Simple Is Noble Bulgari Assioma D Series Aa35c6sds Watch

Bulgari is a well-known Italian jewelry brand, which can be called the world’s top level in gem setting art. Bulgari also has its own experience in watchmaking. It has multiple collections that are praised by the world. Its design and technique are unprecedented.
 To say that the world’s watch brands combine elegant style and noble taste, Bulgari must be among them. This brand originated in Italy, started with jewellery and launched many exquisite masterpieces. And its watch technology, with aesthetic classics as the standard, has created one after another in the history of watches. The Bvlgari AssiomaD series is specially created for women. The curved structure creates a perfect curve for women, which is more suitable for ladies’ exquisite wrists.

 The Bulgari AssiomaD series AA35C6SDS watch has all the advantages of this series. The design that integrates the case and bracelet makes the entire watch look more natural and the lines are smoother. The body and bracelet are made of stainless steel, which is durable and echoes the overall style of the watch. The diamonds inlaid on the left and right sides of the case add highlights and nobility to this watch. The upper and lower Bulgari characters echo the brand’s personality. The brief dial design, in addition to the time scale and hour and minute hands, is complicated and decorated. This is not only a heritage of the series, but also provides a simple and noble style for this watch itself.

AA35C6SDS watch, priced at 81,000 yuan, which is consistent with the Bulgari brand positioning. Excellent materials, simple and noble design, I believe that only Bulgari can make their performing arts so fresh and refined, and become a tall product that people are increasingly chasing. This watch, with appropriate diamond decoration on both sides of the case, makes this watch even more noble, which greatly satisfies women’s vanity. The perfect fit of the case and the bracelet fully demonstrates the beautiful lines. With the size of 35 mm, it is very atmospheric, making it suitable for a wider range of people.
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