Introduction To Athens Gmt Perpetual Calendar Watch

Perpetual calendar, GMT, Geneva time, number 338, model 326-22, circa 2003
Estimated price: 7000-9000 USD
Including commission price: 13,750 USD (about 90,475 yuan)
Overall description:
Perpetual calendar, GMT, Geneva time, number 338, model 326-22, manufactured around 2003.
附件 [Accessories] Original watch box, warranty card and instruction manual.
[Diameter] 38 mm.
[Condition] 18K gold, three-piece set, transparent case back fixed by 6 screws, satin silver dial, gold baton-type hour markers, blue steel willow-shaped hands, Cal. UN 32 movement, rhodium plating, 34 Ruby, lever escapement, single metal balance wheel, signature on dial, case and movement.
评论 [Review]
The adjustment of the perpetual calendar watch is a big problem currently facing the watch industry. With the efforts of Dr. Oklin, Athens introduced the world’s first patented rapid adjustment device, which can reverse the date of the perpetual calendar watch. In recent years, the average price of the 18K gold version of the Athens GMT perpetual calendar has remained at around RMB 100,000, and the results of this auction are within normal fluctuations.

Knife On Watch Watching The Boldness Of Reading Gold Carving Art

Golden carvings are derived from traditional carvings, while carvings are derived from the beginning of human civilization. In ancient times, carving was used as a way of recording, which preserved human wisdom and civilization at that time. In the Renaissance, carving became a unique art form and flourished. In the art palace, there has never been anything like sculpture that can express a three-dimensional, complete, and layered sense, even if painting attempts to be three-dimensional and abstract due to the emergence of perspective.

Hand carved pocket watch

    With the classification of carvings, many styles have appeared. Manual micro-sculpting is one of the most complicated engraving methods, while the sculpting of mechanical clocks is just to a large extent applied to manual micro-sculpting. There is no strict subordination between micro-carving and gold-carving, but two classification methods. The intersection of these two classifications is the gold-carving craft in the watch we are talking about today.
Gold sculptures in the watchmaking system
    The use of gold carving in clocks is very rich, not only on the surface of the clock, but also on the movement of the clock. In most cases, what we see is the engraving on the surface of the clock. There are some differences in this engraving, such as engraving directly on the appearance parts of the clock (including the dial). The veneering process embeds the finished product into the watch.

    For example, Patek Philippe’s new-generation ‘watch king’ 5175, which was launched at the 175th anniversary, is carved directly by Patek Philippe gold carving artisans. In recent years, the zodiac watch has been very lively, and some of its gold sculptures are carved first and then mounted on the dial. These two are not so good or bad, they are just made according to different designs in order to achieve different artistic effects.
    In today’s extremely rich clock carving system, we often see many very interesting and profound words, such as shell carving, relief, carving, carving, etc., each of which has its own unique charm and the beauty it displays is irreplaceable. But the difference is that with the help of modern electronic equipment, a considerable part of the engraving process can already be completed by mechanical equipment. Laser engraving is one of them, which is mainly used for engraving information such as numbers and characters. The watch’s artistry still needs to be carved by hand, which is also the most important value of artistic watches.

   Traditionally, the steps of making gold sculptures on watches are not complicated. First, draw a sketch, determine the pattern to be carved, then trace the outline of the pattern on the part, then use tools such as sculpting knives, files, etc. Retouch. Then why are there so few good golden sculptures and so difficult? The reason is that people, not everyone can easily master this craft, this is not a matter of being clever or clever, but a spirit, persistent patience and accumulated craftsmanship.
The shape and god of gold sculpture
    Compared with gold carving on the external structure of the watch, it is obviously more cautious to move the knife on the core of the watch. No matter how important and strong the art of this watch is, it is first a watch that can accurately display the time, and then the carrier of art and culture. Otherwise, it is necessary to carefully sculpt on the watch. Although the gold carving process seems to be so mature today, in the face of the already formed movement plywood, carving will become a difficult task. This is very similar to Zhuoyu. First of all, we must observe and consider the characteristics of the material itself, and fully follow the structure of the material before we can conceive and carve it.

