Interlacing Classics And Gorgeousness Precious And Vibrant Elegant Watches

What kind of inspiration source really made Victoire De Castellaneg, Dior’s chief jewelry designer’s first cross-border watch design, and gave birth to such amazing La D de Dior watch series?
   The La D de Dior series watch inherits the spirit of Dior watches and integrates innovation into the gorgeous and stylish texture. Its design concept is derived from the young girl wearing a lover’s watch. The neutral large size surface, coupled with the girl’s slender wrist, the strong contrast shows the elegant and sexy character of women. The silk-satin-like garment is affixed to the wrist, like a handicraft that reveals time. I have to admire Victoire, a talented jewellery designer, who can combine several rare materials with the concept of jewellery design into the simplest design into a timeless classic. Even more amazing is the plaid design on the La D de Dior watch, like a precious fabric, which interweaves classic and gorgeous.
   La D de Dior has launched a series of stainless steel models, stainless steel jewellery models and high-end jewelry models to choose from. It is divided into two sizes: 33 cm and 37 cm in diameter. It is suitable for all different wrist shapes. It also has all the top watch features: 18K gold, stainless steel, sapphire crystal, color F, G and diamond inlay, ETA Swiss quartz movement, 30 meters water resistance.
   Since taking over Dior Jewelry in 1998, within a few years, Victore successfully pushed Dior’s High Jewelry to the extreme of gorgeous fashion. This time, Victore will use her infinite creativity and rich source of inspiration in the design and production of the new La D de Dior jewelry watch, a completely different field. This energetic jewellery designer has made a completely different interpretation of high-end watches through a series of precious and vitality gorgeous elements.