun. unhappy. If you think the above method is very interesting, you can shut down the computer and try it out. When you are passionate about one thing, the process is often happier than the result, just like the summer weapon is not ice cream, but the mood of ice cream in your mouth. (Photo / text watch home ZOE)