    In the field of fine watchmaking, Blancpain is the leader in artistic watchmaking. Blancpain’s five extraordinary craftsmanship (gold carving, enamel, damascus gold setting, gem setting, and red copper) have greatly opened up mechanical watchmaking in the art space. On the horizon. For this reason, Blancpain has established his own art workshop. The masters here do not specialize in mechanical watchmaking, but instead blend the pure and charming craftsmanship in the world to create Blancpain’s artistic legend. At the Le Brassus watchmaking farm, Blancpain’s gold sculpture team brings infinite vitality to the brand. Ms. Mary, who won the ‘Top Prize in French Handicraft Craftsmanship’ in 2011, will have extremely subtle natural scenery and grand nature through superb carving skills. The scene is condensed into a Blancpain watch.

5 cities 5 styles

    In 2011, Blancpain launched the Villeret gold custom-made personal watch in Basel. On the surface, it is no different from some other Villeret watches under the brand. The very simple two-pin design and elegant dial surface make people look completely Impervious to its mystery. However, when you flip over the watch, the Calibre 15B calibre with gold carving pattern produced by Blancpain’s gold carving team will surprise you. Through careful carving, Blancpain fully restored the urban features of Switzerland, France, Japan, China and Hong Kong, China.
    Compared with other forms of engraving, the engraving used by this movement is obviously more complicated. First of all, the style of each city is completely different. Then, the original structure of the movement splint needs to be modified and finalized in the composition. This is just the beginning. When entering the gold carving link, we must use the different carving tools of the gold carving craftsman to sculpt, chisel, and modify the detailed patterns. At the same time, we must grasp the size of the plywood. Only the smallest thickness can be presented. Stereo effect.

Blancpain Ganesha

    In addition to this complete set of gold engraved watches, Blancpain has a lot of gold sculpture masterpieces. The Ganesha watch, which has won the GPHG ‘Best Craftsmanship Watch’ award, is even more exciting.
Jacques Dro Carving Time
    From the beginning, Jacques Dro’s artistry followed. The association with the royal family not only brought rich wealth to Jacques Dro, but also created a foundation for Jacques Dro in the palace of art and culture. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the fusion of horological production with world art became the basic requirement of royal royal watch masterpieces. Throughout the major museums, royal clocks at that time were never purely mechanical objects. They must have exquisite or even luxurious Decoration and art processing. Many of Jakodro’s masterpieces are on display.

Jacques Darrow bird golden eagle

    Nowadays, Jacques Dro’s artistic cultivation is once again appreciated by the world in the art of gold carving. On the small dial, the gold sculptor in the Jacques Dro Art Workshop can always express natural things vividly. Jacques de Roaches timepiece series with four hours and small dials is the outstanding achievement of Jacques de Loire gold carving techniques. In the timepieces of the Jacques de Loose brand’s early timepieces, the tits from the Jura region of Jacques de Lo hometown, Because of his vocal emptiness, Jacques de Rodriguez has shown it in his works through exquisite craftsmanship. Since then, birds have become an important part of Jacques Dro’s art and culture. The theme of Jacques Dro’s immortal masterpiece, ‘Birds of Time’, also comes from birds.

Jacques Rodriguez small bird hour dial-Four Seasons watch

    Integrating Jacques Dro traditional craftsmanship, the Jacques Dro gold eagle bird small hour dial-Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons watch on the white mother-of-pearl dial, in a completely three-dimensional form, showing the nature of the birds wonderfully Rhyme. The mother-of-pearl dial fully carved by the master of craftsmanship paves the natural scene of the Swiss Jura Valley, from near to far. In different seasons, the emotions between two birds are depicted in different colors. At the same time, the fully opened wings of the birds are even more vital under the subtle carving of the gold carving.
    In order to express this theme vividly, Jacques Dro first carved a complete bird shape using traditional gold carving techniques, and then mounted on the dial to form a strong and vivid three-dimensional feeling. According to different themes, the bird’s surface and background are specially treated to show the different rhythms of the four seasons.
Extreme luxury Unparalleled carved beauty
    Carving is a complex way of gold carving, and its complexity can make people respect. Carvings can be used in the movement, or on the case or dial. The main carvings are relatively regular textures, such as dragon scales and flowers. It’s complicated because it requires more detail and is very delicate. It is also because of its complexity that when carefully crafted, it will show the most luxurious beauty.

