How To Identify Fake Rolex, Edit To Teach You

Due to the popularity of the Rolex brand in the country, in recent years, domestic Rolex watch counterfeits have flooded so much that you can buy a Rolex for a few dozen dollars on a small stand. I have already taught you how to pass products. Strings identify Rolex watches. Today we are teaching you how to distinguish between true and false by the appearance of Rolex watches.
First, look at the strap
 1. The workmanship of counterfeit Rolex straps is generally rough, especially when the gold is more obvious.
 2. In the case of a genuine gold strap, it can be seen that the cross section is relatively thick, the thickness is not uniform, and the thickness of the fake is the same.
 3. The middle gold part of the genuine watch strap is parallel to the outer steel part, which feels smoother to the touch, while the fake gold part is slightly lower than the outer steel part, and you will feel a detailed transition. .
 4. Most fake Rolexes will not be lettering on the buckle.

Second, look at the case structure
 1. The biggest feature of counterfeit Rolex cases is that they often “mix and match”. Series of different models are often mixed together to make a new product. The reason why they do this is probably to reduce costs.
 2. Some counterfeit Rolexes are also printed with material descriptions that do not match the watch on the back of the case. For example, some are made of steel and are printed into gold.

Third, look at the dial to distinguish between true and false
 1. There are many rough places on the dial of counterfeit Rolex watches, such as diamonds of different sizes and positions. The positions of the luminous spots are uneven, the calendar frame is not aligned with the dial, and some glass apertures are printed with the production serial number.

Fourth, laser anti-counterfeiting signs
 1. Rolex has etched a small logo on the sapphire crystal from the six o’clock direction since 2002. This logo is very small and can be seen with a magnifying glass or eyepiece. The mirror has been replaced.
 2. The authentic Rolex mirror is composed of 152 pitch points, the part of the match head is 7 points, and the opening circle is 14 points. Due to the workmanship of fine fake watches, this is not possible.

Five, distinguish between true and false
 1. The rounded head of a genuine Rolex is more like a mouth shape that is laughing, so it is commonly known as ‘laughing’, and the fake ones are made into ‘closed lips’ because of technical problems. This comparison can be easily distinguished. come out.
 Today there is an article about identifying genuine and fake Rolex, so I will introduce it to you here. Welcome everyone to comment on the article to provide more and better ways to let us resist the traitors together.

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