Romantic Time Bell Of Love Place Movado Couples Send Sweet Blessings To The Watch

Long-lasting love always makes people yearn for. The precipitation of time puts a beautiful expectation on love, and the romantic throbbing is carved in every minute. In this sweet Valentine’s Day that belongs to each other, as a testimony of romantic love, Movado couples always bring a surprise, a heartbeat, a tacit understanding to the watch! I hope that every commemorative day can go hand in hand, cherish this affection in the streamer years of my wrist, and stick to the promise of ‘holding hands with the old’ in this life.

Movado Ruixian series couples watch

Model: 0607089 (for men), specifications: 40 mm (for men)

06070996 (female), 28 mm (female)

Movado Rui fiber series couples pair watch, thinner case, smoother appearance, combined with the brand’s modernist aesthetic concept to present you a unique watch charm. A simple circular ultra-thin case with a sun-dial dial, the brand’s signature concave dots at 12 o’clock, the dial is decorated with slender column hour markers, elegant crown prince hands and a low-profile minute ring. With a stitched leather strap and a classic stainless steel tongue corresponding to the case. Choose this elegant watch as a Valentine’s Day gift and spend a sweet time with your lover.

Movado Swiss World Series Couple Watch

Model: 3680006 (male) / 3680013 (female)
Specifications: 40 mm (men’s) / 34 mm (women’s)

Movado joined hands with well-known industrial designer and artist Yves Béhar to launch the Swiss world couple watch pair. The combination of simplicity and geometric aesthetics shows the fusion of art and avant-garde design. The original design of Howitt is re-interpreted in three dimensions. The iconic dots emerge on the new curved plane of the dial. The texture carved on the edges symbolizes the sunlight and can be used as a minute scale. The stainless steel link bracelet with push-button folding buckle is full of style, suitable for lovers to wear in daily life, witnessing the time spent by two people, symbolizing continuous love.

Movado Ruihong Museum Series Couple Pair Watch

Model: 0607007 (for men) / 0607010 (for women)
Specifications: 42 mm (men’s) / 26 mm (women’s)

The Movado Ruihong Museum series couples watch, the legendary single-dot dial is known as the simple and pure design in the history of watches and clocks, which embodies the model of modernism. The new strap made of selected high-quality alligator leather with gold PVD stainless steel buckle is simple and handsome. The 42mm men’s and 26mm PVD gold-plated stainless steel cases have a back case. Pleasing to the eye. Use it as a token of love that conveys each other’s love, and let time witness the endlessness of love.

Movado Aisha Couple Watch

Model: 0607058 (for men) / 0607053 (for women)
Specifications: 39 mm (male) / 28 mm (female)

Meet the right person in the vast sea of ​​people, and create a sweet memory that belongs to each other with him / her, and choose a pair of attractive couples watch, as if the heart between the lovers has a good spirit. Movado’s new Aisha couple watch includes pure stainless steel, intergold stainless steel, and PVD gold-plated stainless steel, all with the iconic black museum dial. The iconic design of the new hinged case connected to the skeletonized bracelet reinterprets modernist aesthetics, perfectly integrating the inspiration of architectural aesthetics with the core concept of ‘perpetual motion’, bringing a unique sensory experience, let this model Become your close friend and accompany you to fulfill your promise of a lifetime.