Vacheron Constantin hand-carved tourbillon movement

    Vacheron Constantin, an ancient watch manufacturer that has been continuously produced for 260 years, has a rich history and culture. Because of this, after Vacheron Constantin’s superb artistic performance, its charm has deeply attracted countless art lovers. In Vacheron Constantin, the masters of art create their own series. Each of its watches has its own advantages. The exotic culture with distinctive personality is quietly fused, and one of the most important forms of expression is the carved flower. To celebrate the 260th anniversary of Vacheron Constantin’s founding, in 2015 Vacheron Constantin launched a movement carved master tourbillon watch. The main parts of the movement splint are carved with arabesques, curly leaves and clear meridians.

Lange balance wheel plywood carving process

    Although there are many brands that can ask independent sculptors to make a few carved watches, and some brands have the ability to make their own, so far, only a few brands I know are very familiar with carving crafts as a tradition , Continuous inheritance, one of the benchmark brands is Lange. From the revival of Lange to today, the carved balance plywood of the balance wheel has become part of the brand’s unique craftsmanship. Whenever it comes to Lange, or appreciate the Lange movement, this is an indispensable detail, because all these carvings are made by Craftsmen carve by hand, and each one is unique. It is these beautiful patterns that give Lange watches a romantic and artistic atmosphere that makes people intoxicated.
Summary: Only with the blessing of art can mechanical timepieces reach the highest palace of luxury goods. This law has not changed from beginning to end. Art is not practical, so its value is difficult to be measured. Therefore, when we lament the high price of art watches, we should appreciate its intrinsic value. Don’t let the price affect your right to appreciate art.

Bulgari Launches New Serpenti Serpentine Watch

With its iconic Serpenti series, Bvlgari showcases unsurpassed superb craftsmanship. This is an incomparable watch that admires its origins but breaks through the conventional, with strong jewelry decoration It is also a model of goldsmith art. It is a work that transcends time. Its creativity comes from the unwavering creation of beauty that Bulgari loves, and reinterprets it with a holistic approach and a basic style perspective.
   Serpenti cleverly integrates snake and Tubogas bracelet making technology, both of which are the most prominent features of the Bulgari brand value. The meandering serpentine figure, the symbol of eternal youth and immortal mythological creatures have become an integral part of the Italian jewelry world since ancient times, and represent the most famous creative work of Bulgari for decades .
   Bvlgari continues to reinterpret its creative style in accordance with the constantly updated vision, which mainly integrates the overall artisan art-from jewelry to enamel, from goldsmith art to watchmaking-constantly giving new images of the eternal snake form.
   As the brand’s iconic style, aesthetics is the essence of design that has long guided Italian jewelers. Serpenti has also made Bulgari one of the rare original luxury brands.
   Smartly wrapped around the wrist, infinitely charming and enchanting, the Tubogas bracelet designed by Bvlgari in the 1950s is still unique. The iconic beauty, complex and patient spring winding process are all unique to Bulgari. Rose gold strap-5 meters of gold wire is required to make one turn on the wrist, and 10 meters of gold wire is required to make two turns. The Serpenti Serpenti watch is the result of a long and carefully prepared, final casting process before final assembly, and these are the unique door processes of Bulgari.
   In order to stay true to the serpentine charm of the snake, the entire strap naturally winds out of the case. Bezel set with 38 diamonds (0.29 carats). The black fluorescent dial is subtle in contrast to the satin-finish sunburst frosted finish, and the crown is set with pink rubies cut with goose eggs.

