Sotheby’s New York June Watch Auction Price Top 5

On June 11, 2015, Sotheby’s New York watch auction. Unusual auctions, rare and rare models, some of which have never been auctioned before. But it is surprising that a large number of wrist auctions produced from 2011 to 13 seem to easily erase the doubts of collectors and break the pre-sale valuation. The following is the top 5 of Sotheby’s New York watch auction in June this year.
No.1 Patek Philippe Ref.605: $ 982,000
   Patek Philippe, the laurel of the auction price, who will let me go! Patek Philippe has produced less than 100 such open world time pocket watches, with different case materials and dial layouts. The Patek Philippe Museum has one, and the importance of this pocket watch is obvious. Collectors certainly want the same privileges. In this way, the valuation of $ 200,000 to $ 400,000 before the auction was too conservative.
No.2 Richard Miller RM59-01 John Blake: $ 478,000
   Modern watches are rare in auctions, and there are few more modern and colorful watches than this Richard Miller RM59-01 John Blake (No. 44/50). This influential tourbillon watch was created by Richard Miller and Olympic gold medalist, Jamaican sprinter John Blake, and was released in 2013. The final transaction price was twice the pre-sale valuation, and the doubts were easily and freely erased, which is exactly the case where young independent watch brands performed best at the auction.
No.3 Patek Philippe Ref.5016: $ 418,000
   It’s Patek Philippe again! This Ref.5016 is designed with a Calatrava case, assembled from more than 500 tiny components, equipped with precious complex functions including tourbillon, minute repeater and perpetual calendar, and equipped with retrograde date hands and moon phase profit and loss display, At one time it was the most complicated watch model made by Patek Philippe. As a result, when this rare and rare Ref. 5016 rose gold watch appeared on the auction, Patek Philippe collectors sought to seize the opportunity.
No.4 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept: $ 200,000
   Manually wound tourbillon, linear minute chronograph with central second hand, other features need no further explanation. In 2013, the American hip-hop superstar Schweizer Bitz revealed that he had included one in his collection, and since then, this watch has frequently appeared on the wrists of celebrities such as Jay Z and Farrell Williams. The previous owner of this watch is unknown, and now after Thursday, it welcomes a new owner.
No.5 Piguet & Meylan ‘Barking Dog’: $ 162,500
   Maybe in the future we will often hear this name at auctions. Piguet & Meylan ‘Barking Dog’ (hand-painted color enamel hunting map) pocket watch series, designed and produced specifically for the Chinese market. Its history can be traced back to the early 19th century. Only less than 20 have been handed down to the world and are highly sought after. More attractive is that Sotheby’s believes that this is the first 39mm ‘Barking Dog’ automatic pocket watch to appear in the auction, most of which have previously been known to be 59mm in diameter. Alas, what a rare and expensive discovery.