Old And New Material Omega Speedster Grey Side Of The Moon

Dark Side of the Moon, which was launched before OMEGA, won the Geneva Watch Award in 2014-it is relatively rare that it won the best replica watch. Generally speaking, it is rarely used now. The moon watch was treated as a replica watch; the good news was that a Grey Side of the Moon was launched the following year. In terms of this color-changing trick, we seem to have been immune for a long time, but the same tricks made by OMEGA are different. On the one hand, gray ceramic is indeed a new color that has never been seen before, and the watch is used here. The technology is special.

Feature one: white to gray ceramics
The watch is made of ceramic material in the case, bezel, outer ring of the bottom cover, crown, and the handle, and the interior should be like the dark side of the moon without a metal inner case, which can be said to be a very thorough ceramic watch. The so-called gray ceramics are actually discolored by the action of reheating the white ceramics. In the specific process, the white ceramics are first processed from pressurization, sintering, and cutting to a shape close to the finished product, and then placed in 20,000 degrees Celsius. And, it was burned in a plasma heating furnace filled with special gas for three hours, and the white ceramic was able to change color to a special color and texture like metal instead of metal. The method of warming and discoloring is quite new. In fact, the hardness of white ceramics is much higher than that of black ceramics as far as the author knows. The early processing itself is already very difficult, so the technical content of this production is indeed Compared with the previous month, the black face is improved.

The dark side of the moon and the gray side of the sub-face plate are different from ordinary models, the outer ring scale has another protrusion, the gray surface of the plate is made of platinum and then sandblasted. Coaxial chronograph hands is a major feature of the 9300 series movement

Feature two: ceramic technology innovation symbolizes the progress of craftsmanship
In fact, the development of ceramic processing was originally a very prominent piece of watchmaking technology in recent years. From color changes (whether using temperature control or chemical agents), doping with metals to change the hardness and texture, and even pure ceramics can be processed by plasma treatment. Showing a metallic luster, new technologies appear almost every year, but on the other hand, the development of these technologies is also conducive to the popularization of cutting tools, allowing new materials to be formed into products, all of which have witnessed the rapid progress of the watch industry.

The luminous speed of the tachymeter scale is a new design. In the production, the laser is used to engrav the numbers on the ceramic bezel, and then the light-absorbing coating is filled in. The front of the bezel is made of concentric circles of hair, and the sides are polished. Different textures also create different colors.

Feature three: enhanced luminous effect
In addition to the color of ceramics, this one also adds eggs that are not on the black surface for a month. That is, the speed scale on the bezel and the OMEGA Logo on the crown are also filled with luminous paint. The sex-less, luminous crown logo is purely a boon, but the new design is indeed pleasing, aside from the performance of the boot. The dial of the watch is sandblasted with platinum material to create a matte rough texture; the dial of the lunar surface has several different surface treatment methods, such as the black surface of the moon is polished, The 57th engraved version has also used radial patterns, but in the final analysis, the matte blasting should still be the most orthodox method of the lunar surface. Even the two-year-old lunar watch (black and gray on the moon) performs better than the basic models, and the designer’s keen Sense is indispensable.

OMEGA’s Super Comagnetic technology, Master Co-axial, has not been applied to the 9300 series before, but it seems that it is only a matter of time; the moon watch and the transparent sapphire crystal are Box-type, which is quite rare in the market.

Speedster Grey Side of the Moon

Gray ceramic material / 9300 automatic movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / COSC Observatory certification / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 44.25mm / reference price: 83,000