Poper Calendar Women’s Watch

Full-calendar moon phase small seconds display women’s watch that integrates beauty and function, is definitely the love of a mother who is both charming inside and outside. Excellent function display, elegantly and concisely distributed on the noble and elegant mother-of-pearl dial, making the reading time clear and easy. Every time I look down, I am happy and happy. This year, Blancpain launched the Blancpain Women Complete Calendar with moon phases and small seconds, which combines beauty and function. It brings unprecedented beauty to ladies of all tastes! High-end watches are often regarded as a good thing for men. However, the top Swiss watch brand Blancpain, which is strong and well-versed in market demand, has always been meticulous for the needs of female watch fans. This year, Blancpain launched the BlancpainWomen Complete Calendar with moon phases and small seconds, a women’s watch that brings unprecedented beauty to a class of ladies! The Blancpain Full Calendar Moon Phase Small Seconds Women’s Watch is equipped with a 35mm red gold or stainless steel diamond case. Through the sapphire crystal case back, it can see through the Calibre 6763 automatic movement. Excellent function display, elegantly and concisely distributed on the noble and elegant mother-of-pearl dial. The watch is equipped with a 100-hour power reserve function and a water-resistant depth of 30 meters. It is paired with a precious alligator leather strap, which once again confirms Blancpain’s perfect pursuit of beauty and function, successfully capturing the noble lady’s heart.
About Blancpain
Founded in 1735, Blancpain is one of the few brands today that can produce ultra-thin watches with complex functions. Blancpain has always adhered to the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and insisted on making only mechanical watches. Each piece is a fusion of aesthetics and technology. There are countless classics created over the years, including the world’s smallest Automatic movement, the world’s thinnest automatic chronograph watch and the world’s smallest minute repeater manufactured in 1987, the world’s thinnest two-second chronograph watch introduced in 1988, the first with date display and one-week power reserve in 1989 The thinnest self-winding tourbillon watch with features, the first eight-day power reserve perpetual calendar tourbillon watch in 2000, the first time equation watch in 2004, and the world’s first one-minute carrousel launched in 2008 Watches, etc. The brand is part of the largest watch group Swatch Group. Mr. Marc. A Hayek has been the president of the brand since 2002. After taking office, in addition to upholding the fine tradition passed down over a century, he also added new styles and marketing strategies to make the brand development Go up one level.

Laureato Legion Adds Another Dark Knight

In 2017, the most complete and complete variety of watches in the same brand and series should be the Girard-Perregaux Laureato series. The basic three-handed + date display model, in addition to the material distinction, there are different diameters of the 38, 42 mm and 34 mm ladies watches, in addition to the hollow watch to show the watchmaking process, and high-end complexity The function, tourbillon watch with a diameter of 45 millimeters, is a huge battle of nearly 30 styles. Unexpectedly, at the end of this year, the official released a brand new watch made of ceramics, which is also extremely beautiful.

   Looking back at the past of the Laureato series, it is really the first time to use black ceramic materials to create watches, but extracting new ideas from the tradition has always been the research and development direction of Girard Perregaux in recent years. The octagonal bezel and the Paris studs on the dial are still the iconic design that has lasted for a long time. With the white scale on the outer edge of the dial and the rod-shaped hour markers and hands with luminous function, it looks extraordinarily late at night To reveal the dark special luster.

Laureato Tourbillon black ceramic case, bezel, diameter 42 mm, Paris studded dial, hours, minutes, date display, GP01800-0025 self-winding movement, 54 hours power reserve, sapphire crystal glass and Bottom cover, waterproof 50 meters, black ceramic chain strap.
   It is particularly worth mentioning that if you carefully appreciate the models, you will find the brand’s ingenuity in appearance processing: due to the high hardness and fragility of ceramics, it is not easy to decorate the surface of the material, and Girard Perregaux not only uses circular brushing and polishing on the bezel, horizontal drawing on the case and H-shaped bracelet, but also smooth polished links. To add the studs on the dial and the detailed chamfering of the octagonal bezel It can be seen that almost every skillful work is needed, which is rare. It is equipped with its own developed GP01800 movement, which is meticulously processed and has a stable power output of 54 hours. Among them, this Laureato series watch with Geneva ripple on the bridge and black ceramic material will definitely make many watch friends do it. Fascinating hot watch.

Iwc Ambassadors Lewis Hamilton And Nico Rosberg Will Appear At The 2016 Singapore F1 Grand Prix

At the invitation of IWC, Mercedes-Benz and HUGO BOSS, IWC image ambassadors, Mercedes-AMG Petronas team drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg One week before the 2016 Singapore F1 Grand Prix, they will be unveiled at Marina Bay Sands and ION Orchard Shopping Centre.

