Inspiration Creates Forward-looking Future Casio New Product Launch Event Record

The 2011 CASIO new product launch conference was grandly held in Guangzhou, with major agents and multiple media from across the country attending, and the scene was lively. At the press conference of new products, CASIO introduced new models such as G-SHOCK’s new Mudman, Baby-G’s new BGA-130, and EDIFICE’s new EQW-A1000DB. The new technology and new ideas were well received by the audience . The latest models displayed by the six major brands of Casio Watches reinterpret their different and dynamic styles: the tough “G-SHOCK” series is led by the maverick Huang Lixing, and the rebellious little European and American queen KA $ HA The ‘Baby-G’ series that matches different personalities, the intellectual freshness of Guilun Magnesium perfectly matches ‘SHEEN’, the aggressive ‘EDIFICE’, the adventurous ‘PROTREK’, and the elegant and excellent ‘OCEANUS’. Numerous amazing works caused discussions among the audience and expressed their appreciation for CASIO watches this year. (CASIO 6 major sub-brands each displayed the latest models this year, each with its own characteristics.)
CASIO has always won the love of watch fans with original electronic technology and trendy fashion design. This year, CASIO is making innovations, like the slogan ‘Inspiration Creates the Future,’ and combines the latest technology with aesthetic design and intelligent technology Together, create the most fashionable and powerful CASIO watch. This year’s CASIO, in addition to the technology of the 6 leading radio waves in the past, has also shaped the 5-motor independent drive system in a new way, achieving a higher level of humanized operation. New electronic control technology allows intuitive control of various functions. The magnetic sensor is embedded in the crown of the watch. By simply pushing, pulling, and turning the crown, you can easily complete the operation and switching of various watch functions. In terms of CASIO’s advanced backlight system, the ultra-high-brightness LED system improves the resolution of the surface, ensuring that it can clearly display in the dark and bring the most ideal illumination. There is also a luminous lighting system. When you touch the illuminated button, the LED emits ultraviolet light. The scale coated with fluorescent coating, the hour hand and minute hand only need to be exposed to light for a short time, and they can keep emitting light for a long time.
(G-SHOCK exhibition area exhibits the spirit of ‘Absolutely Toughness’, and also echoes G-SHOCK’s powerful sports functions.) (GW-9300 shock-proof / dust-proof and mud-proof structure / 200 meters waterproof / 6 radio wave reception)
At the conference, the most eye-catching men’s watch is G-SHOCK’s new Mudman GW-9300. The new GW-9300 has redesigned an important key protection device protected by resin. While resisting the erosion of sand, dirt, dust, etc., it also improves the convenience of functional operation and maximizes its dust and mud protection capabilities. The watch incorporates a new dual sensor, which can measure compass direction and temperature, and uses anti-magnetic 64-bit titanium alloy and SUS316L corrosion-resistant stainless steel to avoid measurement errors. (EQW-A1000DB 6-station radio wave receiver / solar drive / 5 independent motor drive)
The favorite EDIFICE for business people is EQW-A1000DB, which is the most eye-catching. Its unique double-layer dial design, combined with dynamic pointer action, has a clear layer, which fully reflects the extraordinary dynamics of racing and speed. The innovative intelligent operation system of the pointer watch, through the independent drive of 5 motors, allows each pointer to operate independently, thereby improving the convenience of operation. A sensor-embedded crown can actuate the pointer independently, or act as a button in combination with other buttons to achieve composite function operation. Each function mode can be easily switched, making the watch operation simpler and more sensitive.
(SHE-5512 sapphire glass mirror / stopwatch / off-site time / 50 meters waterproof)
And SHEEN, the favorite of white-collar women, has launched the new SHE-5512, which uses a high-quality ceramic bezel and a white dial decorated with golden meteors. . The three-dimensional cut surface of the scale is engraved with the shining light of time, reminiscent of the vast galaxy in the bright night sky. The bezel embellished with Swarovski crystals is graceful and shiny. The white decorative buttons and crown make the watch exude elegance.

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