Glasutti’s First Shanghai Store Opens Grandly

Recently, Glashütte, the world’s largest watch manufacturer and top luxury brand under the Swiss Swatch Group, officially opened in Shanghai Xintiandi, opening China’s second and Shanghai’s first direct-selling specialty store.
    Xintiandi, Shanghai’s bustling metropolis’s luxury landmark place, cutting-edge fashion meets and merges here, and Glashütte’s shops are quietly located here. The heavy stone kumen door is carved with delicate patterns, and the hollow movement pattern on the floor-to-ceiling windows makes the store bright and transparent while also having a wonderful sense of creativity. With the architectural design of the garden house, it perfectly perfects the atmosphere of the traditional old Shanghai. Integrates with the brand’s German cultural temperament.
    Upon entering the store, at first glance you will see the huge Glashütte dial engraved on the mahogany wall. In the warm atmosphere outlined by bright yellow lights and off-white sofas, various Glashütte top-level limited edition watches quietly Lie in the glass showcase waiting for the gaze of the connoisseurs.
Explore the Glashütte Store for yourself:
No. 1 Taicang Road, Luwan District, Shanghai
Phone: 021-53083766