   From September 10, 2016 to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix weekend, the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center will specially display the F1 racing simulator, inviting citizens to challenge the fastest lap set by three-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. On September 14th, Lewis Hamilton will make a public appearance at the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center and communicate with citizens during a question and answer session.

   The F1 racing simulator will be located next to the IWC IWC boutique on the B1 floor of the Marina Bay Sands Shopping Center and will be open to the public from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. The deadline for the challenge is September 18, 2016. Enter the final lap time at 6:00 pm. The winner will win an exclusive F1 prize signed by Lewis Hamilton.

   On September 15, 2016, Nico Rosberg will appear at IONOrchard Shopping Center to participate in the public Q & A session. The public will also be invited to participate in the competition. Submitted on Saturday, September 17, 2016, before 10:00 PM.

   Since 2013, IWC has been the official engineering partner of Mercedes-AMG Petronas team. In the same year, Mercedes-AMG Petronas team drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg became IWC brand ambassadors, further consolidating the partnership between luxury watchmakers and F1 teams. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Rolex Will Extend The Warranty To 5 Years From 7/1. Will It Become The New Standard For The Swiss Watch Industry Warranty Policy?

According to foreign news reports, starting from July 1, 2015, Rolex extended the warranty period of the product from the current two years to five years, and from July 1, 2013 to June 2015 Rolex products purchased during the 30th period will also extend the warranty period by one year to a three-year warranty.
   It remains to be seen whether Rolex’s new warranty policy will drive the Swiss watch industry to follow up, but in fact, in recent years, some brands have also used extended warranty as a marketing strategy to increase the added value of products and market competitiveness.
   For example, OMEGA offers a 4-year warranty on models equipped with Co-Axial coaxial escapement movements and silicon balance springs. Breitling also offers a five-year warranty on models equipped with its own movement. Richard Mille provides free repair service for the first 3 years plus a 2-year warranty for a total of 5 years.
   However, other brands are mostly two-year warranty. Therefore, as the most influential brand, Rolex’s policy of extending the warranty period will not lead to the follow-up of the entire Swiss watch industry, at least Will have a significant impact within the industry.

Simple But Not Simple Tissot New Watch Is Coming

Baselworld 2014 is in full swing. New watches from many brands show more surprises to the world. As a leader in the horological industry, the Tissot watch has continuously demonstrated new vitality. This watch has a simple and clear design and returns to its original chronograph function. Next, let us admire Tissot’s new watch along with the real shots sent back by the mission team.

  The above is the 2014 Basel watch related information carefully prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, please pay attention to it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

Chopard Chopard Year Of The Dragon Jewellery And Watch

Every new year in the festive season, all brands have launched a variety of booming products. In 2012, the year of the auspicious dragon, Chopard also re-presented the auspicious dragon-related jewellery and watches, so that Xiaolong gentlemen and ladies or lovers who love the happiness contained in dragons can collect it.

    One of the watches from the Chopard LUC Urshi watch series is the Blue Horned Dragon Watch. This series uses the basic elements of the universe in ancient Chinese philosophy-‘Five Elements’, namely gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, to design five kinds of spirit beasts respectively: Crouching Tiger, Blue Horned Dragon, Xuanwu Snake and Turtle, Phoenix, and Moon. Color unicorn, blue horn dragon is one of the watches. Urushi is a long-established Japanese lacquer painting art. Chopard LUC XP Urushi was the first to introduce this precious lacquer painting process into dial decoration. The LUC XP series of ultra-thin watches, with a case thickness of only 6.8 mm, perfectly reveals elegance and nobility. Combined with the national treasure-grade dill painting art, the combination of Japanese traditional craftsmanship and Swiss top watchmaking craftsmanship, the beauty produced by the fusion of eastern and western craftsmanship is beyond words. The dial design and drawing of this series of watches were done by Mr. Masaru Kiichiro, the master of lacquer art. Mr. Masuichiro Masuura is a Japanese-class artist, and is the Japanese art master officially named ‘National Treasure of the World’ by LUC Urshi. Watch craft value can be seen in general.

