From The Tender Flower To The Eternal Love: A Countless Confession

Piaget Rose jewelry series and elegant men’s watches, enjoy a sincere romantic experience in the Valentine’s Day, whether as a gift of love or a token of love, a bouquet of delicate roses always express the best love way. The rose symbolizes the endless romantic atmosphere and the eternal love that blooms like a flower, creating an inexplicable moment between two mutually attracting hearts. If one day, the delicate flowers overcome the ephemeral time, how long will it last like true love?

   In the shady Earl’s Garden, the delicately planted roses spread out the delicate petals in the sun-drenched and mottled secluded place, showing the bright golden body paved with gold diamonds. Praising the beauty of every woman’s nature, Piaget Rose interprets a variety of glamour styles: charming, tender, cheerful, energetic, and confident. The gift of choice for the Valentine’s Day, let the most romantic roses express the most sincere love words.

PiagetRose pendant, 18K rose gold, set with 1 bright-cut diamond (about 0.03 carat) G33U0960; PiagetRose ring, 18K rose gold, set with 1 bright-cut diamond (about 0.03 carat) G34UV100;

PiagetPoloS-42 mm

   The queen in the flower cast from classic rose gold no longer fades, and emits a glorious glory that never fades. Between the slender pink neck, a huge rose slowly stretched its petals, and a dazzling diamond emerged (G33U0960). The earring rose earrings matched with it are lightly attached to the earlobe, shining brightly against the soft skin (G38U0074). A rose gold ring twisted like a rope bundle gently wraps the jade fingers, and a diamond-set rose shines beautifully (G34UA100). On the side of the ring rose, a colorful Akoya pearl reminds of the legendary Venus. She used roses to symbolize the power of love and beauty (G34UA100). In another ring, the gorgeous pink sapphire interprets Love is fiery and the strong faith of the couple (G34UV500).

   The delicate magic of roses is always hard to resist. Piaget global brand spokesperson Jessica Chastain admits: ‘The wonderful feeling of receiving a rose is unparalleled, and I am afraid that it is difficult to compare them with jewelry.’ Needless to say, this charming flower has become the best endorsement of affection. The Piaget Rose collection blends the warm and tender flower language into the delicate and precious gold diamond design to create a masterpiece of jewelry that ladies will love.

   A hidden gift of truth, Piaget PoloS watches will create unforgettable moving moments for men. Preserving the essence of classics while incorporating cutting-edge creative elements, this stainless steel watch adopts a very chic and distinctive ‘Eagle-in-the-Middle’ design that embodies the distinctive Piaget’s characteristics-a unique pillow-shaped blue is embedded in a 42 mm diameter circular case. The color dial is dedicated to the traditional fashion mind.
   A rose, a watch, an innovative Piaget masterpiece. Unstoppable love blooms a magnificent sea of ​​flowers on Valentine’s Day.