Gucci Watch Jewellery Celebrates British Music Fund Launch

Following the launch of the Gucci Timepieces & Jewellery Music Fund in 2012, Gucci Watch Jewellery launched its British Music Fund last week. The fund aims to discover and train talented young musicians around the world. Its first project was launched in China last year-Gucci Watch Jewellery and the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation (CSCLF) support young Asian musicians.
The award-winning British singer Emeli Sandé attended the launch ceremony press conference, which was hosted by the famous British radio station DJ Jo Whiley. Emeli Sandé will help promote the British Music Fund project, where she won the UK’s Best Female Singer award at the 2013 British Music Awards. Jo Whiley is one of the longest working female DJs in the UK and is known for advocating new music and performing live on the show. Neil Portnow, president / CEO of The Recording Academy®, also attended the launch ceremony in support of this groundbreaking initiative.
The Gucci Watch Jewellery Music Fund has witnessed its collaboration with the World Heart Beat Music Academy in London. The World Heart Beat Music Academy is a center that helps people of all ages and backgrounds who don’t have access to music training. The World Heart Beat Music Academy, through its innovative programs, inspires young people to enter a world of infinite possibilities with their love of music.
Under the framework of friendly communication and cooperation between Gucci Watch Jewellery and The Recording Academy, outstanding students of the World Heart Beat Music Academy will have the opportunity to participate in the GRAMMY Camp® Music Summer Camp in Los Angeles. The Music Fund will provide 10 students from the music school with the opportunity to participate in the GRAMMY summer camp in the summer of 2013.
Sahana Gero, founder and artistic director of the World Heart Beat Music Academy, said of the new opportunities brought by the alliance with the Gucci Watch Jewellery: Beat Music Academy, I am very excited about this. We believe that beautiful music can affect human heartbeat and have the ability to change the lives of young people. The partnership with the Recording Academy of America brings us special opportunities to enter new fields, So that our students can use the power of music to realize their dreams and aspirations. As long as they are full of hope, faith and investment, they can achieve great things. ‘
Emeli Sandé will assist with the promotion of the British Music Fund project, adding: ‘Today’s young people can express themselves through music and it is vital that they have the opportunity. Projects like this make music at your fingertips , Especially vulnerable teenagers will be able to tell their own stories with music and make their voices heard by the public. These are exactly what I think, so I am really honored to be part of the project. ‘
Gucci Watch Jewellery expects to strengthen its connection with art, especially music, by expanding the coverage of the Music Fund, especially the American Recording Academy, which has long-term cooperation with Gucci Watch Jewellery, will play an important role in new projects. Executive Officer Neil Portnow said: ‘By cooperating with Gucci Watch Jewellery, the Recording Academy of America can continue to expand its development goals globally and bring new opportunities to young musicians. The United Kingdom has produced many internationally renowned music legends, so we We look forward to participating in the Grammy Summer Camp for music students in London and providing them with unique experiences and opportunities to improve their music culture. ‘

 Gucci’s new GUCCI INTERLOCKING watch

To support this music fund project, Gucci Watch Jewelry has launched a new stainless steel watch from the Gucci Interlocking series, with a stainless steel bracelet and a black dial. This small 29mm men’s and women’s watch features the signature ‘GG’ interlocking logo on the bezel, which stands for the acronym of the brand’s founder, Guccio Gucci. The style of this watch is simple and bold: the striking concentric grooved dial is reminiscent of vinyl records. The watch’s caseback is engraved with ‘Gucci Music Fund’.
Gucci watch jewelry has a long history of love for art, especially music. The creation of the British Music Fund fits perfectly with the brand’s core values. The company’s CEO Michele Sofisti explained: ‘The values ​​of Gucci watch jewelry are closely linked to music. Music is essential in our collective culture. It not only connects people, but also shapes and influences other trends, including fashion and design. .The creation of the British Music Fund and support for the vibrant World Heart Beat Music Academy demonstrates our commitment to supporting the new generation of musicians and the thriving arts. ‘