Practical Classic Tissot Huang Xiaoming Endorsement Hot On Sale

Recently, with the approaching of NBA events, Tissot’s cooperation with NBA special watches is getting more and more attention. Similar models are on sale. Recently, the author understands that many popular styles of Tissot are currently available for sale, including some new products in Basel. Tissot spokespersons Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei’s advertising models, but the advertising models are relatively popular, not always available. R & F Plaza Shengshi Watch Store is temporarily out of stock and needs to be adjusted.

Tissot Solar Series NBA Special Edition

Tissot T-TOUCH Solar Watch

    This Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch uses many high-tech technologies, including solar charging, touch sapphire crystal screen, titanium case material, and many sports outdoor functions such as chronograph, countdown, barometer, altitude, compass and many more. Without a doubt, this is an advanced wrist device. The huge size is not manageable by everyone, but it is very light.
Tissot Duluer Series Huang Xiaoming Endorsement

    This watch is a distinctive style of Tissot, not only because it is Huang Xiaoming’s endorsement, but also because this series is the name of the street where Tissot watch factory was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1907. This is still the company’s location . This watch is a combination of modern style and classicism. The concise case is made with different techniques and pays tribute to Tissot’s professional watchmaking skills.
Tissot Le Locle Fashion Elegant Lady Watch

    Similar to the Duluer series, the Tissot Rock series is also named after the brand’s location. Unlike the Duluel series, the Lilock series pays more attention to the traditional classic design and historical heritage. The entire series Marked by simplicity and elegance, it is one of the most classic and well-known collections of Tissot. This ladies watch is the new watch of this year. It is also the first time for a ladies watch with a carved pattern on the back. It adopts a delicate fritillary face and a relatively large size, which is suitable for ladies with a good temperament.

Summary: It is understood that the current NBA special models during the Tissot Basel show have not yet arrived, but similar styles are available for sale. In addition, Liu Yifei’s endorsement models are currently out of stock and need to be adjusted. Other new Basel products are arriving one after another. There are already a number of small and exquisite ladies’ watches on sale. Friends who are interested can call or visit the store for more information.
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