Red Gold And Blue Noodles Are Not Available Every Year-panerai Panerai 659

Panerai PANERAI can be regarded as a brand with good materials in the hands of watchmakers, not to mention PAM00292, which is a synthetic ceramic material of Panerai Composite back in 2010, and not to mention the first bronze material in 2011. The limited edition watch PAM00382, let’s talk about the 5Npt red gold material launched by Panerai in 2012 (the representative work of this material is PAM00398 is correct). The PAM00659 we talked about this time is not only the 5Npt red gold material exclusively developed by Panerai, but also with a blue radial pattern face plate. Red gold with blue face is simply ecstasy!

Feature one:
Panerai’s exclusive patented 5Npt red gold. Before ’12 years, Panerai’s watches were made of rose gold, but what exactly is called 5Npt red gold, in fact, people who know a little bit of jewelry probably know that in addition to gold may reach 999 pure gold, As accessories or watch cases are mainly 18K, such as 18K gold is 75% gold content, as for the other 25% is other metals.

The 5Npt red gold, which is more rosy than rose gold, wins both in appearance and practicality, because the addition of 0.4% platinum makes the case more sturdy and durable, even after decades of use. Does not allow the watch body to oxidize and discolor

Rose gold is generally defined as 75% gold, 22.2% copper, and 2.75% silver. To put it briefly, when gold is mixed with copper, it becomes red gold. The more the proportion of copper, the deeper the red. Therefore, what Panerai calls 5Npt red gold is 75% gold and 2%. Fourteen copper, and 0.4 percent platinum. In appearance, Panerai’s 5Npt red gold looks more rosy to the naked eye than rose gold, and its color is more prominent. In addition, it must be emphasized that after the expensive platinum is added to the gold-based case, the density of the case is enhanced, and the high-density body is not easily oxidized. What’s more, 5Npt red gold can not change color for decades. In fact, compared with rose gold, 5Npt red gold has extra effects on durability and aesthetics.
Feature two:
Rare blue ocean face plate. Panerai blue face is rare, not only because it is mostly issued in limited models, but also because it is really rare in the limited edition. The earliest blue face is 1997, and the last few have blue face red gold. The models are PAM00538 with a limited edition of 300 at the WATCHES & WONDERS exhibition in ’13 and PAM00598 with a limited edition of 200 at 2014. By 2016, Panerai launched four blue-faced watches in one breath. , But the only one using red gold material is this PAM00659 watch.
This color of blue is in the heart of Panerai, which is dominated by nautical elements. In fact, it is like the incarnation of the ocean. Although Panerai rarely uses blue face in the current models, as long as it uses blue faces A certain value and rarity, because the blue dial is like the marine elements of Panerai, which is the main core, not only enhances the watch’s durability, but also adds elegance to it, which makes people love it.
Feature three:
First homemade skeletonized movement. The movement is a deep focus of Panerai a long time ago. As early as 2002, Panerai began to produce its own movement. In 2005, it launched the first P.2002 self-made movement. The PAM00659 is equipped with The P.2003 / 10 movement is actually a hollowed-out version of the P.2003 movement. If you look back a little further, the P.2003 movement is based on the P.2002 hand-wound movement, so the P.2003 / 10 movement The core has the original three barrel design of the P.2002 movement, so the power reserve is more than ten days; the difference between the P.2002 movement and the P.2003 movement is that the P.2003 movement is equipped with automatic The winding structure becomes a more practical model.
However, what is more unique is that the skeletonized version of the P.2003 movement, the P.2003 / 10 movement, can be seen on the hollow caseback. The clear time-series wheel train and escapement structure can be seen, plus the ratchet under the automatic disc. The claw-type winding structure allows the fans who like the movement to enjoy the intricate plywood polishing by hollowing out the automatic threading through the perspective line.
5Npt red gold material / P.2003 / 10 automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / time function of both places / power reserve display / day and night display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 50 meters / 45mm diameter

Not the rose gold that everyone is used to, but the 5Npt red gold material that is exclusively patented by Panerai, with a relatively rare blue radial surface plate. The combination of red gold and blue face can already be started, especially with hollow P.2003 / 10 automatic winding movement, can fans who like the movement not be drunk? Such a poisonous combination, Panerai must have a certain degree of difficulty for each shot (such as this one can only be sold exclusively in the brand’s global specialty stores), and it will wait for several years after one shot, do you have to wait?