    Another auspicious jewelry for the Year of the Dragon is a dinosaur jewelry ring from Chopard’s top custom animal world series. The dinosaur ring is inlaid with a variety of precious jewelry. The unique ring shape is like a dinosaur holding a young egg and incubating it. The love is endless. It is a custom jewelry item that is worth collecting for those who love dinosaurs.

Parmigiani And Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

‘Watchmaking is like music: there is life with rhythm-and only if we build it wholeheartedly, can we achieve the glorious movement.’-Michel Parmigiani

   LAUREN HILL, PET SHOP BOYS, GRACE JONES, Macy Gray, Erykah Badu, LONDON GRAMMAR band, YOUSOU N’DOUR, TOM JONES, etc … These are all about to participate in the 51st Montreux Jazz Festival (MJF for short) The guests of) once again proved that music has a strong cohesive force. Parmigiani and MJF are about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their cooperation, and they will remember the precious emotions that are unforgettable in this decade.

Ten years of cooperation and sharing

   Parmigiani started working with the Montreux Jazz Festival for the first time in 2007, establishing a foundation for a unique combination between the two fields of watchmaking and music. This past decade, Parmigiani is more determined than ever to pursue its common values ​​with the Montreux Jazz Festival: to be curious about the world’s multiculturalism, to be open and inclusive; to focus on outstanding craftsmanship, and strive for a harmonious style ; Continue to advance the work of the founding ancestors, what they once valued most: crossing all boundaries and sharing their passion with as many people as possible.
As a global partner of the festival, Parmigiani will welcome its customers, partners and friends to its newly decorated space, to participate in a variety of concert activities for a total of 16 days, to spend unforgettable time.


   Parmigiani is proud to present the special MJF watch, highlighting the black and white theme of the 2017 festival poster. This year, MJF invited the outstanding French genius graphic designer Malika Favre to design posters for the festival. She boldly used black and white tones to show female dancing. There are six instruments hidden between these female energetic body lines, and when you look closer, they begin to merge with each other. Parmigiani chose to reproduce this contrasting style on his new Tonda Métrographe: black dial with white date window, black strap with white stitching. The limited edition of 20 watches is engraved with the words ‘Montreux Jazz Festival’. Following the tradition, these watches will be presented to well-known figures in the music industry and emerging talents at the end of each concert.
Montreux Jazz Festival Special Watch — Ten Years of Persistence

   Since cooperating with the Montreux Jazz Festival, Parmigiani has created a special MJF watch every year, the dials echo the theme of the year’s festival. The creative principle is: choose the most striking element from the festival poster-whether it is a central theme, a certain musical symbol or a certain design pattern-and then reproduce it through a unique dial, making full use of the Parmigiani Watchmaking Center The superb professionalism of the dial masters.
   Often, a coating process called ‘épargnage’ is used for such displays. The method is to cover the dial with a custom protective element ‘épargne’ with selected elements, and then carry out the decoration process. The next step is to remove it, revealing the poster theme through contrasting surfaces and the interaction of texture and light.

   In 2016, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Parmigiani launched a special watch with a snail-shaped dial to echo the groove on a vinyl record at 33 rpm. The watch pays homage to the way people listened to music 50 years ago, highlighting the long history of the festival and the talent of its founder, Claude Nobs — he had a large collection of 33 rpm Vinyl Records.
   Whether it’s a symbolic element or a transfer of a design, the special Montreux Jazz Festival watch, introduced every year since 2007, shows how an independent, creative watchmaker is collaborating with an event that shares the same values Superb craftsmanship shown in Chinese.
Technical details
Number PFS274-0001408-XC1442
Winding: automatic winding
Power reserve: 42 hours
Frequency: 4 Hz-28,800 vibrations / hour
Dimensions: 12 ½ ” ‘-diameter 28.0 mm
Thickness: 6.07 mm
Number of parts: 351
Number of jewels: 46
Hours, minutes
Small seconds
Date window
Chronograph function
Dimensions: 40 mm diameter
Thickness: 11.7 mm
Material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire
Back cover: sapphire
Watch back engraving: ‘Edition limitée XX / 20’
Colour: Black
Time scale: rhodium-plated luminous coating
Surface finish: matte, snail-shaped chronograph
Hands: triangular hands with luminous coating
Material: Calfskin
Colour: Black
Type: Discount